Best Phone Spy Apps for Mobile Device Tracking

AppSupportPrice startingCompatibilityRefundFree trialSiteReviewGet It
e-spy-softwareemail$19.95 – per monthandroid7 daysyessitereviewBuy Now
mspyemail chat tel$29.99 – 1 monthios android10 daysnositereviewBuy Now
ikeymonitoremail chat tel$29.99 – 1 monthios android30 daysyessitereviewBuy Now
spyeraemail$189 – 3 monthsios android symbian blackberry10 daysnositereviewBuy Now
mobistealthemail$19.99 – 2 weeks
$49.99 – 3 months
ios android blackberry Windows mobile15 daysnositereviewBuy Now
OwnSpy Reviewemail€12.99 – 1 monthios androidnositereviewBuy Now
XnSpy Reviewemail$9 – 1 monthios androidnositereviewBuy Now
flexispyemail chat tel$68 – 1 monthios android symbian blackberry10 daysnositereviewBuy Now
qustodioemail$49.95 per yearios android Windows mobileyessitereviewBuy Now
MobiCip Reviewemail$39.99 – 1 monthios android Windows mobilenositereviewBuy Now

Spy apps are a great option for tracking the behaviors of others. This can be your teen child copying bad habits thus hampering his/her health or your elderly family member who sometimes forget the way home. Indeed, sometimes it’s necessary to use spying apps to take care of someone you love. This overview of the best spying apps should help you choose the correct app for your specific needs.


HoverWatch HoverWatch is one of the best spying apps for Android. The most useful features involve the following:

  • Track incoming and outcoming calls of target devices.
  • Track messaging activity of the tracked objects in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, etc.) as well as Viber and WhatsApp.
  • Track geolocation of the target object.
  • Take photos of the current location if the screen of the target device is unlocked
  • The app is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows PC.
  • It’s easy to track the browsing history of the target device as this app supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Free trial option is available for 3 days
  • Making screenshots of the target devices is possible

If you decided to use HoverWatch, note that you need physically access to the target device to install it. It can’t be installed remotely. Another pitfall associated with HoverWatch is that sometimes the location tracking feature delivers inaccurate information. From this perspective, HoverWatch falls behind its competitors.

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mSpy is a powerful tool that offers several useful mobile tracking options. This app is quite popular among customers. The features of mSpy include the following:

  • Keylogger option that allows for tracking the events happening on your child’s phone or other target devices. Also, you can get passwords and search requests easily with the help of this tool.
  • It’s available for the latest versions of iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
  • From now on you can track Telegram (available on the premium package for Android only).
  • You can track many devices using Monitoring Bundle (now available with a discount).
  • Opportunity to monitor many actions undertaken by the target device such as calls, text messages, e-mails, URLs, websites, and social media accounts.
  • Opportunity to access the contacts and calendar events of the target phone as well as block undesired instant messages.
  • Monitoring of incoming and outcoming media files.
  • You can control over applications and programs of the target phone remotely.
  • You can I install mSpy on iPhone remotely without jailbreak using iCloud credentials, but this function isn’t available for Android phones. Otherwise, you will need permission from the owner of the target device.

Note that you can’t block the undesired numbers, but you can block incoming calls easily. In case if any problems arrive, the support team solves them in a timely manner. It’s important since sometimes the app is hanging and clients need to get information as soon as possible. One of the biggest advantages of mSpy is that you can try it for free and decide whether it’s good for you or not. The free trial option is available for 7 days. So, you can test this app in different situations for different purposes to make the final decision. The basic package for one month starts from $29.99, the premium package will cost you $69.99. Bundle Kit allowing for tracking a smartphone and a desktop is available at $72.24. The annual subscription will cost you roughly $200. mSpy isn’t a cheap spying option but it offers high-quality services and 24/7 support. For this reason, this is one of the favorite mobile spy options among customers. Actually, this is one of the best spying apps for the iPhone.

Please, note that mSpy doesn’t support the following devices:

  • regular mobile phones
  • Windows mobile devices
  • Any OSs including Bada OS

Also, to use this app on the targeted iPhone, it should be jail-broken. If the SIM card was changed, you will not get a notification. There is no chance to reclaim lost data when the target device is wiped. Despite the minor inconveniences, mSpy is considered one of the best spying apps.

