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Spyware usage is controversial. However, these apps can save your kids’ life or your personal creative projects from being stolen by your employees. Such apps as Phonty can be freely used among the members of the family, but you should remember, that it’s not always legal (the person you track should be informed about it).phonty-review

General information about Phonty Tracking App

Phonty spying software is used all over the world to protect kids and beloved ones; to take care of intellectual property being sold to the third parties; to track what your employees do at work. Phonty spyware is useful on different life levels. If you’re willing to know more, get to the official webpage of the app to watch the demonstrations.

How does it work?

  1. Subscription Plan. You choose it according to your needs – the time you need to use Phonty tracker, your financial possibilities and options suggested. You fill the form on the official webpage and get an email with installation instructions.

  2. Installations & Settings. Phonty spy app is installed directly on the target device. You’ll somehow have to get direct physical access to the device you need to track.

  3. Monitoring. It starts immediately. You’ll collect all data you’re looking for from the desired device. You’ll view it with you personalized Phonty Control Panel.

Phonty Features

A number of features is available:

  • Sent Texts Tracking. Gives you a chance to follow the activity in most popular instant messengers, to view chats an SMS.

  • Recording. You’ll be able to record live phone conversations + the surroundings without being detected. All the records are downloaded into your personal Phonty account.

  • GPS. Allows you to get up-to-date info on locations of the target devices.

  • Media Tracking. And it’s not only about viewing videos and photos – you’ll be able to remotely delete different types of media, even those created by the user of the target device.

  • Incoming and Outcoming Calls + Contact List Tracking.

  • Web History and Email. Emails, browser history and all possible internet issues are now under your constant control.

  • Total Control. You get hold of all functions including blocking and deleting certain apps. You’ll also be able to block calls and websites.

  • Extra. It’s everything you need and more: calendar, key logger and voice memo.

Phonty Monitoring Software Support

The customer support is ready to help you every single hour from morning till night and from night till morning. Don’t hesitate to have a chat via Skype or use emails and phone calls.

Phonty Price

It depends on subscription. There are two main subscription plans: Basic and Premium. The pricing varies from $20 to $195 depending on the period of time and the set of functions available. Check this at Phonty Official Webpage.

Phonty Compatibility

Phonty spying software is compatible with most smartphones including jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS versions (remember, that non-jailbreak spying is possible only if you have Apple ID account data of the person you need to track). You’ll also be able to install it on Android (rooted and unrooted). The pricing is reasonable for the options suggested.

Refund Policy

Phonty monitoring software services are covered by a money back guarantee. You can get you money back in 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the result you get from this tracking app. If there’s no one to solve your problem and no way to work on the settings of Phonty, you get your money back.

Bottom Line (Pros and Cons)


  • Variable pricing.
  • All basic options + extra functions (get it at the official resource).
  • Compatible with Android and iOS mobile systems. Can be used without direct installation (you’ll need an id of the user you’re going to track)


  • Not available on Windows and Blackberry devices.

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10 Responses
  1. I purchased the most expensive option. I have had absolutely no support from customer service any and every time I’ve contacted them via e–mail they do not respond. I have not been able to see activity on the device since December 26. Today it’s January 9th still no activity. My subscription ends in February and will NOT re-new. I feel they should reimburse my money. I will have spaced out weeks with no activity and then it suddenly returns after a week or so. It’s now been 2 weeks with absolutely no activity and no response from customer service. DO NOT BUY this program it sucks !!!

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