How to Track Your Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

By the age of 11, as many as 53% of children start using smartphones. The percentage increases even more with teens who are older than 14. One thing’s for sure: they are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and it doesn’t seem like that trend is going to cease any time soon.

And while smartphones can be useful for communication with your daughter and assist her with learning, not everything is rainbows and butterflies.

The dangers lurking on the internet make young girls especially vulnerable. To name a few, a study found that over a half (59%) U.S. teens have been exposed to cyberbullying, and one in 5 teens will engage in online sexting.

So, controlling your 10-year old daughter might seem like an easy task, but with teens who are more independent, it won’t be as straightforward.

To ensure that you know what your teen daughter does online and that she’s safe, you can use a variety of methods that will be explained below.

Monitor daughter's phone online activities

Reasons to track your daughter’s phone without her knowing

The Internet offers numerous opportunities to simplify your life, including fast and convenient ways to communicate with people all over the world. Social networks help teenagers express themselves, make various posts, and add the best photos to the account page.

On the one hand, such popularity and openness of private life seem normal, but on the other, they endanger the financial state, mental and physical health significantly.

Parents want to protect their children. However, talks and communication turn out to be unsuccessful sometimes, especially when it comes to the teens’ behavior and their desire to be independent. 

There are several threats that the internet has, and we would like to mention some main reasons why it can be helpful to track your daughter’s phone without her knowing.

Fluency of data: a double-edged sword

First, social networks do not offer 100% trustworthiness. That is a great opportunity for network gigolos to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, creeping into girls’ favor, collecting their revealing photos, and making pay them. 

There are numerous variants of their activities. By tracking your daughter’s phone, you can check the list of your daughter’s friends and acquaintances and see if there are any suspicious faces.

New trends – new victims

Besides, internet websites and social networks often provoke girls to go on dangerous diets. To be healthy and fit is trendy nowadays. In particular, these are various mono-diets or diets with a significant calorie restriction. Because of them, girls do not receive all the necessary healthy substances, vitamins, and minerals.

Cruelness on the internet

Of course, bullying and mobbing are necessary to be added to the list of internet threats. If a girl is bullied on her Facebook page, lots of people can come to know about it, not just Facebook friends. While a person remains on the web, she faces an incessant stream of notifications and messages. The situation makes her vulnerable and has a purely negative impact on her.

A way out

Children often do not want to share their problems with their parents. If that’s the case, the first line of defense could be getting your daughter acquainted with the rules of online behavior, which might prevent her from getting into a potentially dangerous situation. You can print out the rules and stick them up somewhere prominent around their room. That said, prevention is always important, but you can never be sure that your daughter is 100% safe online unless you check her activity. One of the ways for parents to check if their kids are safe is by tracking their mobile phones’ locations and interactions.

Track My Child

How to track your daughter’s phone unnoticed?

Hire a spy

The first step a worried parent can do is to hire a spy. This will help you be aware of your daughter’s location and her social circle. A spy will prepare reports for you. However, there are places where a spy can’t follow your daughter, such as private gatherings and parties. Incidents can happen in all of these situations, so this method won’t be extremely useful. Besides, a spy can only report on what s/he has seen, and cannot offer you an insight into your daughter’s mobile phone use, which is precisely where the majority of the dangers originate from. 

Check her phone, when she doesn’t see

Your daughter’s phone is a great source of information. There you can find what your daughter is interested in, who her friends are, and much more. Obviously, you can check her phone, when she doesn’t see it. 

But there is a problem: a lot of people can hardly spend a minute without their cell phones. So you can simply have few opportunities to get her phone and check certain things. Keep in mind that this method has many limitations – it won’t allow you to see deleted chats, track her location during the day, etc. 

See your daughter's iPhone locations

Use free Android and iPhone location tracking possibilities

There are free ways to track your daughter’s location, provided that a few criteria are fulfilled. 

  • For instance, if she has an iPhone, parents can use the Find My app if the location and location sharing are turned on and their personal phone is selected as a sharing device.
  • On Android, there’s the possibility to track your daughter’s location via Google Maps using the feature Google Location Sharing. It’s activated if Location sharing is on and the parent’s Gmail account is selected as a person to share the location with.

This can be a good solution if you’re primarily concerned about your daughter’s whereabouts, but bear in mind that you still won’t get the crucial information – what she actually does on her phone, which websites she visits, etc. You also won’t be able to get access to her SMS or instant messages on various apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on. Also, there’s the possibility that she doesn’t want to be tracked and that she turns off the tracking in the settings and simply stops sharing her location with you.

