How to Track an iPhone without Them Knowing?

The mobile phone is a valuable technology, which contains lots of personal information.

According to Macworld, there were around 52.28% of iPhone users in 2019 in North America, and the number continues to grow.

Due to Apple phones’ popularity, many people want to track someone’s iPhone without its owner knowing about it.

For instance, worried parents want to keep an eye on their kids’ during the day while somebody wants to track their partner’s daily locations.

There are different ways to do that secretly and without the iPhone owner, knowing that their device is monitored.  Let’s move on to find out how to track an iPhone in our post!

Can an iPhone Be Traced?

Yes, any iPhone can be traced, while it is complete with GPS to help figure out where the device is and its routes during the day.

With a traceable iPhone, you may easily trace not only your device but the phone activities and whereabouts of your kids or spouse, for example.

Map with iPhone so you could track it

Reasons to Track an iPhone Without Someone Knowing

Here are some of the primary reasons why someone might need to track an iPhone without having the target person know it:

To ensure the kid’s safety

Most parents are curious to know what their child is doing with the phone. And most of them are reluctant to inquire directly. Fortunately, there are some programs today that might help you monitor an iPhone without them knowing.

Indeed, this is a great solution for those parents who do not want their kids to find out that their iPhone is being observed.

As a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of the kids. And if you are to track their phones, it helps to:

  • monitor the type of content on their phones;
  • make sure that your kids are safe and secure;
  • monitors social media applications and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more;
  • if there are any cases of cyberbullying or sexting;
  • suspicious conversations with unknown people.

The kid’s safety is one reason why there is a need for you to track their iPhone.

To track unfaithful spouse or partner

Have you ever experienced something going wrong with your relationship with your spouse or partner? Like a behavior change? If so, do you want to track your partner’s iPhone to check loyalty? Well, you can do this by monitoring their iPhones. Indeed, you can easily find out if your partner or spouse is cheating on you.

Free Method to Track a Target iPhone Without the Person Knowing

In 2012, Apple designed Find My Friends for a better connection with family and friends. This one is useful as an iPhone tracking function, and you could also share your location with others so they could track where you are.

On the other hand, this app isn’t just about following your close people, but it could also be used to spy on someone. And you can do that without them knowing.

Find My Friends app for Apple phones to track locations for free

How to do it? Follow these steps:

If you want to track a person with iOS 8 running, download the Find My Friends app from the iOS app store on their phone and yours. For iOS 9, it is already on the device.

  1. You should enable the “Share My Location” on their iPhone. You have to make sure that the location must be shared from “This Device” since there could be other devices attached to the same iCloud account.

  2. Next, share their location with your iPhone. It would be best if you made yourself discoverable to everyone. And back on their iPhone, tap the Add and hit the contact icon as it appears. Choose “Share Indefinitely” to share the location with your iPhone for an unlimited period.

  3. Now, accept their location but never share yours back.

  4. And finally, track their location. Click on the contact icon to see their exact location. You might see options whether to be notified once they arrive or leave at a particular place. With this, you could alert yourself once someone leaves the work or house.

However, tracking someone with Find my Friends method has some drawbacks. Let’s quickly look through them:

  1. First of all, when the device owner may deactivate this app if they see it and don’t want to use it.

  2. Secondly, you and the owner of the device you want to track might be bothered by requests from people around who want to access your location. And rejecting those strangers might be nervous and inconvenient sometimes.

  3. What is more, you should always check the target person does not share their locations with strangers or bullies. You don’t want an unknown person to follow your kid’s daily areas, right?!

  4. Besides, the Find my Friends app allows you to track only your child or spouse’s movements during the day. It doesn’t provide you with access to their mobile online activities, chats, calls that may contain vital information. It is so easy to lie about where you’ve been and what you were doing there.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone with Spy App?

As an alternative to the mentioned above free tracking method, you may look at iPhone spyware. The iPhone spy tool is a kind of smartphone surveillance software.

Such an app allows its owner not only track the location of the target iPhone but also records the outgoing and incoming phone calls, read all text messages, check activities on browsers, spy on certain applications and chats in them like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other monitoring features.

Let’s have a look at the most popular spying features that a person might want to use on the device under surveillance:

  • GPS Location Tracking. You can use the GPS location to keep an eye on your loved one or kids. Such a feature lets you know the places of your target device during the day.

