How to remove the hidden spy phone app from your mobile device?

The possibility of having someone spying on your device is a scary thought. Many of us struggle not only with the problems, but the fact that we fear our lack of technical-mindedness means we’re forever at a disadvantage. From finding new apps on our devices to having our identity leaked online is a serious threat.

In response to this, people have taken it upon themselves to become educated in how to combat spyware. Over the course of this article, we’re going to cover some frequent questions such as “How do I find my hidden apps on my Android phone?”  or “My boyfriend is getting my phone conversations and texts.”

For those who find themselves in a similar situation, the article will provide the opportunity to respond to spyware and provide the tools needed to get into a more protective headspace.

Anti-Spyware: remove the hidden spy app from your Android or iPhone

What should you know about the working process of spyware?

Spyware is what infiltrates your device, allowing outsiders to obtain your important information: passwords, account information, past online activities. You don’t know it’s there; it can take weeks, months, however long needed to get the necessary information to make the maximum profit possible.

How to check for spyware on your phone? 

Your partner/spouse knows your locations/ conversations during the day

You may find your spouse knows where you’ve been, who you spoke to, despite not even having to ask.

Phone battery runs down quickly

Another sign is that your phone battery may run out quickly despite a lack of use. Now, this isn’t that common due to developments in modern solutions. This means that it’s less likely to occur with the more competent users of tracking apps.   

If you find you’re dealing with a constant supply of pop-ups, your tech is likely suffering from spyware.

New toolbars

One sign is the presence of new toolbars or the fact your apps have changed or been rearranged without you having done anything. 


Jailbreak means that your device has removed all the restrictions on an iOS device. This covers most tech; examples include smart televisions, phones, and tablets.


Rooting is the same thing for Android that allows root access to system files, which can be altered to enable apps and extensions that aren’t commonly supported.

Best ways to uninstall hidden spy phone app

Removing spyware sounds complicated, but you don’t need to be a technical genius to maintain a sense of security. Here, we’ll cover what you need to avoid any unwanted visitors on your device. 

Factory Reset

The extreme response is to perform a factory reset. The first thing you’re going to want to do is back up your phone. This means you’re going to preserve all your information from it. A factory reset returns your phone the way it was when it first came out of the factory.

The benefits of a factory reset are that it will remove all traces of spyware and revert your phone back into the same old safe space it always was. The downside of this is that, without a back-up, you’re going to lose all of your apps, pictures, and music acquired over your time with the device.

An OS Update

Another way of removing hidden spy apps is to update or reinstall the phone operating system or firmware. This is similar to performing a factory reset. The plus is that it won’t remove your apps or data, but it still removes the spy software.

The science behind an OS update is the monitoring programs are specific to the OS on the mobile device. Once you change the OS, the spyware won’t work. When updating your OS, one thing to keep in mind is that it will also remove any rooting and jailbreak on your phone.

Anti-Spy Apps

Here we list the different apps which prevent spy tools from accessing your gallery, locations, and even your camera. Different anti-spy software tools have been developed to protect your privacy and minimize your risk of being compromised.

Examples include Avast Antivirus, which provides mobile security and acts as a virus cleaner. With a 500 million user base across 150 countries, you’re looking at one of the leaders in cybersecurity. Winner of multiple awards, leading online test laboratories, you can’t go wrong.

Kaspersky Internet Security offers protection from malware and email spam, phishing, and hacking attempts. Its results are distributed through the MIT license. It really is the thinking man’s tech when it comes to cyber protection.

Malwarebytes was first released in 2006. Still going strong, the app carries with it not only the latest in cyber defense but the guarantee that you’re dealing with a professional with over 14 years of protecting your mobile device. It comes with a free version that allows the customer to coordinate malware checks when needed, and the paid version provides scans and real-time protection.

How to clean your iPhone from spyware?

This is more simple than you may anticipate, so don’t worry. There’s no need to concern yourself with any technical skills.

If My iPhone Is Jailbroken

Jailbroken phones come with the added concerns of threats from spyware. This is because you’re opening yourself up to apps not supported by the app system. This means you’re more at risk from general viruses, which would have been unable to affect your device otherwise. The easiest way to do this is to update and or reinstall the iOS. Once the iOS has been changed, it removes the spyware from the iPhone.

What If My iPhone Isn’t Jailbroken?

One thing to consider is that without jailbreak as an option, there’s no risk of the software being installed on the device. This means that there’s nothing to remove, which creates a new question: how do I stop this spyware? 

Those spying on your personal information do so through monitoring your iCloud back-ups. They will need to have access to your Apple ID and password. The best way to avoid this is to stop the iCloud back-ups. Cancel them as soon as possible, and find a different way to back up your device. Another way is to get into the habit of changing your password.

Detecting and removing spyware on Android phone

Removing any Root access on your mobile phone will uninstall any hidden apps. Most of these monitoring apps need the target device to be rooted in order to benefit from the spy app.


You might have some other questions about spy software detection and deactivation on your phone. So here are some of them. If you didn’t find the answers, please write your questions in the comments below.

Will Changing The Sim Card Help Get Rid Of Spyware?

No, in most cases, sim card changing will not help. It is possible to have your sim card cloned or hacked, but it’s much easier and more common to install on the device instead. While you may change your sim, it’s a more specific response and is likely not to stop someone from getting on your phone via app-based spyware.

Ways to prevent your phone tracking in the future

Here are some basic rules that every smartphone owner should know and stick to if they want to keep their phone clear from tracking solutions.

 Good phone security is paramount.

  1. Never leave your phone alone.
  2. Make sure that you have a screen lock on your device.
  3. Consider not using the same password for everything.
  4. Change your password every couple of months.
  5. Do not store private information such as passwords or bank information on your apps.

Now you have everything you need

The main focus of phone security is routine and proper management. Often, we’re lulled into a false sense of security. With our phones on us at all times, it can be difficult to consider that your security can be compromised despite it being on you at all times.

The good news is that a lot of the preventative methods are easy and require little to no technical skill. Updating your OS acts as an ongoing cleanser to rid your device of any unwanted attention. Thanks to back-up technology, even extreme responses such as factory reset don’t come with the loss of a life’s worth of personal photos and apps that cater to our specific tastes.

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