Use a spyware

Spyware is a kind of upgraded way to track your daughter’s phone location and other online activities, as compared to the previous option. You can install a certain program on the target device and get the opportunity to track your daughter’s phone remotely and unnoticed. Moreover, the functionality of spyware allows parents to have access to different data, including information about calls, messages, checking instant chats like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Spying on daughter's phone with mSpy

The best solution to spy on your daughter’s phone – a reliable spyware

On the market, you can find several monitoring applications. At least one of them will meet all your requirements, for sure.

In general, the functionality of spyware is pretty common. First, spyware allows parents to get to know details about calls made and SMS sent, provides access to lists of contacts, notes, etc.

With the help of monitoring applications, parents are welcome:

  • To track their daughter’s locations during the day,
  • To check the list of visited websites and block unacceptable and dangerous links and contacts,
  • To delete suspicious programs,
  • To ensure that she’s not sending inappropriate photos,
  • To check her messages for anything dangerous (even the deleted ones),
  • To know with whom she interacts on a daily basis by using call logs

Spyware offers several options to spy on social networks. You can see sent photos on Snapchat, shared files on Facebook, and listen to the voice messages on WeChat. The list of social platforms to track is enormous, but spyware is capable of doing that easily and secretly.

Moreover, spyware can’t be detected on a target device and is not shown as an icon anywhere on the screen. This means tracking solutions are irreplaceable friends when it comes to monitoring your daughter’s phone without her knowing.

Can I track my daughter’s phone for free?

Each customer’s demand should be satisfied. Of course, there are spying programs available for free. However, do not hurry to install them on your daughter’s phone. Please, be aware that such solutions turn out to be not just fake but viruses in 99% of cases.

Applications with pre-paid subscriptions are much more reliable. Truth be told, spyware requires a lot of resources to be made professionally and qualitatively. That is why unpaid alternatives are available for free, just formally. Unlike pre-paid programs, where you see exactly what you pay for, you will never know for sure whether free applications do not have any pitfalls.

However, some spying solutions offer free trial options, so you could test them before buying. For example, uMobix provides a 7-day free trial for only $3. 

Monitoring daughter's Insta chats with mSpy

Is spyware complicated to install?

In general, the installation process takes from five to ten minutes, depending on the program itself. The scheme is pretty the same, though: all you need to do is to follow the installation guides and choose the right option. There is no need to enter codes or type long sentences of confirmation. In this perspective, spyware is definitely a customer-friendly application.

In simple steps, the installation process can be described as follows:

  1. Take a target device. To avoid any problems with the security scan system of the phone, you can disable this function in the settings.
  2. Open a browser and download a spying program.
  3. Install a program. Select the proper options and tap “OK”. Allow all the permissions of the program to enable its complete functioning.
  4. Finish the installation and close the application.

How can I track my teenager without her knowing?

Cell phone spy allows you to track your teenager without her knowing any time. With good spyware, you become an invisible spy agent, which can monitor all phone’s activities remotely. Thus, you don’t ruin your relations with a teenager and can read all text messages, see locations during the day and even track calls without her knowing.

How to track my daughter’s iPhone location without her knowing?

In order to track your daughter’s iPhone location, you either use the free option – Find My Friends or should install a cell phone spy on her device. For that, you may need physical access to her iPhone for around 10-15 minutes, and it should be jailbroken.

mSpy spyware has an option of remote installation, check their mSpy without jailbreak version to see the details of how you may install the app without access to the target iPhone.

uMobix also offers an iPhone tracking solution without jailbreaking and Android monitoring without rooting the target device. 

Benefits of tracking your daughter’s phone

  1. To start with, tracking your daughter’s phone will help you be aware of your daughter’s internet life and activities, how she communicates with people, and behaves when you do not see her.
  2. Spyware allows parents to see whether some of their children surrounding is dangerous and if there is a necessity to interfere.
  3. Besides, spying on your kid’s phone provides you with a great opportunity to limit your child’s access to suspicious websites and programs, and therefore protect them from several internet threats.
  4. Moreover, this is a nice chance to get to know more about your daughter, her interests and hobbies.

Be ready that something can surprise you. But knowledge is power, and tracking applications are a key to get it. The responsibility of parents is to use it wisely.


All in all, parents can solve numerous problems by tracking their daughter’s phone and avoid even more of them. It is a nice modern way to improve communication with children and get a clearer understanding of their needs, dreams, lifestyle, etc. So far, tracking your daughter’s phone is one of the reliable and solid ways to protect the best treasure any parent has — their children.

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