Access Someone’s Facebook Account without Them Knowing

Facebook is a leading social media platform worldwide, and it has become a crucial part of all our lives. People consistently use it for everything, including networking, having friendly conversations, and business promotion.

So think about what it will be like to have access to someone’s Facebook account and check what somebody is doing inside their profile. At least once in our lives, we have desired to know the secrets of a specific person.

Log into Someone else’s Facebook without them Knowing

Well, if you are still curious and want to look into someone’s Facebook, then keep reading this post. You’ll learn how to log into someone else’s Facebook hassle-free to satisfy your curiosity.

Reasons you need to log into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing

You want to keep your children safe from cyber-bullying, criminals, and fraudsters. These days children recklessly share their personal information online, which can be used by scammers for extortion or other illicit purposes. So, parents must keep their children protected from the malicious online world, even if they have to use Facebook hacking methods.

You want to keep a check on your significant other. Today, many people feel that their spouse is not giving them enough time. So they are eager to know whether their spouse is cheating or lying about something. For this reason, people are making use of hacking methods to hack the Facebook account of their spouse and know if they are hiding any secrets.

Ways to log into someone’s Facebook

The main ways to log into someone’s Facebook account are to obtain a password for that account.
You don’t need a separate password to log into someone’s Facebook Messenger. Since Facebook Messenger is linked and uses the login details from the Facebook account.

Thus, having received a password to someone’s Facebook profile, you can also log into their Facebook Messenger.
Below in the post, we will describe the methods to get a password with which you can log into someone’s Facebook.

  • Try guessing their password. Some people use passwords that are easy to guess – for example, their date of birth or other important numbers, the name of their pet, etc. However, to guess someone’s password correctly, you’d have to know their identity very well. Plus, Facebook has integrated protection against password guessing. After a couple of wrong attempts, it may even send a message to the email address associated with the target account saying something along the lines of: “Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account”.
  • Resetting the password. If you know the username, you can hit the “Forgot Password” button on the login screen, and it will redirect you to choose amongst available methods to reset the password. Most frequently, Facebook will give you the option to reset the password via the email address associated with the target account. Sometimes, when users connect their account with a phone number, that option is available too. To use this method, you need to have access to their email or phone inbox, where Facebook will send a code for resetting the password. They will immediately notice that the password has been changed and probably reset it again.

Use a hacker to spy on someone's Facebook account

  • Keylogging software. Keyloggers are apps that track keystrokes. Thus, if you install a keylogging software onto the phone and the user types in the password, you’ll know what it is. However, this solution requires physical access to the phone, and the user may already be logged in, meaning he or she won’t type in the password at all.
  • Hacking. Multiple methods can be used to hack someone’s Facebook account – such as Man-in-the-Middle Attack, the SS7 Vulnerability, Phishing, Social Engineering, etc. – but these are complex and require more advanced technical knowledge than an average user possesses. In case, you want to know about these methods, check our post on how to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account.
  • Hire a hacker. As the methods above are complicated, some people decide to go for paying someone to hack a Facebook account. You’ll see many ads on the internet for hackers, but most of them are fake. It’s not a rare case that they take money from you and never appear again.
  • Facebook Messenger tracker. This is a feature of spy apps that access someone’s Facebook account without them knowing and can monitor Facebook messages. You just need the initial access to the target device to install it, and after that, you’re all set.

How to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password?

You can spy on a Facebook account by using various tracking applications.

By installing such an app on the target device, you won’t even need the Facebook password to read someone’s messages. Instead, once the software is active on the target phone, you’ll be able to see all the info if you simply log into your online Spying account.

With the Facebook Messenger tracker application, you can do the following:

  • Record all the sent and received messages on Facebook.
  • Take screenshots of Facebook conversations and other activities.
  • Record the date and time when the messages were sent and received.
  • Keep track of the history of when and at what time the Facebook account was visited. 
  • View the contacts added on Facebook.
  • See who is Messaging: This helps you to know who the Facebook account holder communicates with.
  • View Group Chats: you can read with whom the Facebook account holder is texting through group chats.
  • Download and store important messages: you can access and re-read anything you need from the messages with this feature.
  • Search for keywords in messages: this feature is very handy if you want to find a piece of information quickly.

