How to Track Someone’s Current Phone Location?

GPS tracker is a functional ability of special software which is designed for obtaining information about location of the object. It uses a satellite navigation system operating in the world coordinate system WGS 84.

To note, the same principle is used for your Google Maps or any other program of the kind — the internet connection between your device and the GPS system allows finding out where the device is at the moment (with high level of accuracy and speed of work).

How Can I Track Someone’s Location via the Phone?

Nowadays, technological progress allows people to find the exact location not only of their own devices but locations of other gadgets as well. With the help of spyware, a user can monitor the route of movements of a target person under surveillance.

All you need to achieve such a functional benefit is to install a tracking program on the target device, and — voila! — you will be aware what the person is doing (the speed of movement allows knowing whether the person is driving a car, going on foot, etc.) and where he or she spends time, regardless of time and space framework.


How to Choose the Best GPS Tracking Solution?

In order to choose the front-runner GPS monitoring spyware, you have to do the following:

  • Avoid choosing free solutions. There is a high risk such a program is virus. The consequences can be various. For instance, this type of software can “steal” the information from the device where it is installed and spread it on the internet, when not using it for other “evil” aims. Please, give your preference to pre-paid applications.

  • Choose solutions designed by famous and therefore reliable manufacturers. This step will be an additional guarantee of the program’s quality.

  • Check the overall functionality of the spying solution under consideration. This will help you to decide whether a purchase is profitable and beneficial for you. In general, spyware includes much more technical opportunities than GPS Tracking, so be attentive while investigating the program’s features. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer to find out the missing information and details.

  • Check it out. A majority of solutions offer the ability of free trials or demo versions. In any case, it is better to check the application’s functionality before making a final decision. It will allow you to see how accurate and fast the function of GPS tracking is.


What Are the Other Benefits of Tracking Applications?

As we have already mentioned, spyware is specialized not just on tracking phone locations. There are numerous functional miracles which make spying applications so beloved and popular. Here are the main features to admire:

  • Access to the calls made and SMS sent (both incoming and outcoming) on the target device;

  • Social media tracking — apart from locations tracking, a lot of spyware give an incredible opportunity to check how the person under surveillance communicates and chats, what he or she sends via messengers, etc.

  • Browser History — with this function, you are able to check which websites the person visits regularly, as well as find out his or her spheres of interest on the net;

  • Access to the list of contacts, notes and calendar on the target device;

  • Keylogger — if you want to know the way the person communicates, what phrases he or she uses more often than others, including passwords as well, this function will become your treasure.

  • Check the program’s list and block unnecessary solutions, as well as ban the person’s access to websites of your choice;

  • Access to the photos, videos, and other files on the target device.

Editor’s Choice: The Front-Runners in the Industry

A lot of solutions have such a pretty impressive list of functional opportunities. How to define if the presented information is fake or not? Customer reviews are helpful in this perspective. Besides, we have analyzed dozens of application for you. Here is the list of programs to pay attention to:

mSpy — this application has a multilanguage 24/7 support, differentiates with its user-friendly interface and fast seamless installation, and over twenty spying features of the best quality. Millions of users prefer this program to other for its outstanding parental control features, high compatibility, and more. Check it out on

Hoverwatch — not GPS Tracking only, but the ability to know when SIM card on the target gadget is replaced, access to the to-do lists, ability to track Snapchat, Facebook and numerous other social platforms, etc. make this program a number 1 to consider. Moreover, this application offers a lot of advanced features like Front Camera Photo and the ability to track more than twenty different devices. Check it out on


Is spyware able to work without Rooting and Jailbreak?

There are programs with such possibility on the market (for instance, iKeyMonitor, Hoverwatch, and mSpy are programs of the kind). However, the number of monitoring functions which you may use on non-rooted or non jailbroken iphone are quite limited. Please, check this information on the official website of every spyware.

Can spyware be detected on the phone?

The apps which we have earlier mentioned in the post run in a stealth mode. It means that they are hidden on the target device and allow you to track all phone locations secrelty.


If you care about your relatives and friends or want to check that your employees are persistent in performing tasks and meeting deadlines during the working day, spyware is what you need to sleep calmly. Locations tracking function is one of the pleasant functions offered by spyware’s manufacturers. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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  1. Helped me to get my daughter’s phone back. She lost it several days ago and I managed to find the location. The sound was turned off and I had no chance to attract attention of people dialing my daughter’s number. Thanks, Flexispy!

    1. Hi Jaclyn,

      In order to remove the spyware from your device, you should either try to find it with your phone antivirus app or reset the phone to factory settings.

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