Do Mobile Spy Apps Really Work?

Many of the apps readily available in the market are real and offer some great, useful features that prove helpful in fulfilling parents’ need to check after their kids, or an individual’s urge to track every move of a suspicious partner.

The advancement of modern technology has opened many doors including online threats which are the main reason why mobile spying tools are opted to cater to that issue.

With just one installation, a range of features that are offered by some of the leading cell phone spy applications can give you full access to each and every little piece of information on the target device.

Spy apps: Do they work or not?

Spy apps can monitor each and every activity and keystroke of the user on a cell phone by just one installation.


Mobile monitoring applications have not only made life convenient but also help keep a close eye on every activity of loved ones over the internet.

Whether it’s a rebellious teenage kid or a suspiciously acting spouse, thanks to the mobile monitoring apps, nothing can stay hidden for long anymore.

Working mothers have claimed to have a better insight into their kid’s lifestyles by just monitoring their cell phones.

How does a spy app function?

Before getting a mobile spy app, one must know how it works. First and foremost, a person is required to have physical access to the device that is to be monitored.

Basically, 3 steps are to be taken to access the information of a device that is in question:

  1. Create an account and download the app,
  2. Activate it on the target device,
  3. and start to monitor.

Once the software is installed, there is no way for the person to figure out that their device is being watched.

Spy apps run in the background in stealth mode without creating a display icon on the desktop. The program files are hidden to make sure that the application continues monitoring without being detected.

The app starts to record every keystroke, calls, messages, or any activity that is taking place on the target device.

The data is transferred and stored in the user control panel and can be viewed at any time as per convenience.

How to be sure if the spy app is real?

There are a plethora of mobile monitoring apps available on the web and it’s hard to distinguish the real ones from the scams.

Free apps that claim to offer a wide range of features are not trustworthy and are mostly fraud.

The real ones sometimes offer limited free trials to test the solution, there are always some deals and packages the user has to pick from depending on the number of features that are required.

For iOS, a spy app might not require any installation however for both iPhone and Android, jailbreaking and rooting are sometimes necessary to enjoy full spying features.

Are spying apps legal?

Using mobile spy apps to monitor someone’s personal data falls under the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 that can have serious consequences.

The fact that each and every keystroke of a target device can be monitored and recorded has helped the users of these apps have authority over their kids.

Although cell phone monitoring apps are of great benefit, it questions many ethical norms and the legal aspect.

However, there are a few exceptions to which using these apps is permitted:

  • Parents who feel the need to keep an eye on their teenage kids, therefore, monitor them to avoid any unpleasant situation or to stay ahead of any potential damage;
  • Being a victim of bullying on social media, contacting a drug dealer via text messages, or being blackmailed by a sexual predator.

There is a lawful use of mobile spying apps as well. The usage is legal if the person spying on the cell phone owns the device that is in question and the user is well aware of the monitoring.

Top mobile spying apps available

A number of mobile spy apps are available on the market but there are only a few that are reliable and worth the money. Android and iPhone are based on two different operating systems so a mobile spy app that is the best one for Android might not be an ideal one for an iPhone and vice versa. 

mSpy offers a number of monitoring features and runs on Android and iPhone without jailbreak and root.

FlexiSPY is a popular tool with many advanced spying features, that is equally effective for iPhone and Android cell phones. It has a 24-hour free trial option, so you could test the solution.

Hoverwatch is an Android cell phone spy that helps you protect and supervise your kids with a great range of features.

Features of mobile spying apps

A range of features offered by some leading mobile monitoring apps proves to be beneficial in keeping a track of any activity that a person can be involved in via cell phone.

Calls, messages, location, key logs including photos, videos, and emails can be viewed. Although in order to enjoy a full range of features, spy apps require jailbreak or root.

However, some basic features are available anyway like reading the sent and received SMS text messages, viewing call logs, and keystrokes, contact list, calendar notes, etc.

For more advanced features like

  • phone location tracking,
  • viewing emails,
  • and browser history (to know what kind of websites have been visited on the target device),
  • recording calls,
  • and listening to them later or reading all popular instant chats

it is important to have the target device unlocked via jailbreak or rooting.

Reasons why people might need spying apps

Cell phone monitoring apps are used to track a person without their knowledge.

People who are worried about what their spouse is up to on the internet often opt for cell phone spy apps to keep an eye on them.

Kids nowadays are exposed to a number of negative activities and a dangerous digital world. In order to keep a child from falling prey to the trap of an identity thief or a hacker who steals sensitive information for blackmail, parents look towards a spy app for help.

These apps let them monitor the child’s social media, text messages, emails, call logs and so much more.


To sum up, the internet is loaded with all kinds of data. Therefore, it might be a difficult thing to find the right information that is authentic and can be relied on.

However, most of the mobile spy apps sure are real and provide great assistance when it comes to keeping a check and balance in the social life of a rebellious teenager or a life partner as well.

Overall, an ideal cell phone spy app provides great features, convenient deals and packages, great customer service, and 24 hours assistance for any queries that a user might have.