The Best Free Spy Apps for Phones

In today’s digital age, when most people have a cellphone to stay connected with others, a person should keep track of anything else their kids and partners might be doing with their phone.


How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

You may be wondering, is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone without letting them know they’re being monitored? If you’re concerned about someone’s phone use and are looking for free cell phone monitoring, there are apps to track someone’s phone without their knowledge.

These apps can be discreetly downloaded onto the target’s phone to track their activities and relay them back to you. This way you can spy on a phone without them having to watch over their shoulders or constantly check their phone when they leave it lying around.

Free spy apps – myth or reality?

So the main question stays if free spy apps really exist. And we should here say that there is no absolutely free spyware.

The reason why they are all paid is simple because their development requires time, certain resources, and the whole team of people: developers, customer support, marketing team, etc.

Of course, the internet is full of various suggestions for the free staff, but you should analyze this information on your own. We highly advise you to use only reliable, official software, which you may install on the device of your family member, and not being afraid that it may harm its owner and steal some important personal information, photos, etc.

The official spyware has a website, support team, and verified payment methods.

However, some  spyware tools have FREE trial options for a limited number of days , when you may test the functions and interface of the app as well as understand if you should proceed further with its purchasing.

Do free spy apps really work?

It’s common to ask, are there any free spy apps that really work, or are they just science fiction? Spy apps are real tools you can download onto anyone’s phone to monitor their online activity.

They are compatible with Android or iOS systems and have various monitoring features.

Common free cell phone spy functions

All free spyware for cell phones is downloaded onto the target phone. Such an app leaves no icon and no presence in the phone’s system while sending all the monitoring information to an online spying account.

Most spyware apps can track calls, texts, emails, and all popular messengers, even looking for specific words or phrases you want to monitor. They can also be set to monitor data usage and downloads, as well as tracking the targets phone locations.

This data is constantly tracked and sent back to the account to help monitor the target’s phone activities. Some apps can also control the tracked phone’s functions remotely, but these are generally not free.

How to choose the best free spy app?

To choose reliable spyware you should pay attention to the following qualities:

  • Check if there is a free trial available or not;
  • See if they offer a support team for technical problems;
  • Read through and terms of service or privacy agreements;
  • Make sure their payment methods are both reliable and verified;
  • Carefully go over the refund policy.

After that look for the free mobile spying apps with the most tracking features to ensure you get the widest and most complete range of data from the target phone. Not every spyware app tracks the same phone systems and have similar spying functions.


If you are interested in finding a free spy app trial, you may have some questions about how they work and how to use them.

Can free spy apps be detected?

Spy apps are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, to the point that most apps don’t create an icon after being downloaded. This is because they operate in a hidden mode meaning the target does not know they are being spied on.

Even anti-malware apps cannot detect spyware, meaning there is no way for the person being monitored to know they have the spyware installed on their phone.

Can free phone spy be installed remotely?

The short answer here is generally no, since most spy apps need to be installed manually and cannot be installed remotely. There are a few apps such as FlexiSPY for example, however, they do offer a remote installation feature, but these are rare.

The reason you can’t generally install a spy app remotely is that you need access to the phone to allow installation since all apps need physical access to the host device to be downloaded. Because of this most apps need you to interact with the target device to some degree.

4 Best Free Spy App Trials We Recommend for You

If you are looking for totally free spy apps to try out before buying a subscription, these are some of the best free spy app trials available for both Android and iPhone systems.

In order to use either of these apps, you will need to accept both their terms of service and privacy policy, as well as setting up a free monitoring account to record monitored data.

#1 mSpy

mSpy softwaremSpy allows you to try their solution for free for 7-days!  The greatest thing about their free trial is that a user may test spying functions of both Basic and Premium versions of the spyware regardless of what subscription they are going to choose in the future. 

mSpy solution has a great variety of monitoring functions, and it perfectly works on both Android and iOS platforms. Its customer support is always online for any questions and can even help you with the software installation. A long presence on the tracking software market, multiple positive customers reviews, various legal payment methods, and awards from famous online magazines in categories of parental control and children online security makes this spyware a perfect investment into family online safety. 

Try mSpy for free

#2 uMobix 

uMobix software also allows you to try their solution with a 7-Day trial for only $3.00! This spyware works on both Android and iPhone smartphones. Their app installation process is very easy and requires only from 5 to 15 minutes time. uMobix has absolutely all popular spying functions like Keylogger, call logs, all instant messengers, and SMS monitoring, GPS tracking option, and many others.  

Try uMobix for free

#3 Hoverwatch

hoverwatch-logo One of the best free phone spy app trials for Android phone apps is HoverWatch, which, in addition to providing a wide range of tracking services, lets you track up to 5 cell phones for 3 days absolutely free.

In addition to the standard spyware features like call tracking, HoverWatch comes with:

  • SIM card tracking and SIM Card replacement detection;
  • Tracking notes, to-do lists, and calendars;
  • Automatic screenshots whenever the device is unlocked;
  • Automatic, periodic screenshots while the device is in use.

The HoverWatch free trial will allow you to monitor up to 5 devices for three days on one account.

Try Hoverwatch for free

#4 FlexiSPY


While there are some spyware apps for iPhone devices, FlexiSPY is undoubtedly one of the best since it offers a free trial of its premium tracking services for 24 hours.

This free premium trial gives you access to all the standard features, as well as:

  • Remote control of the target phone;
  • Automatic app screenshots with each update;
  • Monitoring of all audio systems across all apps;
  • Tracking instant messages in all apps.

FlexiSPY’s free trial covers one phone and registered email address for 24 hours, at which point you can upgrade to a paid service.

Try FlexiSPY for free

Looking for a Good Free Spy App Trial

While there may be no such thing as a free spyware app, free app trials are a great way to test out a program before you buy it. This way you can see just how an app functions, what it tracks, and which system is best for your monitoring needs. We have only listed two clear leaders, but you can also look at our other reviews below.

Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Hidden spy software for Android offer great help to stay aware of the cell phone activities. There are a number of hidden spy apps for Android phones, some of them offer monitoring for a limited number of days for free.

mSpy free

You think that mSpy cell phone tracker is the best choice for you. Check right away! Download here the free 7-day trial and monitor cell phone activities absolutely for free.

HoverWatch free trial

If you think that HoverWatch will be the ideal tracking tool for your target Android phone, you are welcome to download the software here and test it for free for 3 days! Don’t waste your time, click on the review to read user’s comments and see if HoverWatch free trial can fulfill your spying needs.

FlexiSPY Free Trial

Are you interested in trying out FlexiSPY features to see whether it fits your needs? You can do so via the FlexiSPY Free Trial. Hop on in this article to learn everything it offers and how to get it.

Trial version of iKeyMonitor

With iKeymonitor free trial you can track the target device for free. Test the main monitoring options of this cell phone spy.

TheTruthSpy Free Trial

TheTruthSpy free trial, which works 2 days, is a nice chance to quickly estimate whether you need the cell phone spyware or not. You do not pay money for a trial version so enjoy using it now!

Care4teen free trial

Care4teen free trial is a perfect way to find out if your child is in dangerous situation and if you should keep the kid’s life under 24/7 control. Try it right away!