How to Spy On Facebook Messenger?

Noticed that your partner or a child avoids you seeing their Facebook Messenger? You try to ask what’s going on but the answer leaves you concerned?

They may be hiding their chats from you, because what you can reveal will influence your relationship. Nevertheless, it is better to figure out what is going on and possibly prevent your beloved ones from actions they are going to regret by spying on their Messenger account.

In this way, you will stay aware of the matters, which could destroy the trust between you and your beloved ones.

Facebook Messenger: the best friend and the worst enemy

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular social networks. It helps users around the globe to keep in touch with their friends and family. You can text them, send photos or share videos instantly. It is a perfect tool to maintain relations distantly.

However, some people use Facebook Messenger for wrong purposes, that can ruin their family relationship or put their lives in danger.

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Potential dangers of using Facebook Messenger

Along with being helpful in terms of reaching friends and relatives, Facebook Messenger also provides an opportunity to find a mistress easily or get to know people who take part in illegal activities, such as selling drugs.

Children can face cyberbullying on Messenger, which can influence teenager’s mental health, or they can share their secrets with friends instead of getting a piece of advice from their parents.

All the above can threaten a relationship within a family. Hence, you need to take actions in order to prevent it and protect your beloved ones from dangers existing in Facebook Messenger.

How do I access someone’s Messenger?

Read the messages on the phone secretly

Take your partner’s phone while he or she is in a bathroom to see who your spouse texts to on Facebook Messenger. While your child is sleeping, you can access his or her phone to find out what your offspring is hiding from you.

Although this method can be helpful, people usually have a password on their device, so you probably won’t get the necessary information.

Hack his or her email to find out the password

If you want to log into somebody’s Facebook Messenger account, you will need to get the password by accessing person’s email. Obviously, this method is complicated and cannot be considered the best option.

Ask directly who they interact with

You can start an open-hearted conversation with your offspring or partner to talk about what disturbs you about the person’s behavior and your relationship, and whether there is a way you can fix this.

A frank conversation can be beneficial for your relationship, but don’t suppose the person to be completely honest with you. Moreover, he or she can get angry, so your relationship will become even worse.

Use a spy app

There is a way to discover who your beloved ones interact with on Facebook Messenger without a need to steal their password or hacking their emails.

You can simply install a spy app to read Facebook Messenger remotely. In this way, you will monitor all sent and received messages from the target phone without directly accessing it!

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Benefits of Facebook Messenger spyware

Spy apps offer users many necessary functions to monitor someone’s Facebook Messenger account. Here are some of them:

Full access to the user’s Facebook Messenger (including text messages, media, audio, etc.). By using a spyware, you will gain access not only to the text messages, but also to all the media, including photos, videos and audios in any chat, that will be copied to your device.

Instant tracking of activities. You will be able to see the messages and media even if they are deleted immediately from the target phone. Nothing is going to evade your attention!

Runs in a hidden mode. The app is invisible for a user, unless you change the settings.

Monitor activity from the target device. You no longer need to come up with a plan of how to take a look into your close one’s phone. All the data will be available on your device.

Spy apps that will help you out

Here are some of the spy apps you can use to spy on Facebook Messenger:


FlexiSPY has been in the market since 2006 and has gained a good reputation for its up-to-date functions which allow you to have a full access to one’s device activity. Among with spying on Facebook Messenger, you can also monitor Facebook as well as any other social media calls.

FlexiSPY has a wide range of features and is available for any platform. Your Android OS must be 4.0.3 – 10 and iOS – between 6.0 and 13 to enjoy the broad variety of features the app provides. Notice that rooting or jailbreak is required. The pricing starts at $29.95 per month. For more details go to the official FlexiSPY website.


Another reliable app is mSpy. It is created for thoughtful parents and spouses who care about their family’s web security and want to prevent any dangerous linkages that can be made online.

By using mSpy, you will gain access not only to the text messages, group chats and media, but also to the time and date of every text. Moreover, you can access phone calls, WhatsApp, Instagram direct and other apps used on the target device.

Android OS must be 4 or above to use mSpy. If you want to use mSpy on jailbroken iOS, only 7-9.1 iOS version is compatible. Otherwise, you can install mSpy on any iOS device. Demo version is available.

Follow the link to visit mSpy official website.

Highster Mobile

One more powerful app that allows to monitor one’s device indirectly is Highster Mobile. It is easy to use and only needs 45 seconds to be installed!

After you purchase the spyware, you gain full access to your child’s or partner’s phone including social media, GPS location, browser history, camera and so on. This set of features will definitely keep you informed about what your close ones are up to.

The app is compatible with any Android device and iOS devices starting from iPhone 5. It does not require rooting or jailbreak. Highster Mobile also has a competitive price that starts at $29.99 (one-time payment). Visit app’s official website for more information.

How to spy on Facebook chats with a spyware?

1) Sign up.

Create an account on the website to begin.

2) Download and install.

Once you get the necessary file, follow simple instructions to install the app on the target device, that you are going to monitor.

3) Track Facebook chats.

Enjoy the features of spyware and spy on Facebook Messenger remotely!


In case you still have questions regarding the spyware, here are some answers you may look for:

Will the person find out that spyware is installed on the device?

The spyware is invisible for a user, because it works in the hidden mode.

Can I track other social media using spy apps?

Yes, you can. Apart from tracking Facebook Messenger, you gain access to other popular social media, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

How to spy on Facebook Messages freely without touching the phone?

Install spyware to spy on Facebook Messages without directly accessing target phone.

Is it legal to spy on Facebook Messenger?

You need to get a permission to track one’s device before you start doing so.

Save your time and nerves by directly accessing your beloved one’s Messenger

Although using Facebook Messenger is beneficial for many users, it may become a threat for your relationship with a partner or a child. If you stay aware of who they contact with on Facebook Messenger, you can stop dangerous linkages, cheating, cyberbullying, keeping secrets and other actions that threaten your relationship.

We have considered several ways to discover who a person interacts with on Facebook Messenger, and using a spyware is probably the most convenient option. Do not hesitate and install a spy app to protect your close ones from potential dangers of the Web.

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