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When it comes to the choice of spying solutions, customers are often at a quandary. Since the variety of programs is enormous, it is a challenge to select the best-match solution fast and effortless. To simplify your decision-making, consider installing TheTruthSpy. No matter why you want to track someone’s activities on a cell phone, you will definitely satisfy your needs and even more.

TheTruthSpy provides all new users with 48-hour free version that can be downloaded without necessity to buy and activate any license. In addition to that, any user may enjoy the benefits of refund policy offer that insists on the refunding the money within 5 days of using licensed version.

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With its free tracking software TheTruthSpy allows users to try each option that users of licensed versions enjoy. However, with the limitation of time (only 48 hours) it can be difficult to appreciate all the benefits of the app.

Free TheTruthSpy Software

TheTruthSpy for freeThe trial version of this spying application includes access to all the data kept at the target device, including photos, videos and keylogger for the passwords. You will be able to read Viber, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messages, and in fact, all the messages that the device receive no matter what is the source.

Recording of the calls and environment is also included in the 48-hour trial package.

You can install free spying app at any device that runs on Android and iOS.

Benefits of TheTruthSpy free trial

TheTruthSpy offers three packages of services which differ in price and features which a user receives. Using free spy software with trial version you will be able to determine which of the features he would use and which of them are not so important. That will help choose the most suitable package and use spying effectively.

Even if you feel that 5 days is not enough to discover and estimate all the offered features, you may buy a license and in case you are not satisfied with the quality of provided services to ask for the refund. According to the refund policy of TheTruthSpy, within 5 days of buying the license you may claim a refund and receive your money back. However, in most cases 2 days is quite enough to understand that TheTruthSpy is the best software for online spying.

What do you get when choosing TheTruthSpy software?

TheTruthSpy allows customers to solve several difficult and complicated problems.

  1. First of all, this tracking solution provides the entire suite of necessary functions for advanced and undetectable parental control. Nowadays, it is really important to protect the Internet resources your children have access to. And TheTruthSpy helps parent prevent serious problems like cyber-bullying, Internet fraud, and more.

  2. Secondly, this monitoring program is a great choice for employers. With the varied functionality, you can find out if employees use the company’s resources in the right way. For instance, you can check if the target person is going to attend an important conference or just finds fake reason to leave the office for personal reasons. TheTruthSpy is always there to help you.

  3. Thirdly, customers can also use this high-tech solution as a wonderful security mechanism. On the one hand, it is a nice way to store data from numerous sources from your target device. On the other hand, you can easily find lost or stolen gadget. The TruthSpy allows being careful and thinking ahead effectively.

  4. Last and not less important, the TruthSpy application gives users an incredible chance to check if their partners, spouses, friends, etc. are faithful with them.

How does TruthSpy manage to meet so many requirements and needs? Continue reading this article and you will find out the answer.

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Main features of TheTruthSpy app

This application provides you with the browser history information.

You will be aware of the target person’s interests on the Internet. If you feel that the particular website is definitely not worth visiting, you just can block it on a device under control with TheTruthSpy. Besides, as a display of parental care, you can restrict the Internet use and limit the time spent in the global net.

TheTruthSpy offers customers the ability to monitor multimedia files on the device as well.

You can check what is shoot and captured and if there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, this functional ability is a great chance to investigate and prove that your employees do not send any important data to competitors. If not, you will have legit evidence of their deeds. With TheTrustSpy, it is easy to keep an eye on your staff members.

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Another great thing about this solution is its alert system.

You do not need to spend hours checking all the information you receive due to TheTrustSpy. If you are interested in some specific checks, you can set alerts and get notifications every time this particular action is done on the target device. For instance, you would like to know what the person under surveillance searches for on the Internet. With TheTrustSpy, you will get fast access to this data without other somewhat overwhelming facts.

Of course, this spying application can boast of the standard functionality.

Among the main features of TheTrustSpy, there are recording calls and SMS, monitoring social networks and messengers like Instagram and WhatsApp (you have access to every message and file sent and received), and tracking GPS location. Frankly speaking, these features are performed at an excellent level.

Overall, you can install TheTruthSpy on any device, regardless of its operating system.

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TheTruthSpy belongs to the highly-advanced application of the future. The well-thought-out functionality accompanies with the easy installation and incredible realization makes this product worth choosing and recommending. This tracking application does its job excellently and always performs what is stated and even more.

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  1. After 48 hours trial.. i must touch my spouse handphone agaon or not.. because it is dificult to acces to her handphone..

    • Hey Sam,

      No, if you activate the trial version of the software on her phone once, you simply proceed with the payment after the trial period and continue its usage.

    • The spyware runs invisibly on the target device. It might be detected by the antivirus program, if you didn’t put it to the exclusion list in the process of installation. But in any case, the antivirus will detect it as ordinary malware.

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