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iKeymonitor free trialAnother spy app that is worth your attention is iKeyMonitor. The app is popular among parents aiming to track the moves of their children aiming to protect them from bad actions of bad people. The tool is used by employers to track the online activities of their employees and check whether they share sensitive data with competitors. People who are in relationships or spouses use iKeyMonitor to check the loyalty of their partners. Among the most prominent feature of iKeyMonitor are the following:

  • Certain apps can be blocked and the owners of the target device can’t use them anymore.
  • The option of monitoring of the screen time is great when you need to control the time spent in front of the laptop/desktop/smartphone.
  • Tracking geolocation is available.
  • The free trial option is available for 3 days.
  • The app is available for download only to jailbreak iPhones or iPads. It’s available for Android OS as well.
  • Employers may fancy the opportunity to install this app to Mac or Windows as computers and laptops are used more in the work setting.

The price for installing iKeyMonitor ranges from $49.99 per month to $299.99 for an annual subscription. This is slightly more than the companies offering similar products used to price them. For companies, the price is extremely attractive as iKeyMonitor offers a 50% discount for the yearly subscription. For parents, this option may be somewhat expensive. However, the quality of data proposed by this app is outstanding. A one-month refund guarantee proves high-quality of this product.

When considering this app, do remember that sometimes it doesn’t function as expected as the app lags. Be ready to re-install it from time to time. If the app crashes, you can’t track the online and physical activities of the target objects. Also, the app can’t be installed to smartphones remotely like many other similar spy apps. However, this option is available for PC and laptops.

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SPYERA logoSPYERA is considered one of the best spying apps but it’s not as well-known as iKeyMonitor or Spyzie. Despite this, it offers several useful features helping track target devices, namely:

  • The app is available for Android (smartphones and tablets), iPhone and iPad
  • You can remotely monitor target devices using Windows PC or Mac
  • All updates are free and remote
  • Easy installation
  • Spy many instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber or Snapchat
  • The option of recording the VoIP calls (Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp) is available
  • Opportunity to track SMS, MMS, emails, web browsing history, photo and video files
  • The app can’t be detected by the target objects

The app won several awards allowing for spying calls in real time. Note that free trial isn’t available, but you can use a 10-day money-back guarantee once you’re not satisfied with the service quality.

This app is somewhat expensive is compared to other similar options. Probably, the owners charge more for the opportunity to track calls and messaging in the live regime.

However, its customer support system needs some improvement since it sometimes takes two days to get a response.

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the-truth-spy-logoTheTruthSpy is less developed but not less effective spying software. Its features don’t fall behind the features offered by the best spying apps:

  • Tracking instant messages on WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook
  • Tracking all calls
  • Identification of geolocation of the target object
  • Identification of geolocation of the phone if it was lost
  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Full access to all media files including photo and video
  • Tracking email message exchange
  • Tracking browsing history on the target device
  • “Hide” option to avoid detecting Phonty on the target phone
  • The app can be used to track target devices anywhere in the world

As well as in the case with many other spying apps, you will need to access the target phone physically. Remote installation isn’t available for TheTruthSpy. You can’t try TheTruthSpy for free. Also, the refund option isn’t available, but this app is very cheap. A monthly subscription costs $22. Among the best spying apps, this one is the cheapest. Have in mind that the support team isn’t very responsive while buying this app.

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mobistealth-logoThis is cutting edge software for monitoring of target phones. It features a plethora of useful functions including:

  • Monitoring of text messages
  • Track apps downloaded to the target device
  • Track instant messages in chats
  • Monitor web browsers
  • Monitor emails in Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and PC logs
  • Track GPS location disregard activation/deactivation of GPS or internet connection on the target device
  • Log keystrokes and make screenshots remotely with the help of keylogs
  • Monitoring of photos, images, and video files
  • Make records of incoming/outcoming calls
  • Record surroundings of the target phone (this is a unique feature offered by this app)
  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows

Trial option isn’t available, but the app is rather cheap if compared to other providers of the best spying apps: a two-week subscription will cost you less than $20, while a monthly subscription is only $49.99. This is one of the best-priced apps in this market.

If you choose Mobistealth for your purposes, note that this app can’t intercept calls or demonstrate a live screenshot. However, other functions are ample for spying the target devices.

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