How to Hack Your Girlfriend’s Facebook Messages?

If you’ve ever stared at your girlfriend and wondered,

“Who does she spend so much time talking to?”

then it might be time for you to start asking some questions.

And we don’t mean, ask your girlfriend, because any three-year-old knows to lie if they’re doing something wrong. We mean, ask how to spy on your girlfriend’s Facebook message 😉 .

But, how can you find out if she’s sneaking around? And more importantly, gather evidence without drawing suspicion? Well, there are several ways to achieve this.

The question is how you want to do it, your level of patience, and what resources you’re willing to invest in. Keep reading to learn more. 

Is it possible to hack into your girlfriend’s Facebook account?

Yes, it is. People hack social media sites like Facebook. There are several ways to do it, methods for both laymen and experienced hackers.

We’re not going to say it isn’t tricky, but it depends on the technique you use. To make sure you’re well informed, we’ve found a few methods to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook account. All of these methods are ways that can be undertaken by yourself if adequately understood.

A woman checking her phone to read Facebook at night

Two ways to see what your girlfriend is doing on Facebook

All the methods that you can use to understand what your girlfriend does on Facebook can be categorized into two:

Method #1: Techniques

When we say techniques, we mean ways to manipulate software to find the information you need. You’ll have to take charge of the computer yourself and dive deep into your girlfriend’s device or accounts.

These methods may require several resources, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll gain access to your girlfriend’s Facebook messages after you fulfill them. There are four methods.

Phishing: If you’ve ever come across a suspicious email, message, or link, you’re probably a bit familiar with phishing. If you’re not, then phishing is the art of using illusions to trick people into giving you sensitive information.

We’re not saying you should act like another man and hit on your girl. That’s catfishing. You can maybe set up a fake Facebook login page and steal the details or something. But bear in mind that to do this, you’ll need to have some knowledge of programming.

And if you try to log in, and her account’s two-step verification is enabled, she will receive an email or text, which will expose you quickly.

Stored Passwords: This method will probably only work for those who use their browsers to access Facebook. If your girlfriend hasn’t accessed Facebook with either Chrome or Safari, at least once, you won’t have any hope here. Nowadays, browsers ask us if we want them to save our passwords once we’ve entered them into a website.

This is so that the browser can automatically fill in your details when next you visit that site. Like this, the browser becomes a vault for passwords. You can pick out your girl’s Facebook password or open Facebook through her regular browser and let it fill in the details.

However, using this technique requires a prolonged amount of time, and most people will notice their phone’s absence in a few minutes.

Keyloggers: Using a keylogger to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook account is a rather straightforward technique. A keylogger is an app or software that records each keystroke made on the phone or PC it’s installed.

That is, it notes every single letter as it is being typed and sends the collected information to the receiver by email at timed intervals—this way, when your girl types in her Facebook password, you’ll see it.

However,  if your girlfriend’s device is logged into Facebook automatically, a keylogger may not be able to track it. You’ll have to use another app or program to remember their password or fingerprint. A keylogger can be an app or a file, but it usually comes with a way to stay hidden on the target device.

Different keyloggers breed different results, and some of the delivered information can be difficult to decipher.

Free hacking websites: A few sites claim to have tools to bypass the encryption Facebook uses to passwords safe. These websites have NO guarantee at all; you can pay, and nothing will happen.

And those are the techniques available to spy on your girlfriend’s Facebook messages. This list is limited because we tried to shave off the other hacking methods that involved actual hacking. These techniques are for the people both handy with computers and those that are not.

If a fair number of these techniques seem unreliable to you, well, that’s because they are. You can’t expect to have an extended period when your girl leaves her phone unattended, a keylogger to categorize information accurately, and you certainly shouldn’t hope that she’ll fall for your scam. All these are variables, and if you don’t have lots of luck, things can turn out very bad. So, what’s a more reliable method? 

A spy app, of course.

Method #2: Spy Apps/Spyware

As the name implies, a spy app is an application dedicated to collecting information. You have to be exceedingly careful when choosing a spy app so that you don’t end up spending money without getting the information you want. There are subpar spy apps as well as great ones. A few great spyware will be mentioned below in our post.

All of them are made to produce results and show you private messages from the device it’s installed in.

How do spy apps work?

What these apps do have in common is that they all record information. Some are focused on recording a certain kind of information while others go the full hog and even record phone conversations.

Once a good spy app has been downloaded and installed, the app is virtually invisible to your girlfriend. If you’ve ever thought,

how can I see who my girlfriend is talking to on Facebook messenger

you’ll now be able to easily view her chats and media. The app then siphons information to the control panel on your account on the app’s official website and can even show the deleted messages.

 Furthermore, these spy apps can only be downloaded through the links on their official websites, and they’re paid for. You’ll also need to have direct access to the target phone for installation for a few minutes. But if they’re using a non-jailbreak iPhone, the app can be installed remotely if you have their Apple ID. 

It may not be strictly legal, though. The work that spy app developers claim their software is used for (monitoring children) keeps these apps legal. It is not illegal to download these apps, and it’s also very legal to use them to check other people’s messages, provided the person in question has been notified. However, you should check your state’s laws for more details.

To relieve you of the stress of finding the best spy apps, we’ve done it for you.

Best spyware to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook account

The leading spy apps are mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Highster Mobile to get access to your girlfriend’s Facebook account. Let’s take a look at each of them.


mSpy app interface Facebook tracking feature

mSpy has several functions for Facebook spying. This app allows you to browse through all Facebook messages, both incoming and outgoing.

You can check your control panel to view all these messages, and new ones will appear as they arrive on the target device. This way, you know what’s going on your girlfriend’s device.