Here are the top two apps available in the market that will give you effective and quick results.

Read someone else's Facebook Messenger with mSpy App

mSpy is one of the best tracking applications that enables you to monitor Facebook activities, including emails, calls, track address locations, and read SMS messages. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it the best application for tracking messages.

Many users have tried mSpy, and they believe that the application has smooth functionality and is highly effective. mSpy has similar Facebook features as the other tracker, FlexiSPY, but it’s better suited for parents who want to keep a check on the devices of children without them knowing.

It has some beneficial options that FlexiSPY lacks for making sure they are safe, such as the feature to control and block apps you don’t want your child to use, as well as websites you don’t want them to visit. Alternatively, you can set up keyword alerts that will notify you once a certain website is visited. It also allows you to monitor Snapchat messages and multimedia files, which FlexiSPY doesn’t.

Even for couples who want to track their significant other, this application is a perfect choice. mSpy is affordable and is available in 3 different subscription plans: Basic, Premium, Bundle Kit.

Log into someone's Facebook Messenger without them knowing with FlexiSPY tool

FlexiSPY is a spy application that you can download on both Android and iOS devices. It helps you track and monitor all activities on Facebook that includes reading messages, contact information and timestamps, keyword search, capturing screenshots, monitoring keystrokes, and so on.

There are two unique features for Facebook that FlexiSPY has, and mSpy doesn’t: VoIP call recording and VoIP Call Logs. Facebook Messenger is one of the applications that support this kind of call (alongside Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.). Namely, whenever a VoIP call is made from the target device, FlexiSPY automatically logs and records the conversation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not monitoring the activities the moment the call occurs – it will be uploaded to your spying control panel, and you can listen to it later. You’ll also see the contact information, duration of the call, and exact time and date.

It also allows you to track website browsing history, GPS location, call history, SMS messages, conversations on other social media applications like WeChat, Whatsapp, Hike, and more.

All in all, FlexiSpy Facebook spy application can be used for parental control and various other situations when you want to track the phones of your close ones.

Install a spy app to access someone’s Facebook account

To install a spy app to use its Facebook monitoring features, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the official website of the app, register, and purchase a license.

  2. Install the app on the target phone.

  3. Perform root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS) if needed. This allows you to use all the advanced features of the app and removes software restrictions.

  4. That’s it! You can log in to your spying panel, where you will receive all the data from the target phone.

  5. Read all Facebook messages on the target device from now on in your spyware control panel.

Is it possible to log into someone’s Facebook account without them getting a notification?

In short: No. The only time when it is possible to log into someone’s Facebook account entirely without their knowledge is if you log in using their phone or a device they have already used to log in.

Otherwise, Facebook sends a notification about a suspicious login to their Facebook application and Messenger, as well as to the associated email account. This happens every time an account is accessed from a different IP or a browser. Facebook can even temporarily lock down the account.

In the past, Facebook practices raised certain privacy concerns, so their privacy system has now been stronger. This option is enabled by default. You can access it under Settings & Privacy  > Security and Login > Get alerts about unrecognized logins.

Under the same settings, a user can see all the devices where they are currently logged in, along with the type of device (even the precise brand of the phone), browser used, and the place and time when someone has logged in. So, not only that you can get noticed, but the account offer can easily realize that it was you.

And what if the owner of the account misses the notifications and emails about suspicious logins – will you then be able to go unnoticed? Maybe, but it’s highly unlikely that someone will ignore notifications in three different places.

What is the solution, then? How to stay under the radar?

It’s simple: By using the spy apps mentioned above. You won’t need to log in and alert Facebook, and you’ll be able to access the messages solely by installing the app on the device.

