How to remove the hidden spy phone app from your mobile device?

Many people search for a possibility to remove a spying solution from their mobile devices, here are some cases they share:
● How do I find my hidden apps on my Android phone? My boyfriend is getting my phone conversations and texts.
● How can I find a spy app on my phone installed by my spouse?
● My phone is being spied by my husband. How can I remove whatever spying app he has on it?
● I think my wife put a spy app on my phone before she left. How do I find it and get rid of it? How do I remove recently hidden apps on my phone?
Are you in a similar situation? Well, in the following case, our post will help you to get rid of spyware from your Android or iPhone.
We prepared a detailed guide on how to detect a cell phone spying solution on your mobile device, as well as the best ways to clean your smartphone from it. Please read the post further to learn the steps required to do that quickly and easily.