You can also view her group chats and check out all the messages there. While you’re looking through all these messages, you can also check out the timestamps for each message, so you know exactly when it was sent and received. Sometimes, this information is vital, you know.

You’re also not left in the dark about who she’s texting. mSpy allows you to look through her contacts on Facebook and get to know the faces behind the messages. Nifty, ain’t it?

Not pleased with what you see? Included in mSpy’s fee is the right to control your girlfriend’s phone certain functions. You can only do little things though, like block calls, lock her phone remotely, and close websites and apps. But, it can help, and it’s not a feature a lot of other spy apps have.

mSpy has two plans: Basic and Premium, and their prices start from $30. This may seem expensive, but mSpy gives a full service in exchange. On mSpy’s highest plan, you’ll not only be able to answer the question, “how can I see what my girlfriend likes on Facebook?” you’ll also learn how to see what your girlfriend is doing on Facebook.

mSpy basically allows you to shadow your girlfriend on Facebook, recording all her activities even when you’re not watching. But more than that, it allows you to control her phone remotely. You can not only see which websites she browses, but you can also block them.

Apart from that, unlike many other spy apps, you don’t have to jailbreak or root your phone to use mSpy. There’s still the non-jailbreak/non-rooted version.

Though rooting/jailbreaking is recommended for the full service, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

However, if you want to jailbreak or root the target phone to download mSpy, their customer care is ready to help. Apart from being easy to use, you also have 24/7 help whenever you need something. mSpy supports all phones using Android 4+ and iPhone 6+.


Facebook tracking feature by FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another great beauty amongst the spy apps with a few unique features that are great for Facebook.

With FlexiSPY, you can also view all incoming and outgoing messages on your personal and secure spying portal. All dates, contacts, and timestamps will be available to you as well.

You can also download and store important messages. This is a pretty useful feature, especially if you want to make sure that the information is secure. And if your girlfriend is the chatty sort, you can use FlexiSPY to simply search for keywords in the messages to make things faster. Isn’t that so much easier?

Also, if you’d like to ramp up your spying, FlexiSPY does have multiple options. A particularly good one is the feature that allows you to listen in on phone conversations and download them.

You can set the app to record all phone conversations on the target phone, even when you’re not controlling it directly. Once it’s set up, you’ll know everything your girl talks about.

FlexiSPY supports all iPhones and all Androids above 4+, but your target device must be jailbroken or rooted.

Highster Mobile

Facebook tracking by Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile bears the title of our budget spy app. However, though this app is cheaper than the above-mentioned spyware, it is not inferior. You can also use it to monitor all sent and received Facebook messages.

It works as well as the last two in that it can retrieve any deleted messages as long as it was installed on the target device before the message was deleted.

It’s also quite easy to use with clear directions on its website. There are also friendly customer support representatives available in case you get stuck.

You don’t actually need to jailbreak or root your girl’s phone to use Highster Mobile. You can leave the target phone as is and just install Highster Mobile. However, the features you’ll be able to access will be greatly reduced.

There’s one unique feature, in particular, that might make jailbreaking or rooting your girlfriend’s phone worth the extra effort. Highster Mobile has a stealth camera that you can activate remotely. So, not only can you hear what’s going on around your girlfriend, you can even see it.

Highster Mobile has two plans, which cost either $30 or $70. Each of these plans is a one-time payment, which is rare amongst spy apps. Highster Mobile supports all phones using Android 3+ and iPhone 5+.

The big difference between mSpy and both FlexiSPY and Highster Mobile is the allowance for non-jailbreak and non-rooted devices.

You can hack your girlfriend’s Facebook account without jailbreaking or rooting her device if you’re using mSpy. The effect may be slightly diminished, yes, but it’s way better than nothing at all.

This is not something the other two apps above can compare to, though it is essential when dealing with clients that are not tech-savvy and have non-jailbreak or non-rooted devices.

You can use mSpy for easy demands like “how do I get my girlfriend’s Facebook password?” or “how to open my girlfriend’s Facebook account.” You can also use it for more complex things like tracking her and blocking incoming calls if you decide to break or root your target device.

Advantages of spy apps over techniques

  • There’s less chance of getting caught.
  • You can collect information and view messages remotely.
  • You only pay a blanket fee.
  • It’s less work.
  • You don’t need to touch the target device after jailbreaking/rooting and installation.

What should you do if your girlfriend deletes her Facebook messages

When you realize your girlfriend does this, it may be  a huge red flag . It’s a big concern, but not to the person who already has his spy app running on his girlfriend’s phone. 

If the spy app was installed before the messages were deleted, you could retrieve them. This can only be done by using a spy app.

Does the spy app help catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook?

Yes, it does. Every spying method listed in this article can help you learn how to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook. However, most of them require all sorts of things, including technical knowledge or support. These things may not be available, and the methods may not be as efficient as a spy app.

Spy apps allow you access to lots of information. Your goal maybe

How to see my girlfriend’s Facebook messages?

This is a request that a spy app can easily answer, but such messages may not be so easily accessible with other methods.

With a spy app, you can gather a staggering amount of evidence without alerting your girlfriend. And all you need is your money and yourself.

Hacking your girlfriend’s Facebook messages is not a problem anymore

Yes, you can hack your girlfriend’s Facebook messages. But the method you apply to the task defines how successful you’ll be at it. Some techniques may not work at all, and some may work but require a lot of time.

We presume you don’t want to be left in the dark if your lover is having an affair, so quick and efficient is best. If you’re looking for that, then a spy app is the best method. And if you’re looking for the best spy app, we recommend mSpy.

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