How to find out if a partner cheats

Even if you have been with your partner for years, it does not prevent him or her from cheating. And the more time you are together, the greater is possibility that you will not be able to notice the changes of his or her behavior.

cheating partner Check whether you partner is cheating on you right now – read the list the reason why you should get bothered.

5 signs that your partner has a second life

Uses new words

You start to notice that you partner is using new words and phrases that he has never used before.

Never leaves phone

Your partner does not want you to know with whom he or she is communicating and always keeps in secret who is calling him/her right now.

Never tells where she/he is

You never know the exact location of where your partner is right now.

Catch a cheater

Starts to work more

You have never noticed that your partner is workaholic, but now he works all the time and does not even have a time to call you.

Behaving aggressively

If your partner starts behave aggressively you should think upon the second life he lives when you are not together.

Best way to find out whether your partner is cheating

Though these methods are really working, the most effective tool is spying software that you should install into the smartphone, tablet or PC of your partner. This software provides you with the regular reports on the sent and received messages and calls, shared multimedia files, allows to listen to the records of talks and remotely activate record of the ambient environment. Once you start to use tracking software, you need nothing more to check whether your partner is cheating, because you will get all the answers immediately. Just install it now and start to monitor your beloved to protect your relationships.

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    • Hello Richy,

      You can track your grilfriend with cell phone spying app. You will see with whom she is chatting and what she is doing and you can follow her GPS location during the day. Find the best tracker for you on our website. We recommend you to use mSpy app.


  1. Hello Angel,
    Any cell phone spyware allows you to spy on the target device from your tracking online account. With a moritoring app you can see all the activities, read all the messages and track login details of the monitored device. You can do that for free, because some softwares have free test versions. However they are limited by the time and tracking functions. The list of such apps you can find in the section Top Spy Apps. You can dowmload the free version and see later on if you need further subscription. Let me know if you still have questions, we can also give you the bonus for a desired app.

  2. I tried Spyware but when he gets his phone back he sees I tried to install shows facebook in his history when he claims not to have it

    • Hello Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comment. Could you please tell us what spyware have you used? Leave your review about it on our website.


  3. please can u help me find out if my girlfriend is cheatting on me,she is strange and doesnt talk to me she is always on her fone.

    • Hello Ricardo,

      It is really simple with cell phone spy. However you should understand that it is not legal, that is why it is highly recommended to inform the monitored person. The best spywares to catch a cheater are mSpy (however they have very strickt policy regarding spying on partners. Thus they may tell you that it is illegal). You should also know that may be you will need a jailbreak or rooting on the target device. But support team will assist you with that.
      Let us know if you still need help.

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