How to choose the best cell phone spy app?

If you are reading this article now, it means that you are searching for cell phone monitoring software for your target device. Nowadays there are so many cell phone spies on the market. And probably you are not sure how to find the best app for your personal needs. We have highlighted for you 7 the most important steps to make the right choice of the mobile tracker.

1. Choose the right spying company

In order to choose the best spying software you should check if the company which it produces is safe, real and legal. Thus we thoroughly recommend you to choose the company, which has satisfied customers, good professional website, different payment options (like Paypal or credi cardt. Thus your payment is protected) refund policy and other guarantees, customer support.7 hints to choose the right tracker

2. Check the compatibility of the tracker with your target device

Before installation of the chosen spyware on the cell phone or computer, you should check if the software is compatible with this device. This information you can find in our comparison table, for more details we recommend you to visit the website of your desired monitoring app.

3. See if Rooting & Jailbreak needed

Mainly all spywares require device rooting or jailbreak. Of course on not rooted Android or not jailbroken IOS phones you can spy on certain activities but they are not many. Our recommendation is to contact support team for more detailed info.

4. Check spying functions

Before buying the software you should check whether it has all necessary monitoring and tracking features. See if the app has only basic options of spying or maybe there are some exclusive functions like call recording, geofencing, website blocking.

5. Choose the right subscription plan

Cell phone monitoring apps has different price and packages. Therefore, you should check if you need spyware to be active for one month or may be for the whole year.

6. For whom you are going to use the spy

Spywares are used widely among employers, parents and partners. Tracking of the cheatings spouses are illegal, so you either install the app to your own risk or you should inform the person you are going to spy on. Some softwares are not allowed to be used illegally.

7. Check Demo version or free trial

Before buying some spying apps provide their future customers with free trial option, it means that you can test the spyware for short period of time using only the basic monitoring functions. Many trackers have Demo version available, so you could check user interface to get the main idea how everything works.

In any case if you still cannot make a decision which cell phone spy to choose you are welcome to contact us below or by e-mail describing your situation. And we will help you to make the right choice moreover we will give you a special DISCOUNT for the desired app.

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  1. I tried to install on a XIAOMI (REDMI 2) a spy software but because it has pre installef antivirus, the spy software doesn’t work. Can you suggest any reliable software for this device ?

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