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Do you want to know why your employees spend so much time staring at their phones? Are you interested in your daughter’s personal life? Are you curious about the messages that your husband receives each evening? Install MobileMonitor free trial and find answers to all your questions. This software has proved to be the one that guarantees non-detectability, effective solutions for spying, and variety of options to be used for low fees. Besides, before you buy the license, you may test the functions of the software for 24 hours without the necessity to pay. MobileMonitor is presented for Android and iOS devices, so when you start to install its free version check the compatibility of the chosen software with the target device.

MobileMonitor Free App for iOS


If the target device is iPod, iPad, or iPhone, choose Cydia app and use Search field to find MobileMonitor installing file. Install software at the target device, and when the installation is over, go to the desktop. Load new app and submit your e-mail address. Now you may start to use 24-hour trial version of spying software for Apple devices.

How to Spy on Android for Free

For those who own Android devices the procedure is slightly different. Find the MobileMonitor app using browser of the target device, and download app onto the device. After that open apk. file that has been downloaded and start the installation. When the process of installing app is almost over, press OPEN at the notification that appears at the screen. Enter your personal e-mail and continue the installation with INSTALL button. When everything is done, login at the official site of the application and start to use android free spying software. MobileMonitor is your key to the truth. Use this app now to know everything about people who are important to you.

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