How Can You See who Your Girlfriend Is Snapchatting with?

“While glancing at my wife’s phone, She got a message on Snapchat from someone with a male emoticon. She didn’t let me see it after I asked her about it, later she said it was her female friend. Is she cheating on me? What do I do?”

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And there are many similar questions and situations when men feel that their girlfriend or wife might be cheating on them using Snapchat.

According to a survey of 2,000 serial cheaters, around 23% of them use Snapchat to cheat on their partners. So, if your girlfriend has Snapchat among her phone apps and uses it often, she might have an affair.

How can one find Snapchat cheating evidence? How to see who your girlfriend is snapchatting? What methods exist to check this messenger and to find out the truth? How can one stop Snapchat cheating? Let’s find all the answers below in the post.

How to see who girlfriend is snapchatting with by checking her phone

Why Snapchat is bad for any relationships?

Technology advancements and social media apps are offering a private space for people who want to experience extramarital relationships. This is because:

  1. The account is password-proofed, and they are less likely to be caught cheating.

  2. Sending hot pictures or exchanging messages online might feel to some as not-real-cheating. So, they feel less guilty and accountable.

Snapchat in particular is a platform that is used for affairs because it allows users to send or post pictures that are deleted in a few seconds. What does it mean to someone who is interested in having an affair? That their explicit content will not be traceable. Statistically, 14.2% of Snapchat users have sent a sext via the platform and 23.6% have sent what they call “joke sexts”. 

A study, published in 2015, stated that Snapchat is more often used for flirting and romantic escapes compared to Facebook. That can be explained by the privacy difference between the two apps. While on Facebook, likes and comments are largely public, Snapchat is perceived as more secretive and mysterious.

So, statistics say that there’s actually a chance your significant other might be using Snapchat for cheating and sharing romantic content. See below what other signs may tell you that your girlfriend is cheating on Snapchat.

Snapchat cheating girlfriend evidence

Firstly, let’s note some usual signs of cheating that are common among cheating girlfriends and wives that have online affairs.

  • Girlfriend has changed her behavior lately – when she starts having new routines out of a sudden, becomes secretive, is less open to you over what her day was like, or has new habits in using her phone (more often, hiding to talk to the phone, etc.)

  • Girlfriend busy texting late in Snapchat – if she stays up late or later than usual in order to send snaps and talk, it may be suspicious. That is mostly valid if she is watching you, make sure you are not seeing her messages, photos, or videos.

  • She is snapchatting a lot, but rarely replies to you on Snapchat – this may be a serious issue, especially if she is not openly talking about the person she is snapchatting with.

If you’ve already observed some changes above in her behavior, you could start being more attentive to her Snapchat statistics and habits.

Snapchat cheating girlfriend

How to see who your girlfriend is snapchatting?

If you already have some thoughts about her cheating on you on Snapchat, you may first check the visible part of her account in order to draw some early conclusions. Based on that, you can go on to the messages and files via a Snapchat spy app.

What do the numbers mean by a friend’s name on Snapchat when you click on their profile picture?

The numbers next to a friend’s name in Snapchat are the numbers of sent and received snaps. The number on the left means the number of snaps one has sent and the one on the right represents the number of received snaps.

How can I see when someone was last active on Snapchat?

The best way to know when someone was active on Snapchat is by using SnapMaps. To access the Snapmaps feature, enter the person’s name and locate them. Under their bitmoji, there should be specified when they were last active.

How can you check if your girlfriend is online?

Use the same Snapmaps method stated above. If under their name or bitmoji it writes “Just now” it means they are available, but maybe not responding exactly to you.

How does my girlfriend’s Snapchat Score not change even though I’m snapchatting her?

One of the most common cases, when you can’t see someone’s score updates on Snapchat, is when they unfriended you or did not follow you back. If that may be the case with your girlfriend, you may want to ask some serious questions about her involvement in your relationship.

Has she turned it off, so I can’t see how many Snaps she’s sending to other people?

You can check her account in order to find out her Snapchat score or check the numbers next to her username. The number on the left is telling you how many snaps she sends. If she is not snapchatting you a lot, you can sit her down for a discussion.

My girlfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up

A high Snapchat score is generally an intense activity on the app, meaning posting, messaging, and being present on the app. If your girlfriend’s Snapchat score is going up, it means she may have increased her activity on the app lately, and you can address that with her.

