How to Log Into Someone’s Gmail Account Without Them Knowing?

One of the most frequently asked questions of internet users is «I want to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing». Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to share their personal information even with the closest people – family and friends.

That is why sometimes it is necessary to use a sort of spy software for mobile phones or PCs to get necessary details such as messages, photos, and contact lists.

Perhaps the only drawback of using software that accesses someone’s Gmail account without them knowing is that spying is illegal. On the other hand, you may always warn a person that you are going to use such an application just to be sure that no one is going to harm him/her.

Why spy on Gmail account?

Gmail is not only one of the biggest mailing services, but also a social network. It means that when you found a way to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing, you may not only track emails but also monitor contacts and read correspondence, check attached files, photos, videos, etc.

mSpy email spying to log into someone’s gmail account without them knowing

Tracking of the emails can be really necessary for company managers or owners to monitor the correspondence with customers and colleagues. This can be done for different reasons: to prevent information leakage or to check if there is a misunderstanding or conflict within the company.

Parents can also track if their kids use the mailing system for proper things as well as check with whom their children communicate or if they register with this email on some forbidden websites.

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How to use tracking apps for spying on Gmail?

The best way to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing is to use a special keylogger. This keylogger tracks any password on any device. It means that you will get the password the moment the person enters it! Besides, a keylogger will help you collect all the data entered at certain devices.

The keylogger will also be useful not only to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing but also to other messengers and social networks. And of course – this information will be available only for you whenever you want it. It is really the best option to control your children or beloved and protect them from harmful connections.

MSpy email tracker to log into someone’s gmail account without them knowing

Is there another option to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing?

Yes, sure. You can simply use a cell phone tracking app that has this spying function.

Even if you need to access the boyfriend’s Gmail without him knowing, with the monitoring app on the target device, you will be able not only to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing but also will get the whole range of different monitoring features.

Having such powerful spying software on the target monitored device gives you so many advantages. You get full access to all sent and received letters. You can also check all files, which were sent via e-mail, and track the address book.

With a cell phone spy, you can keep the Gmail activity under your control.

How to log into someone’s Gmail without them getting a notification?

Okay, we’ve got that out of the way – it is possible to access someone’s Gmail account without them knowing.

But there’s another problem: what about the notifications that the account owner gets whenever a login is recognized as an unfamiliar activity (e.g., when you change the IP address, login from a new location, another device, or even another browser)? Does this Gmail feature render it unattainable to get into someone’s email without their knowledge?

Fortunately, it is also possible to surpass the authorization of the Gmail account owner and avoid those push notifications.

When you install the specified spy apps on the target device, you’ll be able to read their emails without the need to ever sign in to their Gmail. Simply, all the actions will be tracked and visible in your monitoring account. No need to confirm your identity or anything like that. The user won’t get notified. Except, of course, you will need physical access to the device that is logged into the target Gmail to install the spy app.

In addition to these suspicious login activity alerts, Google has another function – the so-called “Last account activity” that is actually the Google Account login history. It shows devices that are currently logged into a certain Google account, along with the additional parameters: browser, the mobile phone used, IP address, and timestamps.

Thus, even if you know the password of someone else’s Google account, they will spot your authorization.

Again, spy apps remain under the Google radar and are the only option to stay unnoticed.

Is it illegal to log into someone else’s email account without their permission?

No, it is not legal to log into someone’s email account if they have not given you explicit permission.

If we consider the legal bit of the issue, you would break the Computer Misuse and the Data Protection Act.

The fee or punishment that you would face depends on the particular country. For example, the penalty for password hacking is 1 year in the US, and people have been prosecuted for hacking.

If you know someone’s password, you aren’t technically hacking it. But then it is a matter of consent, which is multi-layered. Did the account holder give you the password? Or have you learned it without their knowledge?

In any case, if you don’t have the consent, logging into someone else’s email is regarded as illegal in most countries.

Again, your safest option here would be to install a spy app that will enable you to access someone’s email account.

Bear in mind that you can legally monitor your kids’ phones who are under the age of majority. Adults should be aware that you’re monitoring them.

How to get into someone’s Gmail account without a password?

If you’re looking for ways on how to find out someone’s Gmail password, an option is to install a spy app that has the keylogger function that will trace keystrokes. Since it records everything that is typed on the target device, you’ll be able to retrieve the password of the Gmail account.

Again, if the target device is configured for automatic authorization of the Gmail account, you won’t be able to get the password. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot monitor emails, as the spy app can record the complete Gmail correspondence.

So, getting into a Gmail account via spy apps is beneficial because you don’t need the actual password. You just need one-time access to the phone where the Gmail account is used to install the spy app.

What other function do I get with a tracker except monitoring someone’s Gmail?

Cell phone tracking software has a great variety of monitoring functions except Gmail account spying. With the help of such a tracker, a person can:

  • Track calls and even record them.
  • Spy on the most popular messengers: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • Track phone locations.
  • Make screenshots and take photos.
  • Spy on multimedia files.
  • Block or restrict apps, phone usage, websites.

And there are many other features, about which you can read in detail here. If you are not sure which spyware can help you with your private case, you are welcome to write us comments below this post, and we will gladly help you with any case.

Check someone's emails with mSpy email spying feature

What are the most popular tracking functions?

Everything really depends on what you are looking for. However, the most popular spying features are the following:

  • Calls recording and call logs monitoring SMS,
  • Emails and iMessage spying,
  • Tracking of all popular social networks,
  • GPS-tracking,
  • Etc.

Gmail Android Spy

How to choose the best spyware to track emails?

