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MobiPast_Coupons_5146524Mobipast is another interesting solution for your spying needs. With this cell phone tracker you can easily monitor your child’s mobile activities in 5 minutes. This spying software is available in several languages and all the necessary functions for monitoring. Moreover, you can install the Mobipast app absolutely for free, but this monitoring version has only all basic functions like GPS, Internet tracking, capturing the security code to unlock the target device.


With Mobipast free version you can track GPS locations of the device, spy on the Internet, view the contact list and find out the password of the mobile device to unlock the screen. If you purchase the full version you can check

  • call logs,
  • read SMS and iMessages,
  • use Keylogger as well as
  • spy on all popular Instant Messengers.

Differences between Free and Paid Versions

The similarities and differences between free and paid versions are outlined below. You can choose your package to be able to have access to the functions you need.  

Free Version Functions:

  •  Tracking GPS locations on a map
  • Tracking the website visited by the owners of target devices and browser history  
  • Possibility to get the list of all contacts of target devices
  • Possibility to capture passcodes of target devices to unlock these smartphones in the distance

Paid Version Functions:

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls, time and duration of calls, conversation history, and contacts.
  • Tracking GPS locations of target devices  on a map
  • Tracking sent and received SMS and MMS 
  • Possibility to unlock target devices remotely by capturing passcodes
  • ​Keylogger to track and record keystrokes made by the owners of target devices  
  •  Possibility to read all conversations
  • Monitoring of social media accounts (WhatsApp, Facebook, Yahoo, Hangouts, Viber, Snapchat)
  • Possibility to uninstall the app without access (you can do it remotely) using a control panel on your smartphone


There is a FAQ section on the website of Mobipast, so you could find the answers to the most common questions. In case you can not find the details to your concrete situation, you are welcome to contact Mobipast support through the special form. Instant messenger support isn’t available. You can’t solve problems immediately if any. It takes time to get a reply to your inquiry.


Full version of Mobipast cell phone spy and tracker costs $29.99

Despite the price is relatively low to other spy apps, Mobipast offers coupons and promo codes. You can save up to 65% and share these coupons with your friends. Daily updates will be sent to you if you subscribe to Mobipast coupon codes. Now you can get a 5$ discount by using a special promo code. You will get access to advanced functions at just $24.99.


Mobipast spyware is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and tablets. You can quickly mount this app on Android. Mobipast doesn’t have to be jailbroken if you use an iPhone to monitor your child’s smartphone. It’s also compatible with iPad and iPod. It provides access to the most popular applications. Data collected from target devices is encrypted and sent to your account on Gmail or Yahoo for security purposes. It’s easy to install and remove from the target device. You just need to have physical access to the device of your child. We recommend downloading the app from the official Mobipast website or PlayStore. Mobipast can be removed remotely. 

How to Download Mobipast

You can download the app for Android in three simple steps:

Step 1: browse the Mobipast website or use PlayStore and tap on the button “Download”. Use your smartphone to download the app. You will find yourself on the download page. Then download APK, confirm, and save the file on your device.

Step 2: install spying software on the target device of your child (smartphone, iPad, iPod, etc.).

Step 3: open Mobipast and start monitoring calls, messages, and social media accounts for free!

The app is available from any browser of your choice. Mobipast takes approximately 1.4 Mb of storage on your smartphone or tablet. Reserve enough space to download the app in advance.

The download process for iOS is similar to that one for Android:

Step 1: Download the installation file from server. The server checks the file for viruses. If the file is ready to download, you will see the button “Download” soon.

Step 2: Install the app on the target device.

Step 3: Open the app on your mobile and start tracking the actions of your children.

You don’t have to register or send SMS to activate your membership. Just download Mobipast and start using it. 

To sum up

Despite Mobipast is inexpensive, you can install it both on Android or iOS. This app is suitable for any customer or pocket thanks to its reasonable price. You can use the free version as a budget customer and enjoy value for money when using the paid version if you have just $29.99. Customers have a possibility to start from the free version and then switch to the paid alternative of the app. Once the Mobipast is installed, you can start monitoring within several minutes. You can use Mobipast in different countries because it supports several languages.

Impossibility of tracing your device allows you staying incognito. Also, you can stop tracking the target device once you’re done. As Mobipast can unblock the target device remotely, you have the possibility to snoop even if the target device is blocked automatically.

The lack of advanced features like call recording or listening doesn’t make the app more attractive to potential customers. Also, customer support isn’t responsive sometimes and getting responses may take days. At the same time, you can’t expect more of the app that costs less than $30.

Mobipast PlusesMobipast Minuses
  • supports several languages
  • not expensive
  • works on Android and iOS
  • undetectable
  • basic options
  • poor customer support options
  • supports only two platforms
  • no advanced features (call listening)

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  1. I have this app. Got the free version and it gave me contact list and one text msg. I paid to update all a D it has not yet updated so I’m not sure about this app yet.p

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