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Many people doubt that the tracking function is necessary and reasonable. However, monitoring applications allow users to get to know what their children, relatives, or employees are doing when using their phones. They enable them to prevent negative consequences. To find out the best solutions to keep peace in your surroundings, continue reading this article.

To track or not to track – that is the question

How do people start monitoring other people’s phones? Of course, the first and most obvious reason is maintaining safety. Nowadays, you can hardly imagine a person who has never heard about cyberbullying, mobbing, theft of personal information, sexting, etc. Using special programs, you can be aware of the target person’s communication. Forewarned is forearmed.

That is not the only thing on the list. Besides, the monitoring software can help in cases of thefts or even carjacking. With it, it is a piece of cake to track the location of the necessary object/person via GPS. Some applications give access to the data being sent via different social networks. Thus, an employer can be sure his or her business doesn’t break down because of the media leak.

These reasons are just the top of the iceberg. Anyway, there is no harm in keeping your hand on the pulse.


Say “Yes” to Monitoring Phones with Mobile Telephone Tracker

Nowadays, there are lots of different programs for monitoring mobile phones. But not only. It is possible to track tablets and PCs as well. If you choose a spyware program, solutions can differ in terms of options, price, and level of proficiency.

In general, you can find paid and free, advanced and basic-functional applications. With the development of the technologies, this variety is not so surprising. However, such a rich choice doesn’t mean any product is unique. Let’s consider some obvious drawbacks of such spyware.

A spying solution can be limited in its functions. It can be available just for a specific area or a country. Besides, even the offered functionality can fail the test of time. Here is the main question. Are they all effective at all?

It is not profitable to consider all available decisions on your own. To dispel all doubts, just pay attention to the following reliable programs. Believe it or not, they are completely worth both spent time and resources.

Best Mobile Telephone Tracker

This won’t be a usual top-5 or top-10 list of the best solutions. In this recommendation, there are just two candidates to go for. The presented applications can boast of their top-notch quality and efficiency.

The first winner

First of all, you should draw your focus on mSpy. Its manufacturers spare no expense for new developments, product safety and customer support. Designed by Bitex Group LTD, this solution is turning into a household word.

To see their offer on your own, follow the link:


Anyone who wants to spy on someone desires to do it without access to the device. The reality tells it is impossible. However, mSpy developers have offered one helpful solution. It is transferring data to a personal account from iCloud.

This solution is available only when you know the login and password for the target iCloud account. Another condition is the current data’s synchronization with the cloud service.

In this case, you get the indirect access to several messengers, call history, list of contacts. Besides, you are able to track Internet activity, calendar notes, and applications downloaded.

Blocking Calls and Websites

If you control your child, then this function is very important. In such a way, you can prevent your kid from visiting unreliable resources. Of course, you still need to talk to the young  generation and explain what is good and bad on the Internet.


Many competitors have been forcibly closed down in recent years. The reason was some legal issues that are very controversial in this business. Of course, no one has returned the customers their money. In this perspective, mSpy is presented in a favorable light. Since 2010, it has been working stable. So far, it is popular in more than two hundred countries all over the world.

Support Service

Customer support is incredibly important. Users always appreciate the individual approach. However, large corporations can’t follow it all the time. That’s why they prefer using special sites to contact their customers. For the latter, this is not entirely convenient. It is pretty understandable, isn’t it? Average users prefer simple methods of communication.

Therefore, mSpy customer service is a real life-saver. Firstly, its platform is widely-known Skype. Secondly, it is available 24/7.  It is an interesting advantage, isn’t it?

The next front-runner

Hoverwatch is definitely worth attention. Its developers know their business inside out and produce great software. It is hard to describe all the functional opportunities in a concise way. In this article, you will take a look at the most important ones only.

To get a deeper insight into Hoverwatch, follow the link:

Recording Calls with mobile telephone tracker

With this function, you will have hard evidence, disputing with the target person. Apart from calls, Hoverwatch provides customers with data about SMS and MMS, messages sent via social networks.

You’re on Candid Camera!

The functionality of Hoverwatch also includes automatic front camera shooting. Each screen unlocking activates this feature.

Sim Card Change

No matter, if the person under surveillance changes their Sim Card, you’ll be still able to track their device. In addition, Hoverwatch has a powerful notification system. So you will know literally every step of the target user.

Pricing and Security Policy

On the one hand, Hoverwatch isn’t the cheapest solution in the industry. On the other, the manufacturer offers three plans at reasonable costs. In general, the main difference between them is the number of solutions to track. In total, the advanced business plan allows the monitoring of twenty-five devices.

Don’t be afraid of your data being stored forever after unsubscribing. The application deletes all the logs in automatic mode. In case you failed to continue the subscription, you will have to reinstall Hoverwatch and renew it.

Wrap It Up

All in all, more and more people are interested in tracking mobile phones. What’s more important, they desire to do that without the owners’ knowing. The presented applications — mSpy and Hoverwatch — can teach their competitors a thing or two. The provided functionality surprises. Their customer support is incredible. The programs’ efficiency has large measures. Give them a try and find out on your own!

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