How to Track My Girlfriend Phone Location?

The ability to track the location of phones has become especially relevant. Developers offer various services and applications that will help you to locate people using geolocation data that are delivered via GPS or Wi-Fi connection. Let’s take a look at them more closely.

Track My Girlfriend Phone Location

What Are the Methods to Track Your Girlfriend’s Phone?

There are several methods to monitor your girlfriend’s phone:

  1. Special services from mobile operators that can track the current location of the phone.

  2. Free default apps on Android and iPhone like Find My Device and Find My iPhone.

  3. Specialized trackers apps like mSpy (Android and iOS), FlexiSpy (Android and iOS) or Hoverwatch (Android only).

Method No. 1 is the least reliable as you should know a login and a password to the account of the particular mobile operator.

Now let’s take a look at the Method No. 2, i.e. tracking your girlfriend’s location using special features of iPhone or Android.

Tracking Your Girlfriend Location On iPhone and Android

Track Your Girlfriend with iPhone

If your girlfriend uses iPhone, track her cell phone using the Find My iPhone feature. First you need to enable geolocation and the Find My iPhone option in iCloud on the phone. After that, you can track the phone on the iCloud website or using any iOS device through the Find My iPhone app. To track the device, it is necessary that both of you have the Find My Friends app on the device, and that the person you want to track is on your contact list and accepts the invitation.

Track Your Girlfriend with Android

If you want to track an Android target device, you can do that via Find My Device. In this case, it should be connected to the Google account and you should know an email and a password. Visit the Google tracker website and log in to the Google account using your girlfriend’s email address and password. At the top left of the screen, you’ll see a list of devices that are logged into the account. Here you can choose the particular device you want to track. It indicates where your girlfriend’s gadget is located at the moment.

You can also track location on Location History website with a map showing where the user was. Data is collected via GPS and Wi-Fi, it is available for the entire time you use your account. Another option is the Android Device Manager application. However, the app does not show the history of movements.

Thus, these methods aren’t always acceptable as you should know a login, a password and an email to the account.

What Is Girlfriend Phone Tracker and How It Works?

With the development of technology, spyware has become popular among users worldwide. After installation, the application allows you to track GPS location, calls, SMS messages and emails in real time, it also provides access to the phone book and media files stored on the target device.

The spy apps invisibly collect all the data that comes to the gadget and is sent from it and regularly transfers the collected information to the server so that you can view it in the control account on the dashboard.

Your online monitoring account also allows you to control the functions of the device. For example, you can remotely reset the device or even block programs. You can comprehensively track the target phone in stealth mode while remaining completely invisible to the device user.

As you can see, method No. 3 is the most reliable solution. In addition to GPS tracking, you can try numerous features. The basic plans of such apps as mSpy, FlexiSpy and HoverWatch start from USD 29 per month.

With mSpy, you can track current GPS location and adjust GEO-zones. Once a user gets into this zone, you’ll get a notification in your spying account. Hoverwatch also has an accurate GPS tracking that enables you to monitor a user’s locations during a day. However, it’s compatible with Android phones only.

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Benefits of Using Girlfriend Tracker App

If you want to know everything about your girlfriend, spyware have lots of advantages compared to standard features of iPhone and Android:

  • Simple installation without further access to the target phone.
  • Various features, including GPS tracking, remote data blocking and even recording the environment of the target phone.
  • Absolutely invisible.
  • Real-time syncing.
  • Remote record of all incoming and outgoing calls, messaging history, and messengers monitoring.
  • Monitoring of media files including photos, videos, documents, etc.


Is girlfriend tracker legal?

Without a person’s consent, spy activities and girlfriend phone trackers are generally illegal. All data that is in a person’s smartphone is considered as private information.

In this case, you violate privacy and get unauthorized access to the digital information. However, if you want to protect your soulmate from criminals, you can ask her for a permission.

And even if the spy app is installed on the target device, it is almost impossible to find it on the phone as well as check who has installed it there.

Can I track my girlfriend location for free?

Yes, you can. Some spy apps, Hoverwatch or FlexiSPY for example, provide trial version for free, so you could test the solution for limited number of days.

Thus, you may compare several solutions to find one that suits you perfectly. Otherwise, use “Find iPhone” or “Find my device” features depending on a device.

How to track your girlfriend phone location without being noticed?

The easiest way is mobile spy apps that runs in the background and do not send any alerts or notifications. They update GPS locations every 30 minutes or more often.

Right after recording data, are safely uploaded to the program’s online user account that can be checked using any browser without the need to obtain further access to the phone.

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To Sum Up

With smart spyware and default smartphone features, tracking a girlfriend’s cell phone has become much easier.

However, respect your partner’s private life and appeal to our recommendations when it becomes a real necessity.

20 Responses
    • Hello Timmy,

      If you want to track your girlfriend’s phone location, GPS function as well as WiFi should be switched on her device. You can activate GPS function remotly, but the phone must be rooted or jailbroken. As soon as you install the cell phone spying app, you can activate GPS on the target device.


  1. I WANT TO TRACK MY GIRL FRIEND PHONE USING ONLY MY PHONE number to her phone number without touching her phone and view all her SMS daily plz help me.

    • Hello Toron,

      You can not track the phone only by having the phone number. The only app which could be remotely installed is mSpy for iPhones. And one more thing, you install a spyware on the phone you want to track, and in your online monitoring account you will see all the activities of the tracked device.
      Let me know if you need help.

  2. GPS tracking is extremely useful. I believe it’s a lot more than simply tracking someone’s personal data (besides, such things are often illegal). When we travel together with my beloved we always activate such apps in order to be aware of things that may happen to us in the unknown places. This way we’re always aware of our locations even if we somehow get distanced from each other.

  3. Hello Gary,

    In order to track the location of the desired phone, you have to instal a cell phone spyware to the target device.
    If you have any questions please contact us any time.


    • Hello Eri,

      In order to track your girlfriend’s phone, you have to install a cell phone spy on it. However the target Android device should be rooted in order to track all phone’s activities. We recommend you HoverWatch as a leading phone spy tracker, which has the lowest price (You can use HoverWatch for free for 3 days), however it does not have too many tracking features.
      The leading spying software is considered to be mSpy.

    • Hello Albshir,

      No, in order to spy on the phone you have to install a software. You can also hire a secret agent, however we are not sure that it is legal 🙂

  4. Hi buddy, my gf has already left and now i want to spy her phone, please suggest me idea, i have got few details about her, please please help me.

  5. Hello Anthony,

    You are welcome to find all the apps, which are compatible with Blackberry phones here.

    Let us know if you have any further questions or can not decide which spyware to choose.


  6. Am in South Africa I want to spy my ex she using Samsung J7 am using S4 Samsung but I don’t want to touch her phone.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment. The best cell phone tracker in your case is HoverWatch, but you have to install it directly to the target device, you would like to monitor. You would also need Rooting to track the most popular messangers.

      Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

  7. I think my girlfriend is cheating on me and in all my past relationships I’ve been cheated on, I want to be able to see her Facebook messages and text messages without her knowing, I know it sounds bad but I’m not letting anybody get away with it again, can you help?
    Many thanks

    • Hello Kate,

      In order to spy on somebody’s Facebook, you must install a cell phone spyware on the target device. Moreover, depending on the OS of the target device, jailbreak or rooting may be required. Which device would you like to track – iPhone or Android?


    • Hi Lee,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible. In order to track the locations of the target device, you should install a cell phone monitoring solution on it. So you need 10-15 minutes access to the smartphone that you want to monitor. Try mSpy GPS tracking function, which allows you to track locations of the monitored device.
      mSpy GPS tracking function

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