How to Track a Mobile Phone?

Sometimes it happens that you just need to track a person by his smartphone or cell phone. You can need to check with whom your relatives are chatting and communicating. Another possible variant is to follow the activities of children or elderly people. With the advent of new technologies, you can solve this problem just without a hitch. In this article, we will tell you how to track a person through their gadget without their consent.

What is a mobile phone tracker?


A mobile phone tracker is a spying service that uses GPS technology to trace someone’s location.

People opt for this service to be in control and ahead of any inconvenience that may occur regarding their loved ones.

Mobile signal strength is an important factor in providing an accurate location of the target device along with the internet.

The modern market can definitely impress you with a huge variety of tracking services. The offered functionality and abilities are obviously worth spent resources. However, this diversity easily can become a great challenge. Everyone wants to choose the best cell phone tracker to spy on mobile without anybody knowing. So we would like to save your time and make the research for you.

How a mobile tracker works?

Mobile trackers use network signals so that the algorithms start to deploy and the tracking begins. These trackers only provide the current location of the device.

If the phone is switched off, the tracker retrieves the GPS coordinates of the phone at the last point it was switched on and had internet access.


Free mobile phone trackers

iPhone and Android offer free services to track a cell phone in case it’s lost or gets stolen. These services use iCould or Google account ID to locate the cell phone that is in question.

Mobile phone tracker for iPhones uses “Find My iPhone” app” which can show current location of the phone if it is connected to the internet. User can simply log in to their iCloud using another Apple device and pick the device that is to be tracked from the list.

On the other hand, Android offers tracking services under a few conditions i.e. the cell phone that is to be tracked must be switched on, signed in to a google account, connected to the internet, and location services must be enabled. Google mobile phone tracker helps the user lock or restore the stolen/lost phone for data protection.

What is a mobile phone tracker software?

A mobile phone tracker software is an application that helps find a stolen or a misplaced cell phone along with a range of other useful features.

Unlike an ordinary phone location tracker, tracking software offers to monitor each and every activity on the cell phone including browsing history, social media monitoring, and much more.

What are the functions of mobile phone tracker app?

Mobile phone tracker apps offer a range of features depending on the needs and preferences of the user.

For most people, the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones is the primary concern of opting for a tracker.


Some of the mobile tracking apps come with features i.e.

  • Gps tracker for mobile phone,
  • Mobile call tracker,
  • Mobile lost tracker,
  • Geo-Fencing,
  • Call recording along with the surroundings,
  • Event flagging and Alerts,
  • Picture, video and audio capture,
  • Track the virtual path of the target device.

However, most of them go beyond these basic characteristics such as viewing multimedia, internet activities, tracking WhatsApp messages of another mobile, blocking certain apps or websites on the target phone, etc.

Best mobile phone tracker apps

Web is filled with free and paid mobile phone tracker applications; however, we’ve picked two of the leading ones for iPhone and Android, based on the features and the deals and packages they offer.


mSpy offers tracking services that help monitor the current location of the cell phone. If the phone is switched off, the tracker will provide the last location at which the phone was switched on.

In addition to this, mSpy offers call logs monitoring, viewing multimedia, and web history, reading text messages, spying on all popular IM chats like: Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

mSpy offers basic and premium packages for one, three, or twelve months, however the locations tracking feature is available in all of those.

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FlexiSPY – this monitoring software brings great benefits of keeping track of the exact location and surroundings of a cell phone.

Once installed, FlexiSPY starts receiving GPS location and updates it automatically every once in a while along with capturing pictures, videos and audio. The software tracks the exact path the person with the phone has taken.

User can even listen to live phone calls and the mic can hear the phone surroundings as well which may prove helpful in finding its exact location.

With FlexiSPY Alert, Event Flagging and geo-fencing, the user is immediately notified if the phone is at a certain place. These features are available in Lite, Premium and Extreme packages.

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Spy Mobile Phone Tracker VS Free Mobile Phone Tracker

Spy mobile tracking app and the mobile phone tracker free provide great assistance when it comes to monitoring. However, both are different for a number of reasons:

Spy mobile phone tracker

Free Mobile phone tracker


  • Spy mobile phone apps offer unlimited features including GPS tracking.
  • It works in the background in stealth mode without notifying or alerting the target device while monitoring.
  • 24/7 customer support is available to assist with any issue or query.


  • Trackers can locate any cell phone in the world with the help of an email ID.
  • They are free of cost.
  • No jailbreak or rooting is required.


  • Spy apps need to be installed in the target device hence physical access is required.


  • Mobile phone tracker only offers one feature i.e. tracking the location of the target device.
  • Mobile tracker doesn’t work if the phone is switched off or not connected to the internet.


How to track mobile phone location without them knowing?

There are a number of mobile phone trackers and spy apps for Android and iOS that offer GPS tracking without notifying the target device. i.e. mSpy and FlexiSPY.

How to track a mobile number with name and address?

Tracking location is another thing but when it comes to tracking a mobile number, it’s impossible as well as illegal. Because of the privacy and identity protection, such sensitive information is only accessible to law enforcement agencies.

How to track mobile phones using Gmail?

Lost or stolen Android device can be tracked by logging into Google account that is set up on the phone that is in question.

On typing “Find my Phone” into the search engine, a map is displayed with the location of the device. The cell phone must be connected to the internet.

How to track mobile current location?

In order to track the current location of a mobile phone, it must be connected to the internet. For iOS devices, the mobile current location can be found out using “Find my phone” app by logging into iCloud.

For Android, however, Google account is used on which the target device is set up.

How to track switched off mobile location?

Switched off cell phones cannot be tracked, however, the last location right before it was switched off and had internet access can be seen on the map using ‘Find my phone’ app.

FlexiSPY and some other software offer spy camera that captures phones, videos and audio while the device is switched on. It helps finding the person who may have stolen the cell phone.

Tracking software or Mobile tracker – better option?

Cell phone tracking is a useful feature for individuals to keep track of their own as well as loved ones’ mobiles. In fact, there are a lot of options to track someone’s phone. But there are not so many tools allowing you to realize this without the owner knowing. 

Free mobile tracking is an affordable solution and easily accessible to all, however, spy tracking solutions are a better option for a number of reasons such as a wide range of features along with different deals and packages the user can pick from.

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