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InnovaSpy has proved that it remains to be one of the leading spying software providers which offer free 48-hour access to their services. For the past few months the number the number of its users has increased dramatically, and due to the possibility to test all the services provided by InnovaSpy it continues to raise.

All the features that InnovaSpy offers to their clients within free software are as much effective and useful as those that are provided by the licensed version. Read more about InnovaSpy services of free access below.

Free Trial Options

In fact, services that InnovaSpy provides with its trial mode are also provided for the owners of Premium access. However, buying the license you get the full-time access to the services (according to the plan you choose – from 10 days up to 1 year).

Free mobile spying software provides users with the following set of options:

  • GPS tracking
  • SMS tracking (receiving text messages remotely)
  • History of calls
  • List of contacts
  • Photos and videos
  • History of using apps and browsing Internet

For the devices that run on iOS there are two additional options provided – checking auto answers and possibility to receive messages sent by WhatsApp.

Additional services

Although 48 hours is enough time to make up your mind upon all the services that it is possible to receive using Innovaspy free trial, you may need a little bit more time to find out whether you are completely satisfied with what you get. You may use the benefits of the refund policy that is provided within 5 days after you but the license. However, the full refund is available only if you have claims to the working of the software, that is why we recommend that you try out all the services while you are using free spying software.

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