I just found out my girlfriend has a “private” Snapchat account. What should I do?

A private Snapchat account means that it is available only for people the user has added back. If you can not access her content because of privacy, you can ask her to add you to her network. If that is not possible, then there may be something wrong with the snaps she is sharing.

How can you find out who your girlfriend is talking to on Snapchat?

If you are worried your girlfriend is unfaithful, and she uses Snapchat to cheat, there are some ways to clarify the situation and your doubts.

Ask your girlfriend for her Snapchat

The first thing you should try is to talk to her and tell her why you want to convince yourself of her fidelity. If she has nothing to hide or if it was a misunderstanding, she will likely be able to show you her Snapchat with no worries.

Check her phone when she doesn’t use it

If the first attempt is not successful, you can try to check her phone while she is away. Depending on how much time you have to look through her Snapchat, you can restore deleted messages to convince yourself of the truth.

Check their Snapchat friends

If there are a lot of male friends that you do not know about or a lot of unknown people, she may not be using Snapchat to connect with existing friends, but make new ones, even in a romantic or sexual way.

Use a Snapchat spy

It allows you to track all her Snapchat activities, secretly, and see all her conversations, including the deleted ones. Installing a Snapchat spy is the most reliable option to check your girlfriend’s account: it works remotely, is hidden, is easily installed, you can see all her phone activities in your online spying account.

mSpy Snapchat Spy to catch a cheating girlfriend

Secret Snapchat spy

A Snapchat spy is an app specially designed to uncover the affairs and illegal activities taking place under Snapchat privacy.

Snapchat spying solution allows you to:

  • look at your girlfriend’s Snapchat history;
  • catch your partner cheating on Snapchat;
  • get into my girlfriend’s Snapchat;
  • see old Snapchat conversations;
  • restore deleted Snapchat messages.

A Snapchat spy will grant you access to all multimedia files that are shared through the target Snapchat account – videos, pictures, audios. You can also see the exact date and time of each message, to have extensive proof in case of an ongoing affair.

What Snapchat spy apps are the best to try?

With infidelity cases rising online, there are a lot of apps that are promoted to provide a good spying tool. Here are some of the Snapchat spying solutions that have proved themselves useful and totally untraceable, so you can choose the best option for you.

uMobix App to catch a cheating girlfriend

uMobix is a modern tracking app that allows you to enter the target device’s private accounts.

  • It doesn’t need rooting or jailbreak;
  • It’s available on iPhone and Android;
  • Grants access to deleted messages, real-time location, games, add-ons, and files that are sent and received by your target device.

mSpy app to catch a cheating girlfriend

mSpy is a versatile app that can spy on a target Snapchat account with no trace.

  • It requires rooting or jailbreak;
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone;
  • Grants access to messages and files, GPS, browsing history, and has 24/7 customer service available.

Spy Bubble App to track cheaters

SpyBubble is a spying app targeted towards uncovering online infidelity.

  • Offers reporting via screenshots;
  • Is available on Android and iPhone;
  • Grants access to deleted content, detects secret apps, updates tracking info once every 5 minutes.


Can Snapchat spy be detected?

No, the apps work hidden, and even the antivirus software can’t find it on the target phone.

Can I try Snapchat spy for free?

Yes, uMobix has a limited trial option. Otherwise, Spybubble offers exclusive discounts on subscriptions.

What else can I track with a Snapchat spy?

Apps can provide you with lots of other valuable info, such as call history, browsing data, location tracking, and message visibility across other social media platforms, besides Snapchat.

Snapchat cheating girlfriend: bare in mind

Social media popularity and online dating are making faithful relationships harder and cheating easier. It’s no secret that certain apps are providing their users with enough privacy for them to engage in intimate relationships online. Snapchat is one of those apps and partners can become suspicious, especially when long Snapchat hours are linked to secretive behaviors too.

If you have doubts over your girlfriend’s intentions via Snapchat, the best way to approach it is to talk openly about your doubts and worries. If you find yourself in a no-communication situation, you can start using a Snapchat spy solution that will provide you instant access to her account remotely.

This can help you find out the truth and proceed as desired, based on the information that you’ve found.

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