Sexting – is it harmful to your kid?

When the teenagers start to send intimate photos, videos and send messages that describe sex or are used for invitation to have a sex, they are sexting. Not all the parents are aware about that process, and some of them try to deny that their kid is almost an adult and wants to behave correspondingly. But the key word here is almost, and each of us should understand that the teenagers and underage kids should not be involved into sexting.

The reputation

Teen-Sexting When you are 15 you do not think about your reputation. But the adults should understand that intimate photos should never appear at the Internet. Not to miss the moment when your daughter or son starts to send files with sexual theme, you have to monitor their correspondence. If your kids know that you are watching their messages, they will never send those materials. And if they do not know that you are watching upon them, you can just control situation, deleting or blocking app when you think that the time to stop offensive chat has come.

Sexual Harassments

The other thing that may be very dangerous for your kid is sexual harassment that he or she may meet at the Internet. It is quite common situation when your child starts to communicate with a person, who becomes a friend to him/her. But then, this person starts to ask for some intimate photos and involve your kid into the sexual texting. According to the statistics, 12% of kids who have been involved into the texting had done that staying under a pressure. The other shocking fact is that 15% of the teenagers who sent intimate photos and videos have sent them to the strangers from the Internet. Prevent your kids from offensive sexting! Use all the possible methods, and do not forget about spying software. You are allowed to use it legally for underage kids and teenagers.

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