Remote Control function of the monitored device

No matter what you do in life – you can be a big boss of a serious company, a worried spouse or a loving and caring parent – you can often feel insecure about people surrounding you.

Remote Control function

If you aren’t new to the world of modern technologies you’ll have a chance to makes things better.

What is a remote control of the monitored device?

It’s one of the options suggested by most spy apps. A typical spyware firstly provides you with basic spying options (they are rarely allowed in demo version):

  • Viewing call logs and reading messages;
  • Getting access to all types of media including photos and sent videos;
  • GPS control;
  • Browsers history.

A Remote Control option will also give you a chance to:

  • Change passwords and pins;
  • Make calls and send messages right from the monitored device;
  • Create sound alarms;
  • Upload any types of files;
  • Use camera;
  • Install and uninstall applications;
  • Lock and unlock the device.

The set of options may be different depending on a certain app you choose.

Why do you need remote control?

Imagine that you’re a big boss of a successful company. You’re not sure whether your employees are cheating on you or not and you’re willing to know it.Remote Control function

Imagine that you’re a caring mother and the only person in the world important to you is your teenage kid. Teenagers are gullible – they can be negatively affected by different people including criminals and even drug dealers and drug sellers. You need to make sure nothing horrible happens.

Imagine your spouse giving you worries by occasional chatting on his or her phone. What would you do to preserve your relations?

Remote control of the desired device will help you feel secure about your future and the future of your nearest and dearest.

HoverWatch and remote control option

HoverWatch is physically installed on the target device. Except for the basic options that you can find on the official page of the software you get a possibility to:

  • Restart the target device;
  • Turn the apps on and off;
  • Totally control the phone no matter the distance is;
  • Check the battery level.

mSpy remote control option

With mSpy except for the tracking features and spying on almost all the activities on the device, you’ll get a possibility to:

  • Lock, unlock and change pins on the target device through the control panel in your browser (it actually helps if the phone is stolen – sort of the protection of your personal data from the thieves);
  • Delete all personal data;
  • Block certain websites and apps;
  • Restrict calls and messages;

These functions are available for non-jailbroken devices.

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4 Responses
  1. I have a question for the developers: what does “restrict calls” mean? Does it mean that unwanted contacts go to the black list on the target device?

    • Hello Emmy,

      With “restricted call” function, one can block all the unwanted calls from certain numbers. If you do not want your child to get calls from somebody, you can restrict that.


    • Hello Chad,

      Please let us know which phone is used by your girlfriend. In such a way, we can recommend you an app, which suits you best.

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