How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Current Location?

Where is he? Why isn’t he responding? Is he at home or at work? Is he safe?

If these notions are on your mind more than often, then you’re at the right place.

Checking your phone will not help you calm down, and desperate times call for not-so-desperate measures.

If you’re wondering: How can I track my boyfriend’s location? you’ll be happy to learn that there are safe & simple ways to do so!

track my boyfriend’s current location

Reasons why I should know where my boyfriend is now?

Is your significant other being oddly defensive and displaying suspicious behavior? Or are you simply worried about his location and want to appease your mind?

The good old saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” tells you all you need to know. Follow your hunch, because there are several reasons for tracking your boyfriend’s location:

  • Curiosity. If you are genuinely curious about his whereabouts and don’t want to overburden him and bother him constantly, you can safely check his location without nagging him about it.

  • You are anxious about his safety. Be it a stressful or a potentially dangerous job, or the rowdy friend group that he has drinks with on Friday nights – you want to check up on him and see where he is.

  • You suspect something is up. Generally, women are said to have the nose to sniff things out, especially if something is wrong, so you should be backed with whole ammo.

  • He might be cheating. Better safe than sorry. A lock of hair among his shirts, a missed call, sparse disappearances from your shared space without explanation? Location monitoring is much better than being made a fool.

How To Track My Boyfriend’s Location for Free?

The burning question remains – how can I track my boyfriend’s location?

Among the easiest of all techniques are apps that everyone spends a lot of their free time on daily, such as Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, which work both for the Android and iPhone users trouble-free!

These all apps have something in common – they are free, and all of them can display your boyfriend’s location.

They work okay if you have access to your boyfriend’s phone.

You can turn his location sharing on easily, by simply going to your significant other’s phone and choosing the following: Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > App permissions > Location > turn on WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger/Snapchat.

This will give you access to his live location, and you will be able to see where his messages are coming from.

However, if these fail you, know that you can easily pick up the pace with a few spyware alternatives that are tested and true and will put your mind at ease.

How Do I Track My Boyfriend’s Location Through GPS?

Another option stands available for picking – tracking your boyfriend’s current location through GPS.

Apple users will find Apple’s “Find My” (named “Find My Friends” before iOS 13) the most useful for tracking the current location of their boyfriends and spouses.

To turn on this, you need to choose “Share my Location” through Settings > General > Location Services on the phone of your significant other, send yourself an “add” request, and you’re done.

The same can be done with Android users through Google Location Sharing on Google Maps app.

Tap the profile picture > Location Sharing > Add people, and choose how long you want to share your boyfriend’s location with your own device.

Are there any alternatives, which may be better? Yes!

These consist of spy applications, and they have gained their top position precisely because they work without fail.

lady-thinking-Where is he? Why isn’t he responding?

How To Track Boyfriend’s Location with Spyware?

Free applications can come in handy as short term solutions to a possibly bigger problem, and they are like putting a band-aid on a wound; they don’t solve anything.

On the other hand side, spyware apps are a reliable and trustworthy option that will provide you with precise information to satisfy your curiosity.

The abundant spyware market can make it seem hard to discern between good, reliable apps from the ones that are potentially dangerous and the ones that do not work at all.

The two spy apps that top the charts both have the most versatile options for tracking boyfriend’s current location and are easy to use: mSpy and FlexiSPY.

Is It Safe To Track My Boyfriend’s Current Location?

Using a mobile phone spy is absolutely safe; however, you should know certain rules that determine the legality of such activity. If you want to track your boyfriend’s current location, you need to warn him that you are going to use the software of this type.

In this way, you will assure yourself that you do not violate any law and do not interfere with another person’s personal life without his allowance.

Moreover, you can explain to your boyfriend why you want to track his location. There could be different situations in our life, and a mobile monitoring app can be helpful.

Is It Quick And Useful To Track My Boyfriend’s Current Location?