In order to choose and install the best cell phone tracker on the target device to spy on Gmail, you have to check if your target phone is compatible with the chosen spyware. We recommend mSpy while it covers all popular spying features and runs on Android and iPhone. You should also remember that while installing a tracker, rooting or jailbreak can be required.

What is more, your target phone should have the internet connection in order for you to get the tracking data.

You should also understand that a cell phone tracker must be installed on the phone you want to SPY ON, and it does not matter from which device you will access your monitoring online account. If you hesitate and are not sure which spy app to choose, leave us a comment.

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Comments (38):
  1. My daughter is a teenager, and she’s currently going through that “parents shouldn’t know it all” phase. I heard her telling her friend that she changes her Gmail password once a week. If I decide to keep an eye on her mail, does it mean I will have to reinstall keylogger every week, or is it enough to install it once, and then it will automatically send me each of her new passwords?

      1. Tom Richardson

        Hey Amanda,

        The spy software runs invisibly on the target device, thus the monitored person (child) doesn’t know about its existance.
        Yes, such tools are not free.

  2. Hi there!
    Is it an app or an option? What apps allow using keylogger and how much do I have to pay for it? Google account gives a chance to track a number of other affaires on the net, but is it really safe for the person I’m spying on? I’d love to check my little brother’s actions on the net, what should I do to track him?

    1. Hello Anne,

      I will try to reply to all your questions.
      It is a spy software which has possibility to spy on e-mails. Keylogger is mainly used to track all the possible passwords on the target device. The price for tracking apps are different. It is safe, while only you have access to the tracking account online. In order to track a person, you have to choose the best software you want, buy it and install it into the target device.


    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi Leonard,

      In order to track phone activities, please install a cell phone spyware on the target device, that you want to monitor. You may choose any software, which was mentioned in the post above.

  3. I have to spy my husband’s account as he is cheating on me and involving to other women. But unfortunately, he is out of country. How can I spy on him? Can you please help me with this?

    1. Please let know if it is possible. My husband isn’t stupid with his phone. Is it untraceable? Help please… My husband is a repeat cheater.

      1. Hello Mika,

        You need physical access to the target device to install a cell phone tracker. As soon as it is installed, it works secretly and the monitored person can’t find out that there is a cell phone spy on the phone.

  4. I think my husband is having an affair. How much does it cost to download such apps? And will my husband find out if I’m tracking him?

  5. My husband is very sneaky he’s got several accounts separate email accounts and I cannot track on he’s up to no good and he lies about everything what do I need to find out we have a Windows 7 and he has an iPhone 712.14

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi April,

      To track your husband phone activities and to check his emails, you should install a cell phone tracking software on his device. This one software is the best choice among our readers.
      Please let us know if we could help you with anything else.
      Kind regards,

  6. My husband has rooted his phone already and has a lot of things he is hiding from me, but continues to lie to me about it. How can I use a spy app to montior him without him knowing? I also believe he uses an ims account. I’ve thought about cloning his phone and sim but then I had a question pop up: if I clone his phone, do I also recieve the ims traffic coming and going to his phone?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Bre,

      What software would you like to use as a spyware?
      I recommend you to choose the app, which you like and contact its support team for more questions.


  7. 1) How do I find out if I have a tracker on my phone and 2) if there is one how do I track and prove that this person is doing this? 3) How do I get into that act?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Mark,

      Unfortunately, there is no possibility to find the solution on your device. All such apps function in a stealth mode.

  8. I have email and password of the person that I want to track, but I have a confusion: if I open his gmail, he will get notify about it or not?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hey Vikash,

      Yes, the person might get a notification that somebody has logged in to the email from another device. It is more reliable and safe to use an email spyware.
      You need around 10-15 minutes’ access to the target device which you want to monitor to install the app. When the software is installed, you may track all emails in your online monitoring account.

  9. Is there a way to look at my boyfriend’s messages and emails without him knowing? The only thing I have is his phone number and his email address.

    1. Hello Tommy,
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out if the spyware is installed on your device. The majority of tracking applications work in a hidden mode. Even if you use an antivirus program, it won’t show you the spy app, but rather indicate that there is a sort of malware on your device.
      What is more, while installing the spyware on the target device, it is possible to choose the antivirus program not to scan it. In the following case, your antivirus won’t show anything suspicious.
      The only way out for you would be here to reboot your device.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  10. hi
    how can i spying someone without having his/her phone… actually im in a long distance relationship and my girlfriend is behaving very strangely from past few weeks and i really wants to know whats happening there i think she is cheating on me, so please tell me how to get her gmail or i can i see her messages. i have not met her since 1 year due to covid and im really worried about her behaviour…please help

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi there,

      You need one-time physical access to her device to install a cell phone spy. The remote option is possible only if your girlfriend has a non-jailbroken iPhone and you know her iCloud credentials. (Physical access is required if the iCloud backup isn’t activated on the monitored device or 2-factor/2-step verification is enabled).
      Please let me know if I may help you with anything else.

  11. I need to access my former gmail account but i cant cos i have forgotten the password and i no longer have access to the phone number in which i used in opening the gmail account. Pls is there anything that can be done to that

    1. Hello Raaj,

      1. To find someone’s phone number by only knowing their Gmail address might be possible. Please check this post.
      2. To find someone’s location by only having the Gmail address of this person is also possible, in case this person gives you permission for that. Please check this post.
      3. If you want to spy on someone’s phone, track Gmail on it, see the locations during the day, I suggest you install a tracking solution on this phone, which will give possibilities to monitor all activities on the target device remotely -
      Best Regards,

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