Get into someone else's Facebook Messenger

What else to know when trying to get into someone’s Facebook?

In case we haven’t addressed some things regarding the whole matter, search for them below:

How can you log into someone’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing and seeing secret conversations?

To log into someone’s Facebook messenger, you will need their password. But today, there are many easy-to-use applications available out there like mSpy, and FlexiSpy that provide hacking and monitoring of Facebook accounts for iOS and Android. By using these applications, you can easily hack Facebook messenger and read all their conversations.

Can I log into someone else’s Facebook Messenger with their password and not be traced?

If you log into someone else’s Facebook Messenger, the owner will most likely be notified in multiple places because of the Facebook activity tracking feature. Spy apps are the only way to remain invisible because you don’t have to use the password and log in to have the possibility to read all Facebook Messenger conversations.

When you log into someone else’s Facebook account using their passwords, would they find out?

Yes, if the person turns on login alerts in their security settings, they will get an alert each time somebody tries to log in. Even if the notification alerts are not turned on, there is another option under security settings, where all the devices with an open connection for that account are listed. With this option, the account holder can quickly shut down any of these Facebook sessions.

The only possible way to bypass this is to log in from the same device as the account owner.

However, if you use trusted applications like mSpy and FlexiSpy, you can conveniently log into a Facebook account without the account holder finding out.

Is it illegal to hack someone’s Facebook account?

Yes, it’s illegal to hack someone’s Facebook account or any other social media platform. The potential consequences vary from one country to another. In the United States, it’s a violation of the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act).

Is it illegal to log into someone else’s Facebook account?

Logging into someone’s Facebook account without their permission is illegal.

But what if you know their password and don’t hack it? Is it still illegal?

If you don’t have explicit consent to do such a thing – yes, it’s still illegal to do it.

Getting successfully into someone else’s Facebook

There are many techniques out there for tracking Facebook activities, but utilizing the above-mentioned Facebook spy applications is the finest of them all. All you need to do is install these applications and easily track Facebook accounts on any device and from any location in the world.

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    1. Tom Richardson


      You can’t use someone’s FB. You may only read the direct messages on the target device if you have installed spyware on it beforehand.

  1. Whom I can speak to when someone accesses my Facebook messengers without permission and how can I stop them? And I want to sue a person.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Stephanie,

      Please read the article above on how to find out if someone has logged into your account. Moreover, you may always contact Facebook customer support for help with your privacy issues.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Robbie,

      In your case, the uMobix solution would be the most suitable way out here. It doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak of the target device. However, you might need access to the target device for several minutes to install and activate the app. If your sons use iPhones, you’ll need only the Apple ID and password of the device.

  2. Is there a spy app that doesn’t need to be installed in the target’s phone? Because mSpy and FlexiSpy needs to be installed in the target device. And if that person runs the virus scan or threat, the Spy app will appear and they can uninstall it themselves. So its kinda useless. Been there. Done that. So I’m looking a spy app that doesn’t need to be installed.

    1. Hello Taliya,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. We would appreciate it if you share your experience with our readers about mSpy and FlexiSPY if you used them both.
      As for your question about an app, which doesn’t need to be installed: have you tried uMobix? It is comparatively new software, however, it has already got many users and lots of positive reviews. And what is important in your case, it actually doesn’t require installation. Moreover, uMobix has a free trial option. Check their site for more details.

  3. Hey, I need help bro someone has hacked my Facebook account. And he changed my email, phone number, and my Facebook password. So how can I access my account back?
    Please help me and recover my account please I request you, bro. No one helps me. And Facebook help center is not helping me either.

  4. Hello,
    my son gave me his information to log in and change his password, since he has given someone access that he regrets, I can’t seem to be able to log in to his account it keeps taking me back to mine! Help!

  5. Hello hope you are well. I was wondering if a friend is worried about gossip, will it be possible for a friend to get into other friend’s account and without them getting notified?

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