  • iPhone Call Recording. This feature involves documenting both the outgoing and incoming calls. A spy app like FlexiSPY  (we’ll review it below) would record the conversations to your dashboard automatically so you could listen or download it later.

  • Call Log History. Most leading spy apps offer a reliable way of monitoring outgoing and incoming calls. And that includes missed calls, voicemails, and deleted messages.

  • Social Media Monitoring. As you track a cell phone, you also get access to their social media apps and chats in them. And as you open your spying account, you could see whether your partner has a secret life or your kids are misbehaving.

  • Spy on Text Messages. Spy apps work like a filter on SMS and text messages. You could read relevant outgoing and incoming messages and even those which were deleted.

  • Internet Browsing History. This feature could also let you monitor the target device’s internet browser history and access the device owner’s past searches and queries.

What are the top spying solutions to track somebody’s iPhone?

Among the popular spy apps used to track iPhone are mSpy and FlexiSPY because of the best features, they provide for monitoring somebody’s iPhone.

Besides the common iPhone location tracking feature (which all the mentioned tools have), you receive many other useful spying possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at every solution and see what their user may get.


mSpy (Compatible with iOS 7 – 9.1) when installed and running, it could record all the activities on the target iPhone, which you may check in your online monitoring account.

mSpy allows you to spy on the target iPhone without jailbreaking it (iCloud credentials and back up are required here). You may check someone’s contacts on iPhone, read all SMS messages and WhatsApp chats, look through the call logs, monitor browser history, and see which applications are installed on the target device.

If you would like to get more advanced spying functions and track iPhone locations, read instant chats, etc., the device you want to monitor should be jailbroken. The iPhone tracking feature is also available in the mSpy premium plan ($69.99 a month).

mSpy software provides you with 24/7 customer support, and they have mAssiatnce service, which you may additionally purchase to help you with the installation process.


FlexiSPY (compatible with iOS 6.0 – 14.x) is a powerful iPhone monitoring solution with a great variety of iPhone tracking features, which you may find on their site.

FlexiSPY runs only on jailbroken iPhones. Besides providing the general iPhone monitoring possibilities, it allows its user to read all instant chats and record IM calls as well as ordinary iPhone calls and surroundings.

FlexiSPY, like mSpy, provides a hustle free installation service, and you may also enjoy their full list of spying functions with their Premium plan ($68 per month).

How to Install a Tracker on Someone’s iPhone?

To install a tracker on someone’s iPhone, you might sometimes need only the iCloud details of your target device, and the service is ready to be utilized.

After creating an app account on any of the above mentioned iPhone spyware and providing the needed iCloud credentials, the spy app could access all the iCloud data and show it to you.

There are three general steps on how to install a spy app on someone’s iPhone, and here are they:

  1. Choose a spy app you want to install. Pick the right subscription you want and purchase the app. The developer will send easy-to-follow instructions to help in monitoring or tracking someone right away.

  2. Then, download the app to the device you would want to track. It might require you to jailbreak the iPhone to enjoy the best, advanced features. You might follow the target iPhone device without jailbreak; however, you’ll get access to limited features or functions only.

  3. Finally, start tracking the device. Log in to the Control Panel and begin monitoring call logs, text messages, GPS location, and any activities on someone’s device.

Benefits of Spy Apps to iPhone

Considering the top spy apps in the market – mSpy and FlexiSPY, there is no doubt that you can surely gain benefits out of installing them. Though these spy apps aren’t the same, they still offer certain perks. And these benefits to iPhone users include the following:

  • You can locate the position of the target device at any time;
  • You can also view the installed apps of the target device, their phone logs, SMS, and browser activities, allowing you to monitor your spouse or kids even if you are not beside them.

Other questions people ask when tracking someone’s iPhone

Can spy apps be detected on the iPhone?

Definitely no! The spy app works in stealth mode and couldn’t be detected on the iPhone. Even if the user activates the anti-virus software on their iPhone, it won’t show the spying solution.

Can Spy Apps Be Installed Remotely on iPhone?

Yes. This could only be done once you know the iCloud credentials and once 2FA is disabled on your target device you want to monitor.

Tracking someone’s iPhone secretly is more than possible!

There you have it! Tracking an iPhone without permission and the owner knowing is more than possible with modern solutions.

There are both free and paid tools to do that. However, it is a lot wiser to use paid spying apps. Why? That is simply because you rest assured with the offered services’ accuracy and reliability plus they have round the clock customer support to help you with any issue. There are so many advanced functions you’ll surely enjoy.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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