How can I track my boyfriend’s current location

Are you wondering “How can I track my boyfriend’s current location”? Do you know where your boyfriend is right now? Reasons why you may need that can be so many, however there is one solution in this situation. With spying applications you will always know where your boyfriend is – just use GPS tracking function. It is provided by all the popular spy apps, as well as possibility to read messages, check multimedia files, and control correspondence via IM services. If you want to track my boyfriend’s current location – just install cell phone spy software on his phone and get access to all his files, and of course, to his GPS location. It is the first step that you should do to be sure that he is OK.

track my boyfriend’s current location

It is safe to track my boyfriend’s current location? Yes!

gps track boyfriend 150x 150 Using mobile phone spy is absolutely safe; however, you should know certain rules that determine legality of such activity. If you want to track my boyfriend’s current location, you need to warn him that you are going to use software of this type. In this way, you will assure yourself that you do not violate any law and do not interfere into other person’s personal life without his allowance. Moreover, you can explain your boyfriend why you want to track his location. There could be different situations in our life and a mobile monitoring app can be so helpful. The brightest example could be cases, when you are calling your boyfriend, but he does not respond, so what you should only think in this situation. With a cell phone spy, you can check where he is right now: see if he is at home and is sleeping and simply does not hear the phone. Thus, cell phone spyware is really a way out in order to track your boyfriend’s location. 

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Is it quick? Yes!

The other question that may appear when you decide to track my boyfriend’s current location is how quickly you can receive information. In fact, it takes only a couple of minutes to get to know where exactly your boyfriend is. You will receive coordinates of the device where the spying app is installed. Besides, the functions of GPS tracking apps allow to receive regular reports about you boyfriend.


Is it useful to track my boyfriend’s current location? Yes!

Here the answer is clear – using apps to track my boyfriend’s current location is really useful especially when your boyfriend does not want to tell you where he spends his free time. Moreover, with this tracking app you will be able to enjoy other functions that help to control your boyfriend.

What other monitoring functions do I get except GPS tracking?

gps trackExcept tracking your boyfriend’s current location, you get the whole range of super useful monitoring features.

  • Among them there is possibility to spy on different popular messengers like: WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber or Line.
  • You can also spy on phone calls and listen to them with HoverWatch monitoring software.
  • Moreover, you can get all possible passwords on the target device with a key logger function.
  • Spying on photos and videos is also not a problem at all with a good cell phone spy like mSpy or HoverWatch.

There are so many other cool functions except tracking of your boyfriend’s location and you can find them here. The choice of your future spyware also depends on the tracking features it has, so we recommend you to look through our reviews and see which app can really fulfill all your tracking needs.

What do I need to install a spyware to my boyfriend’s phone?

In order to install a spyware to track my boyfriend’s current location, you have to get access to the target device you want to monitor. Installation will take you around 10 minutes. Below we will bring you a video example of HoverWatch installation on Android device.

As soon as you purchase the app on the official website of the spyware, you get an installation link to your e-mail with the detailed instructions. We should also inform you that if you have iPhone, it should be jailbroken and Android should be rooted to install a cell phone tracker. Some monitoring apps allow you to track general activities like SMS, GPS location, calendar, etc without Jailbreak or Rooting. But you have to clarify this before hand. You can find this information in Compatibility section of any spyware or simply contact their support team for that issue. In any case, you should not worry about Jailbreak or Rooting while this process usually does not take much time and there are many online tutorials how to do that. If you can not do this by your own, you can always ask for support team help.

N.B! you should also know, that you may use your Phone Card for installation process and then you can change it to original one.

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What is the best monitoring solution to track my boyfriend’s current location?

There are so many spying apps nowadays which allow you to track my boyfriend’s current location, but it can be sometimes difficult to choose the best spyware. For that we have created a useful table for you, where you can see the most important characteristics of any spying app. However before making any purchase, you should check the following:

  • Make sure that the spyware has the necessary tracking feature (track my boyfriend’s current location)
  • Check if it compatible with the target device, which you want to monitor
  • Check if the app has demo version or trial version, so you could test it
  • Make sure that there is a support team

You should also understand that any spyware requires the work of programmers who will skillfully help you to hack any device. That’s why it can not be absolutely free.

Be aware of different fake apps and scams.


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38 Responses
  1. I’m thinking of installing such a tracker on my boyfriend’s iPhone. There’s just been too much secrecy around. He says, he’s tired and got loads of work, but I have my doubts about his ex. I will be able to check his location using a spy, but I cannot spend all my time glued to the screen. Is there any kind of signal that goes off if the tracked device comes into a certain area (say, his ex’s neighbourhood)?

  2. Tracking GPS location is extremely useful when you travel abroad. If you get separated while walking around unknown places you can figure out where you both are using this option in one of the most popular tracking apps. You don’t have to connect on the phone – just turn on the app and find where your partner is or where he or she has been recently. We always do it with my girlfriend when we’re abroad.

  3. I used to be Melissa Boswell but now Melissa Thomas…I was married for 24 years but the last 5 years have been hell for me just because my husband won’t stop cheating on me with women as young as our first daughter. Finally, i was introduced to this amazing hacker by a friend of mine from work, the hacker helped me shed lights on the lies my ex-husband has been telling for the past 5 years. The hacker did this by providing me real-time access to my husband’s phone calls, text messages, social media accounts and also his personal bank account. Personally, i think he is the best out of the very few out there. Now i can say i’m a free woman and i’m able to see my kids anytime i want just because of the dirt i go on the cheater.

  4. Hello Lorenzo,

    In order to track the location of your boyfriend, you have to install a cell phone spy to his device. Find all modern tracking apps here


  5. I don’t understand how this ap works . For example my boyfriend has an Apple phone and lock it . So how can I do install something in his phone

    • Hello Claudia,

      You are welcome to use our super convenient table – to choose the best tracker which is more suitable for you in terms of price and compatibility with the target device. As soon as you choose the tracker, you can ask us any questions in terms of installation.


  6. My boyfriend has being seeing other women and cheating on me. He has now disappeared after I just found out all of this. I can not get a hold of his phone ever to install anything onto it. I have a iPhone and he has an android. I would like to see his gps location.

  7. How can I find out where my bf is at right now he has a iPhone and it’s lock. He is very sneaky and I don’t trust a liar.

  8. Hi want to know any software through which I can trace his location. He does not give his phone. What can I do

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