Track Phone Location

The vast majority of people use a smartphone of some kind – be it an Android or an iPhone – and once you own a smartphone, you take it everywhere you go. Therefore, the phone location can oftentimes reveal someone’s whereabouts.

Intentionally seeking and tracking another person’s location can help you “catch” the unfaithful partner or locate your children or family members when they are lost or if you’re not sure where they are.

This purpose alone highlights the importance of tracking phone location, but there’s more to it when you delve deeper into the matter.

Track phone location with a mobile tracker app

What is mobile phone tracking, and how does it work?

When you track a mobile phone, you basically identify its current location.

It doesn’t matter whether the phone is moving or is stationary, various methods can be used to track it – including GPRS, GSM network, and a variety of apps (more on them in a second).

Some methods are more efficient and will tell you the exact location of the phone, while others aren’t that precise.

The most convenient way to track a location is when all the information is displayed right on the map, which can help you get a precise idea about the location.

Why do you need to track someone’s phone location?

If you’re in two minds about whether you have a valid reason to track someone’s phone location, the fact that you’re reading this article is already a good hit.

You should have the possibility to find someone’s phone location in a number of scenarios.

Namely, anxious parents have a right to have both access and insight into their children’s location. Some tracking devices for kids can be useful, but it’s best to rely on smartphones.

Children and teens are known to explore on their own, and they have a right to do so – but it’s always better when it’s done under the watchful eye of their parents.

You are in a committed relationship and wondering, “How to trace mobile location?”. It’s perfectly normal. Tracking can be the answer to your suspicions, be they cheating, or you want to worry less.

So – tracking the location at all times will allow you to have peace of mind along with the information about your significant other’s whereabouts.

Finally, if you’ve lost your phone or even if you’re lost in unknown surroundings, tracing the location of your own phone can immensely help you. It also works in cases when someone has stolen your phone.

What are the methods to track someone’s location?

The question “Can I track the location of someone’s cell phone?” has a simple answer, and it is – yes!

Let’s see what methods you have available at your disposal:

Special services from mobile operators. In the case of a special request, mobile operators can make use of GSM (Global System for mobile communications) to track the phone coordinates.

This option isn’t readily available for you unless there’s an emergency (e.g., a person’s missing, your phone has been stolen, or something similar). Oftentimes, authorities would have to be involved in giving approval for this method.

Free default apps on both Android & and iOS. If you want to track an Android phone, one of your routes to location tracking is through “Find My Device” via a Google account that is linked to the target phone.

Find my device to track location

Several conditions need to be fulfilled: the location function must be turned on the target phone, you must be signed into that specific Google account, and their internet connection must be on. Therefore, to track your kid, spouse, or partner, you’d need to have access to their account.

For iPhones, you may use the “Find My” app, which allows you to track someone’s phone location if you have access to their Apple ID.

Both services, albeit free, have many preconditions that depend on the phone’s owner.

A mobile tracker app. A phone location tracker is a software that makes it possible to track the exact location of the device on which it is installed. It uses both GPS and cell tracking techniques to monitor the live updates of someone’s location changes.

The top three mobile tracker apps are:

It’s worth mentioning that cell phone trackers also have a number of additional monitoring options, such as access to all files on the target phone, their social media activity, calls, and messages, etc.

How does a cell phone tracker app work?

By initiating the GPS tracking system on the phone, the location trackers allow you to:

  • GPS Position History. You can access full location history along with the specific routes and all their details included (coordinates, addresses, timestamps).
  • View on a Map. All of the details above are laid out clearly for your convenience.
  • Real-Time Tracking. You monitor the movement and location changes in real-time. This means that, once the location has changed, you’ll be updated about it.
  • Star Favorite Locations. This can help you if you’re looking to find a place yourself or keep notes of places someone has visited.
  • Security Measures. You’ll be alerted once someone enters an area that you flagged as suspicious/forbidden so that you can take appropriate measures right away.
  • Track a Cell Phone in Hidden/Visible mode. You can toggle on and off the visibility of a cell phone tracker, and it can operate silently in the background.
  • Advanced Position Retrieving. Even if GPS is disabled on the target phone, some advanced phone trackers can make use of the mobile carrier network to locate the phone.

To sum up

Tracking phone location can prove useful in various situations, whether you simply want to locate a lost phone or monitor the outdoor activities of your child/spouse for their own safety and your own peace of mind.

To keep yourself and them in check, you can contact mobile operators (only in certain cases) or use free methods with a limited scope of functioning.

Using a mobile tracker app has more benefits because it surpasses the limitations of the two and provides you with an accurate location without much fuss. It will work even when GPS and WiFi are turned off, which cannot be said for the former two methods.

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