Best Ways to See What Your Husband Is Looking at on the Internet

Is your husband spending an excessive amount of time on his phone? Does he behave oddly when sending messages around you? Or is he very secretive about his laptop and devices? If you’ve said yes, then you may raise an eyebrow at his activity online.

What a man can hide on his device include pornography sites, dating apps, and chatting portals that they want to keep private.

Often, they are using fake usernames in order to not get identified easily. Also, these kinds of online activities can link to communication and intimacy problems in your relationship. Further, you can find out how you can track his online activity and check what your husband is looking at on the internet.

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How to see what my husband is looking at on his phone?

  1. Talk to him. Tell him about your concerns over his commitment to the relationship, but with no accusation. Just communicate what you feel and encourage him to share his feelings too. Just after a genuine conversation, you can go further and check his devices, but first, you should attempt to establish good communication.

  2. Be attentive. If he is very secretive on his devices, goes into another room to make calls, uses his device at night and behaves strangely when receiving messages, doesn’t let you use his devices in emergency cases, you can go back to step 1 and start a serious discussion on his behavior.

  3. Check his phone directly. If you can have access to his devices, you can go further and check them while he is not looking. This method may not be giving the best results, because he can delete history, erase messages, and can chat using browsers and not apps.

  4. Hire a spy. A spy agent cannot enter your partner’s devices, but they can help you if you have suspicions about his commitment. They can track your husband’s route, his schedule and report to you any meeting or detours that are unusual. If you suspect an offline affair, this may be the best option for you.

  5. Check his emails, restore deleted files, or check bank statements. If you have access to his laptop (especially if he has pre-saved passwords in his browser), you can check bank statements to see if there are subscriptions to porn or dating sites.

  6. Use spyware. Spyware is a monitoring app that helps you to check your husband’s phone activities remotely and secretly, without accessing his phone directly. This needs installing and lets you see what he is doing on his devices in real-time.

What might your husband hide on his phone?

  • The husband looks at other women online and communicates with them. 10% of cheating adults have intimate online relationships, 8% engaged in cybersex, and 6% met their online partner in real life. Communicating with alternative partners online, often via a fake identity, gives unfaithful husbands the idea they are less likely to get caught.

  • Husband uses dating apps like Tinder. 34% of active Tinder users are married and 11% of them are in a serious relationship. This often happens because the apps provide them with the privacy they need in order to have an ex-marital relationship.

  • Husband deletes his browsing history on his phone. 59% of internet users aged 25 to 44 delete their browsing history occasionally, and 16% are deleting it after each use. Besides online privacy concerns, deleting browsing history after each use may be a sign of suspicious activity online.

  • Husband secretly watching porn. 1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography, CovenantEye 56% of divorces in the US involved one partner being obsessively interested in pornographic websites. It is a problem when it involves a lower interest in marital sex.

  • Husband watches cam girls online. 5% of all internet users access adult cams daily. That means about 64 million users. Live erotic cams are a billion dollars industry, and it involves paying to watch live models in erotic shows.

  • Husband talking to an ex-girlfriend. 13% of committed people admitted they reached out to an ex-lover. This happened more during the pandemic, and men are likely to chat and even become intimate with ex-partners due to familiarity.

How ti check what you husband is looking at on his phone

Best spy apps to track my partner’s phone without him knowing

  1. offers you wide compatibility. It works on Android and iPhone, doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak, helps to watch everything typed on the phone, see deleted messages, take screenshots, access their camera, and see what husband watches on their phone. The app extracts videos and pictures of good quality, so it doesn’t leave space for debate.

  2. is a mobile tracking app with all popular spying features. It works on Android and iPhone and gives access to call history, text messages, real-time location, social media platforms, and more. It is giving you access to a great part of target phone functions, and it can help you prove your partner’s affairs or innocence.

  3. is a mobile tracking app that grants you access to your husband’s activity online and offline. It works on Android and iPhone, might need a jailbreak or root, and grants you access to Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, and more social media platforms. It has a good price and is undetectable on the target device for day-to-day use.

  4. is an Android tracking app that gives you access to a set of features on your husband’s phone and laptop. It works on Android, Windows, and macOS. It tracks SMS, social media platforms’ activities, including messages, photos, and videos, internet browsing history. It will help you have a bigger picture of his online activity on both devices and give you proper proof of infidelity if needed.

  5. can be used on all devices, working on Android, iPhone, Windows, and macOS. The app doesn’t require physical access to the device and sends you his activity coordinates in real-time. It helps you find out what he is up to, regardless of your location.

Is it legal to track the husband’s internet activity?

Most of the mentioned apps are stating in their terms of usage that in order to use them, you need to inform the owner of that device on having their activity monitored.

In terms of the legality of spying on your husband’s online activities, like messages and emails, the law has some gray areas where there’s room for interpretation. For example, if you steal his password to access his accounts you may be charged with privacy violation, but if the messages are available without a password, you may be good.

Can my husband find out that I spy on his phone activities?

No, the spy app works secretly on the target device, and it is invisible for its user;

The spyware can’t be detected on the phone, and the spyware provider never reveals the names of its customers.

How can you check if your husband communicates with other women

Actionable tips when you know the truth

When you have found what your husband is looking at on his phone with the help of spyware, you may follow these steps to sort out the situation.

  • If he watches porn:

Keep in mind that it is alright for him to watch porn at times, for entertainment, but it becomes problematic when he is watching it very often, he is watching perverted content and he becomes unavailable for real-life intimacy. You can start a discussion with him, suggest searching for professional help, or even be open to him and share some of your preferences in order to better your communication.

  • If he communicates with other women

Professionals in couple’s therapy are often saying that infidelity is rather an effect of other related issues. If you find your husband flirting online with other women, you can reach out to a specialist and uncover the real cause of his tendency toward infidelity.

  • Husband uses dating apps like Tinder

Being active on dating apps may show a bigger intention of having an affair, and you can also reach for a professional in order to clarify your relationship status. If you’ve found him chatting on dating apps and even putting it into action, you can consider his behavior unfaithful. You may check in our post on how to find if your boyfriend is on Tinder or uses other popular dating apps. 

  • Husband deletes his browsing history on his phone

A lot of men delete their browsing history after watching porn or browsing dating apps. If this happens with an abnormal frequency, you can call him out and put up a conversation on his need to hide his online activity.

To sum up

It is normal to become suspicious of your husband’s commitment when he is behaving strangely around his devices. You can use tracking apps or other methods in order to find out the truth, but don’t forget to first communicate your concerns and feelings. You may obtain a confession right away. Also, beware of the legal aspects of spying on his activity. In case of a divorce, it can backfire.

Spyware is a good tool to find out what your husband is looking at online, and professional help will be useful when you discover some unsettling information on his devices.

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