How to Monitor Your Child’s Computer Remotely?

As the internet is largely unregulated, you may be worried about the type of things your kids are exposed to online. This article will explain how you can monitor your child’s computer remotely to keep them safe from danger on the internet.

One of the main concerns we see with teenagers and children nowadays is the development of internet addiction. Not only is it terrible for their social habits, but it also affects their physical health. Furthermore, suppose teenagers with internet addictions learn to drive. In that case, their safety is compromised, as mobile phone usage causes 26% of car accidents.

Worryingly, more time online is also linked to an increased risk of cyberbullying, which is a nightmare for children and adults involved. For more information, visit our smartphone addiction and cyberbullying page to read the statistics about this disturbing trend.

Child monitoring software can ease your worries about your child’s online activity. You’ll be able to shield them from inappropriate content, guard your data, see how many hours they spend online, and protect them from cyberbullying. 

How to See What My Kid Is Doing Online

You may be wondering: why should I install internet tracking software on my kid’s devices? According to Strategies for Parents, tracking your children’s internet activity is your duty as a parent. You watch out for bullying, inappropriate content, and suspicious people who may contact your child.

Each day, there are around half a million active online predators, says Child Safety, and we know that fact alone makes your skin crawl. By using software that monitors computer activity, you can ensure that your kids are only talking to friends you trust.

We’ve already reviewed some excellent software to track your child’s phone on our parental control apps page. These applications will run discreetly in the background, so your rebellious teenager won’t know you’re monitoring them.

What Can You Track With Computer Parental Control Software?

You typically download these applications onto your phone and your child’s device. No matter which software you choose, they all generally provide the following:

  • Restriction of certain websites
  • Control of their screen time
  • GPS location tracking

If you’re worried about breaking your teenager’s trust, you can always opt-in and out of these controls. Some of these applications even have options to compromise with your teenager, for example, allowing them to request access to a particular page or allowing more screen time. This way, you can work together to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

Here, we’ll review the three best applications that can remotely monitor computers, with or without your child’s knowledge. They are all immensely popular with parents around the world.

Spy on child's PC with Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch has provided control solutions for parents since 2002. Their easy and secure tracking application is driven by their goal to monitor, not prohibit, internet activity. Installing parental controls on a PC or your child’s mobile device has never been easier, as Hoverwatch provides a myriad of features, including the following:

  • Geolocation tracking
  • Keyboard logging
  • Internet history
  • Skype recording
  • Webcam shots
  • Contacts list 
  • Message monitoring (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, and more)

Furthermore, the target user won’t be able to see the application in the task manager or the installed application’s menu. We’ve put Hoverwatch at number one because it gives you a three-day free trial and is cheaper than other applications. It also works on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.


Bark is an excellent application if you still want to give your child a bit of privacy, as you won’t be able to see all their activity. Still, you’ll be notified via text or email if something suspicious happens. Bark provides the following features:

  • Content monitoring
  • Screen time management
  • App and website blocking
  • Location sharing
  • Is invisible to the target device

Bark software uses advanced machine learning to tell the difference between “I want to die, I hate homework” and “Nobody loves me, I want to die”. The latter will create an alert so that you can check on your child. 

You can also create personalized profiles if you have multiple children, so the oldest kid doesn’t have the same restrictions as the youngest. Made for Android and Mac, Bark also provides a free trial to test out the waters. Try out Bark today.

FlexiSpy computer Spy


Boasting powerful monitoring features, FlexiSpy is a comprehensive application that captures everything that is sent and received from the target device. That information is uploaded to your online portal which you can view at your discretion. Below are some of the features that FlexiSpy provides.

  • Keyboard logging
  • Remote camera capture
  • Listen to phone calls live
  • Access gallery
  • Track calls and messages
  • Internet history

Compared to other applications, FlexiSpy has many more monitoring features, plus they service Android, Mac, and Windows.

Should I Tell My Child That I Monitor Their Device?

This is entirely up to you, and it depends on the age of your child. If your child is under the age of eighteen, it’s expected that their safety would still fall under you, their parent. This includes monitoring their devices to avoid the risk of cyberbullying and online predators. 

It’s easy to install monitoring software into a mobile device or a laptop, and parental controls can be made invisible, so you can track your child’s activity without arguments. This method is preferred for kids under ten.

In the early teen years, you can be quite open with your surveillance. As they get older, you can begin relaxing the rules in favor of open communication. It’s illegal to track your kid’s device once they turn eighteen, so instilling honest values and principles in your child is crucial to developing internet safety.

Can I Use Free Computer Monitoring Software?

You can, but it won’t be good, and you run the risk of selling your data to third parties. Reliable monitoring software needs to be continuously updated to follow the ever-changing world of the internet, and stuff like that doesn’t come for free. Many applications provide free trials, so take advantage of that before you commit financially.

Protect Your Child Today

In this day and age of internet mania, it’s natural to worry about what your child gets up to online. Monitor your child’s computer remotely and secretly, and give yourself peace of mind knowing that you can still watch over them as they grow up.

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