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If you can not find a solution of your problem, if you are not fully sure that the tracker can fulfill your monitoring needs, you are welcome to drop us a line or write a comment and our PhoneSpyApps team will help you in any case. You can be sure that our tracking experts will assist you in any diffuclt situation.

I want to read my daughter’s messages remotely. Can I do that?

With cell phone tracking software you can track your child’s device remotly and any time your wish. Install cell phone spying app and monitor all the activities on the target device. Here on PhoneSpyApps you can choose the best tracker or even find its free version and test the spyware before buying. In case you would like to get a discount, please write to us through contact form and we will submit you a discount code for the desired spyware.

Yesterday I found out that my boyfriend’s ex writes him. I want to read what exactly she’s writing. Should I use monitoring software?

That is really unpleasant situation. Hope that these are only your suspicions. However if you want to track your boyfriend, you should first choose what messenger you would like to track and what spyware you prefer most of all. With cell phone monitoring app you can either see all messages from WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, etc in your personal account or use keylogger to find out the password (and login yourself to a person’s account). You should also remember that spying on a partner is illegal and we recommend you to notify your beloved one before tracking.

I think my husband is cheating on me, what app should I use to see who’s calling him every evening?

In order to check if your husband cheats, you should find the best tracker for you, which has call recording function and install the app into the target device. Except call recording and bugging functions they can help you to spy on different messengers like: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook; GPS track the target device any time and anywhere.

I want to install app at my employees cell phones to spy what information they share with our clients. What apps are really undetectable?

A lot of apps offer employees’ monitoring. Find the most suitable spyware for your needs on our website and check if employees really work while you are not in the office. Read reviews of spying software you can here.

In case you can not still find the best tracking app, please leave a comment on our website and we will contact you right away.

My daughter doesn’t want to show pics of her BF. How can I receive files which he sends her?

In order to see the photos on the target cell phone, a person needs to install a monitoring software. This app will allow you to see all the multimedia files. You will simply log into your online spying account and monitor all the sent messages, and pictures of your daughter’s phone.

Two years ago my boyfriend cheated on me. I’m afraid it’s happening again. How can I find the truth?

Modern mobile tracking apps allow you to spy on every activity of your boyfriend’s phone. Just install a cell phone tracker in order to read all chats, messages, spy on calls and monitor GPS location.

My girlfriend spends too much time with her friends. I want to know why she is always with them and what they are talking about. Can the spying software help me?

In order to see what your girlfriend is talking about with her friends you should get a physical access to her mobile device just once. As soon as you install a mobile spyware on her phone, you are able to track all her conversations remotly from your PC.

My son’s year results are bad, he started to behave strangely. I’m worried! Can you help me get access to his messages and calls to know a little bit more about him?

mSpy is the best monitoring solution nowadays if we talk about parental-control. With the help of this cell phone tracker you can read all your child’s messages, WhatsApp, Viber or other chats as well as track calls details: time, duration, date, number, etc.

We wanted to go to the vacation together, but my boyfriend tells that he has changed his plans because his boss is angry on him. He lies, I know! Should I use spying software to find it out?

If you wish so, you can spy on your boyfriend. Choose the best tracking software here to do that. No more secrets from you! You should also take into consideration that spying of a partner is not legal thus we recommend you to inform your bf or gf regarding that.

I wasn’t sure that my employees stick to the NDA. I decided to use spying software. What options should I use to make spying really effective?

It depends on the monitoring software you are looking for, while there are computer and mobile tracking apps. Thus you can spy on any device of your employee. Moreover, you can use an app to block Website (mSpy for example) so your emploees would not use FB or anything else during working hours. You are welcome to visit our section Functions and see how a spyware can help you to make the work more productive. 

I’m afraid someone’s harassing my wife! How can I read messages that she receives in WhatsApp?

In order to track WhatsApp Chats of your wife, you should install a software which allows you to do that. Read more about WhatsApp tracking in our article to find a solution for you.

When I started to use spying software I didn’t know that my husband will change the device. Can I use license repeatedly for new gadget?

When you purchase one subscription, you can monitor one cell phone only. But you can change target cell phones free of charge during all subscription period as many times as you wish. If you want to monitor 2 cells at a time, you need to purchase two subscriptions.

I want to know where my daughter spends weekends. What spying apps offer GPS option?

All monitoring apps which are presented on our website allow you to track GPS location. However we recommend you to choose the best like mSpy.

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