Cell phone monitoring for parents

Modern apps allow you to control online activities of your children. Make sure that they behave in a proper way. Now you can track their chats, pictures they send and even block a cell phone for some hours. Read more here.

4 Best Mac Parental Control Software in 2022

Kids today grow up with cell phones and computers in their hands. They are constantly exposed to different types of content, including games, educational apps, and videos. Unfortunately, they are also exposed to inappropriate and even harmful content, such as adult websites.
The truth is that we can’t stand above their head all the time, watching what they are doing on their Mac or whatever device they have. However, we can use Mac parental control software to do that.
This software works like our second pair of eyes, constantly monitoring their activity on the Mac. In this post, we bring you the best Mac parental control software along with some helpful information about using the same.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat?

For parents who are concerned about their child’s use of Snapchat, there are solutions, advice on possible parental control methods, and information on how to monitor your child’s account effectively.

Best Teen Phone Monitoring Apps

The internet is certainly not a safe space for teenagers to explore. Teen phone monitoring apps allow you to access daily phone activities and check what your children do on the devices during the day. You can monitor your teen’s time spent online and later have open discussions about safe browsing practices.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Computer Remotely?

This article explains the dangers of the internet and why a parent must continuously monitor their child’s online activity, whether openly or secretly. It discusses how to monitor a child’s computer remotely, and reviews good tracking software that a parent can download. It covers the different monitoring tactics a parent can use with different age groups and the benefits of a paid monitoring service over a free one.