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Digital devices are the most convenient and accessible form of modern-day communication. The research found that 90 percent of youngsters can’t go without checking their social media accounts for more than 9 minutes. Nevertheless, these devices have also become a cause of concern for parents since teenagers may get exposed to inappropriate media and content they are not mature enough to handle.

As important as it is for parents to instruct their children in the proper use of technology, it is as important that they take measures to keep tabs on what their children are doing behind closed doors or in their private time. Social media, cyberbullying, and hate speech add to community insecurity, social instability, shootings, and bullying.

The dawn of the internet has revealed more security flaws, and the current digital setup entails daily vulnerabilities. These insecurities and inadequacies can adversely influence family, children, and friends. There’s nothing unethical about keeping an eye on your child through tracking devices but make sure that you create a clear boundary on what is allowed and what’s not. Here are some insights on monitoring your child through tracking.

How to monitor your teenager’s life and phone usage?

The teenage years are a time of tremendous development, new experiences, and bravery. Exploring new things and living life helps youngsters discover more about themselves. However, such things as smoking, drug abuse, sexting, and talking with the wrong people might appear in their lives.

Adequate parental supervision reduces teenagers’ likelihood of antisocial and harmful behavior.

You can keep an eye on your teen by following these simple techniques:

  • Check Internet privacy settings.
  • Monitor the social media activity of your teen when their phone is accessible.
  • Set access limit or use routers that allow you to restrict apps.
  • Use free parental control apps to set time limits, restrict access, and set downtime.
  • Take your child’s consent to go through their phone randomly.
  • Track their location by turning the find my iPhone on or tracking options.
  • Keep an eye on your teen’s out-of-the-ordinary actions at home, and communicate the concerns you may have.
  • Monitor your teen’s time spent online and have open discussions about safe browsing practices.

One way of tracking your child’s activities is through tracking apps that let you access your teen’s personal data, text messages, browsing history, and social media apps like Facebook. Parents can also check the cellular provider’s billing history for common numbers phoned. However, the most reliable way is to use a tracking app for different platforms. You can install these apps on every digital device your kids use.  

How do phone tracking apps allow you to control a teenager’s phone?

Parental control software or teenage tracking applications can limit your teen’s online activities and access to inappropriate content and ads. You can use teen phone monitoring apps with various features to keep your children away from dangerous situations.

Are your kids too plugged in? Limiting screen time helps teens learn time management and self-restraint. Most apps offer a well-designed, easy-to-use interface while allowing you to track your child’s location, text messages, calls, images, online activities, and much more through your phone.

Best way to monitor teenager’s iPhone?

If you want to limit your child’s screen time, keep an eye on their social media accounts and monitor their activities across their iPhone, then tracking apps are the best way to do that. It’s fantastic that Apple has a built-in parental control feature, but you may want more flexibility. Here’s where the top iOS app for keeping kids in check comes in handy:


mSpy is, so far, the best monitoring app available for iOS.

In addition to being one of the most downloaded apps, it has all the most-wanted tools you’ll need for tracking your teen`s cell phone. There aren’t many products that can avoid rooting or jailbreaking like mSpy.


  • It`s the best among teen tracking apps in the tracking world.
  • Setup and operation are a breeze.
  • Doesn’t` leave any traces on the intended device.
  • Can be used from anywhere around the world.
  • Offers to review iMessage and WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, ad similar chats (even if they were deleted).
  • Multilingual support, or mAssistance, is available

mSpy - best teen phone monitoring app


iCloud comes in handy if your teen has an iPhone since all you need is their iCloud credentials. Once you have these iCloud credentials, you can get access to their photos, messages, contacts, and much more.


You can provide your children with a worry-free, secure online experience with uMobix. uMobix allows call and SMS monitoring. No more school bullies calling or rebellious friends texting. Tracking their social media activity is also easy with the app. This parental control app gives you the authority to explain a problem to your growing teenager.

In addition to these features, uMobix has a keylogger for complete monitoring, a GPS tracking feature to keep your kids safe, and a user-friendly dashboard to organize everything.

uMobix app for teen monitoring

Best Android Teenager Parental Control

You may want to spy on someone for personal or safety reasons, but what makes a good parental control app is its features and ability to stay hidden throughout. There are several apps to monitor teen phones, but the below-listed apps are the leaders in the spying market:


If your teenager is an Android user, this program can be installed without being rooted. With the screen recorder tool, you can also randomly capture a picture of your child’s screen to keep track of their activity across the apps. You may view dashboard screenshots and read conversations that have transpired among their friends. Similar to the iPhone, functionality is constrained without rooting.


Hoverwatch is a simple teen phone monitoring tool for phones that secretly monitors the targeted device and sends updates and reports to the primary device. You can easily track location, check messages and call logs, and do online camera tracking. This app is available in a free trial version for three days.

Monitor teen's Android phone with Hoverwatch

Popular questions on teenage tracking

Is monitoring teenager text messages possible?

Yes, with the advancement in teen phone monitoring technology, you can monitor the text message history of your teenager easily, with the help of any parental control apps or spyware, without letting them know. Since dangers lurk around every corner of the internet, we recommend that parents keep an eye on their kids’ devices.

What is the best tracking device for a child?

Several parental control apps can be used to track your children’s activities. You can choose basic free versions or paid apps for tracking, depending on your needs. Installing parental controls on the phone can also help you geolocate your child’s location.

Parental control apps ensure your child’s safety

Handing teens personal digital devices can be a cause of concern for parents. However, parental control apps ensure your child’s safety across the devices by helping you monitor them. They offer exceptional features that allow you to monitor your teen’s whereabouts at all times. You may also monitor the child’s whereabouts, hear what’s going on around them, and receive notifications about any suspicious behavior.

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