Yes is the most straightforward answer to this burning question. Tracking your boyfriend’s location is both quick and useful!

The first reward of it will, of course, be that it only takes a couple of seconds to know where exactly your boyfriend or your spouse is.

You will receive coordinates of the device where the spying app is installed. Besides, the functions of GPS tracking apps allow you to receive regular reports about your boyfriend.

Using apps to track your boyfriend’s current location is really useful, especially when your boyfriend does not want to disclose the information concerning his location.

Moreover, with these tracking apps, you will be able to enjoy other functions that help to control and manage the knowledge that you gather about your boyfriend’s location.

A woman watching the couple which is in the restaurant drinking red wine

How To Install A Spyware To My Boyfriend’s Phone To Track His Location?

The most crucial step of installing spyware to your boyfriend’s phone in order to track his location is to obtain access to the device that you want to monitor.

The entire process of setting up the spyware application will last no longer than 10 minutes, a minute more or less depending on the device that you are installing it onto.

Firstly, obtain the version of the software that you want on the target phone – this step is the same for both iPhone and Android. From there on, you’ll need to perform slightly different actions:


In order to gain access to premium features of spyware, the iOS device should be first jailbroken.

This process unlocks your boyfriend’s iPhone to run apps like these in the background, aka removes any restrictions for software that isn’t available in the Apple Store.

Note that some apps have no-Jailbreak versions (like mSpy Without Jailbreak) that extract data from iCloud backups, but they can’t track the location and wouldn’t be useful here.


Monitoring GPS location on Android phones works on rooted devices only.

What is Rooting? It allows you to get access to all the permissions in the operating system and puts you in charge of managing the apps on an Android device.

Thus, once you purchase the version of the spy app that you want, this step should be done so that you can use it to the fullest.

Professional Support

Performing Jailbreak and Root is not difficult at all, but if you want to spare some time, certain apps provide you with professional support.

For instance, FlexiSpy can guide you through installation and configuration on the target device if you purchase their Installation Service on the checkout. You’ll start a live chat with their technician, who will complete the installation instead of you.

mSpy also offers a remote installation service, mAssistance. It works on three levels, depending on the amount of support that you wish. With the Basic and Premium version, you automatically gain access to the 1st level, consisting of a self-service help section and live chat with their tech support. The 2nd level will guide you through the Jailbreak or Root process step-by-step, while the 3rd offers special assistance through TeamViewer (available only on Android).

What Other Monitoring Functions Do I Get Besides GPS Tracking?

Depending on your plan, you can unlock many handy features that will give you much more control over the device, not just the current location. That’s why spy apps are user-favorite!

The ones to stand out the most, which will tell you all about your boyfriend’s or your spouse’s online and offline activities, are:

  • Your boyfriend’s web history. You can definitely get to know a person by the things they search for, sites that they spend time on, and things that they scour the internet for. This will be a pool of knowledge available to your eyes, along with timestamps and any additional bookmarks.
  • Tracking your boyfriend’s text messages. If you’re tired of hearing that annoying sound of texts coming all the time and you have no idea who might constantly be texting him, spy apps give you the feature to track and see who keeps texting your boyfriend.
  • Tracking your boyfriend’s instant messengers. The same goes for instant messengers. With their multitude, it might be hard being on top of them. But spy apps will allow you an insight into each of the instant messengers that your boyfriend is using!

Frequently Asked Questions

So, let’s dissect some frequently asked questions about tracking your boyfriend’s current location:

Can I catch my boyfriend cheating with a cell phone tracker?

Of course, you can! Not only can you catch him cheating, but you can also get the information on his whereabouts, his habits with the other person along with the information on the identity of the other person.

Beware: the only person that you actually need information on is your boyfriend. So, be careful not to disclose the identity of the other person as it might not be entirely legal across the world.

How to track my boyfriend’s phone location without him knowing?

There are multiple ways of tracking your boyfriend’s phone location without him knowing. Some are free and include basic applications that we use every day, like Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, but they all require that you turn his location setting on.

The safest and most accurate way to track your boyfriend’s location is with the help of spy apps, which even allow you to hide their icons on his device.

What is the Best Monitoring Solution to Track My Boyfriend’s Location?

There are so many free apps to track your boyfriend’s current location, but they mightn’t always be reliable and can’t provide you with the full information on the target phone’s activities.

The most reliable solution is to turn to spy apps, which allow you to track your boyfriend’s current location, but they do so much more, too!

Along with their innovative features that grant you access to his browsing, call, and messaging history, they allow you to be in complete control.

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Comments (31):
  1. I’m thinking of installing such a tracker on my boyfriend’s iPhone. There’s just been too much secrecy around. He says, he’s tired and got loads of work, but I have my doubts about his ex. I will be able to check his location using a spy, but I cannot spend all my time glued to the screen. Is there any kind of signal that goes off if the tracked device comes into a certain area (say, his ex’s neighbourhood)?

      1. Hi Oliva,

        In order to track your boyfriend’s location, you should install a cell phone tracker on his mobile device. Please check our post above to find the best cell phone spy for your needs.

  2. Tracking GPS location is extremely useful when you travel abroad.
    If you get separated while walking around unknown places you can figure out where you both are using this option in one of the most popular tracking apps.
    You don’t have to connect on the phone – just turn on the app and find where your partner is or where he or she has been recently.
    We always do it with my girlfriend when we’re abroad.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Lorenzo,

      In order to track the location of your boyfriend, you have to install a cell phone spy to his device. Please check our post above to find the best solution for you.

  3. Claudia Valencia

    I don’t understand how this ap works. For example my boyfriend has an Apple phone and lock it. So how can I do install something in his phone.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi Norma,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to find the location of the phone only by the phone number. Ordinary people doesn’t have such opportunity.
      A great alternative here is a cell phone tracker (any which was mentioned in the post above).
      You’ll need around 10-15 minutes access to your boyfriend’s mobile device to install a cell phone spy.
      As soon as the tracker is installed, you may see all boyfriend’s phone activities and locations in your online spying account.

  4. My boyfriend has being seeing other women and cheating on me. He has now disappeared after I just found out all of this. I can not get a hold of his phone ever to install anything onto it. I have a iPhone and he has an android. I would like to see his gps location.

  5. Hi there,

    In order to track the location of your boyfriend, you should choose a spying app, install it to the target device and start monitoring the phone.

  6. How can I find out where my bf is at right now he has a iPhone and it’s lock. He is very sneaky and I don’t trust a liar.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi Denise,

      In order to track your boyfriend’s current location, you should install a cell phone spy only on his mobile device. For that you need around 10-15 minutes access to his cell phone.
      As soon as the tracker is installed, you may see all his phone activities and locations in your online spying account.
      mSpy software has also the version without jailbreak, which allows you to install and activate a cell phone tracker remotely.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.

  7. Hi want to know any software through which I can trace his location. He does not give his phone. What can I do?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hey Keshvi,

      Could you please specify which phone your partner has? In order to track your boyfriend’s current location, you should install a cell phone spy on his mobile device. For that you need around 10-15 minutes access to his cell phone.
      As soon as the tracker is installed, you may see all his phone activities and locations in your online spying account. Please check our post above to find the best phone tracker to spy on your boyfriend’s locations.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.


  8. I got a disabled boyfriend and I had to go away on my job. He does not contact me. Can you help me see where he is at the moment?

  9. Hi my name its Marta, and I like know about that apps like – find my boyfriend location and everything, and I like just to ask if he needs also the same apps on his mobile .. or something?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi Marta,

      In order to track your boyfriend’s current location, you should install a cell phone spy only on his mobile device. For that you need around 10-15 minutes access to his cell phone.
      As soon as the tracker is installed, you may see all his phone activities and locations in your online spying account.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.

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