How to use iCloud to spy on your spouse?

iPhones are popular nowadays; their users are excited about the unique features and flexibility they offer. It might happen that your wife or husband also uses an iPhone, and if you’ve seen your partner behaving strangely or having a stronger bond with their iPhone than with you, there’s a way for you to use iCloud to spy on your spouse to see what they might hide from you.

Using this method will help you put your doubts to sleep or show you the truth that you deserve to know.

Read further to understand better how using an iPhone is linked to using iCloud and how you can spy on your spouse using their digital storage account.

Can you use iCloud to spy on somebody?

Yes, you totally can. But, first, let’s have a deeper look into iCloud functionality and how it can be used to spy on someone.

iCloud is a digital storage platform that Apple rolled out in 2011, and it can be used on Mac, PC, and iPhones. It provides its owners with unlimited storage and synchronization options among multiple Apple devices.

That could be really comfortable in some situations, while you don’t need to waste your time on copying or forwarding the important information, files, conversations.

Sometimes photos, videos, iMessages, or phone locations can include cheating evidence or specific contents that one of the spouses wanted to keep hidden from the other.

Accessing your spouse’s iCloud account could allow you to look through those files without the need to check your partner’s device directly.

However, sometimes it is not that easy to do, as the platform has a 2-factor authentication in place to prevent any iCloud spying. To activate or deactivate this feature, you should follow such steps:

  • Sign in with the designated Apple ID
  • Go to >> Password >> Security
  • Follow the instructions at the top of the page

Using iCloud to spy on spouse

In order to spy on your spouse, you’ll need their iCloud credentials.

Ensure you have the necessary information to access iCloud on the device you want to track.

What are iCloud credentials?

iCloud’s credentials refer to the Apple ID and iCloud password that your significant other uses to access their storage platform.

How to find out someone’s iCloud credentials?

For Apple ID:

  • Go to “Settings” on their device
  • Tap the first clickable line, with their name
  • Search for the email address that’s under that name (that’s the Apple ID)

For iCloud password, you can use one of two ways:

Way 1:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Passwords & Accounts” > “Website & App Passwords
  • You’ll have a list with all used passwords on the targeted device. Check the one linked to the noted Apple ID

Way 2:

  • Access Google Chrome browser > “Settings” > “Autofill” > “Passwords
  • Search for
  • Tap the eye icon on the right side
  • If the targeted device has an access password, you’ll have to enter that
  • If the device doesn’t have a password, you’ll see the stored password

Once you have the target device’s iCloud credentials, go to or Settings on your iOS device and log in to iCloud using their Apple ID and password.

The device may ask you to merge, and you should press “Accept”. Once the merging is completed, you can see what information you will need to track. Following these steps will give you access to photos, messages, contacts, and more secret info regarding your spouse’s mobile. If the back-up is on for their device, once they are accessing the iPhone, the content on the device will automatically sync with yours.

However, logging in with her Apple ID and password will enable you to sync media files, emails, and other data. If their messages are your main interest, you should enable iMessage. To set it up, you’ll have to re-enter the Apple credentials you’ve used to log in, so keep them safe. When you complete all these steps, iMessage will show you message conversations and photo sharing that are exchanged on the targeted iPhone in real-time.

If the back-up function is not enabled on the targeted device, you’ll need physical access to it in order to turn it on. Go to “Settings” > iPhone Owner’s Name > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup”. This will sync the targeted device with yours, and you’ll be able to spy on your spouse’s iPhone remotely.

How to spy on someone’s iPhone using free iCloud services?

When you have several iPhones in your family, or you and your partner use Apple phones, that allows you particular possibilities to spy on your beloved one with the help of certain Apple services:

  1. The “Find My iPhone” app can be used to track your spouse’s phone location in real-time, using the internet and iCloud. You can see their location history and info stored in the iCloud platform.

  2. iMessages might be used to see the correspondence of the partner secretly. When using the Message Forwarding function, one can easily intercept someone’s messages remotely. While in the following case, all texts are sent automatically to the target mobile device.

  3. Find My Friends” app, with the Notify Me feature on the iPhone, lets you know when a person enters a certain area that you’ve set up from your device. Thus, you can track your wife’s/ husband’s phone location without them knowing.  

  4. My Photo Stream” feature allows you to upload and access the most recent pics you’ve taken and forward them to all your other Apple devices.

  5. iCloud Photos is another great option that allows storing all pictures in iCloud and accessing them on all connected Apple devices.

However, to use such free iCloud possibilities to spy on your spouse, you might need to physically access your partner’s iPhone to activate the features several times. Moreover, you should know where to look for these settings, and your spouse might deactivate them in case they notice undesired files forwarding.

So, what could you do in the following case? How could you easily snoop in your spouse’s iPhone remotely? The answer lies on the surface – you should simply use iCloud spy.

iCloud spy: how it works

iCloud spy apps are useful to monitor on a mobile device without jailbreak.

iCloud Spy apps are working based on the targeted device credentials, and the device must be non-jailbroken. For it to work, iCloud back-up needs to be activated on your spouse’s device, and 2-factor authorization should be deactivated.

If all the conditions are fulfilled, an iPhone spy app will grant you access to secret information on your spouse’s device like WhatsApp, SMS, call history, notifications on apps, and information about the Wi-Fi hotspots the device connects to. The iPhone spying app can save you from a lot of stress because it allows you to know details about your significant other’s activity on their phone. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 customer service for any issues regarding the app.

Best iCloud Spy Apps

  1. mSpy is an app that can monitor non-jailbroken iOS devices and grant you access to texts, call history, WhatsApp and other apps, internet history, and contacts. The spying app is compatible with iOS 7 or more recently, and it’s user-friendly.

  2. uMobix – this app works on both iPhones and iPads; it grants access to Social Media platforms, tracks calls, contacts, and messages. It is quickly set up and has a trial version.

Is there an iCloud spy app free?

No, there’s no efficient iCloud spy app that’s free, as performant software needs resources to be built and maintained. Some apps offer trial versions for a limited time. uMobix has one that you can use free of charge for a period then switch to full services and cost.


How to get my wife/ husband’s iCloud password?

We have detailed this subject earlier in the article. However, sometimes you can’t access your spouse’s phone, and we prepared a video guide on how to get your partner’s phone enough time to snoop it and get the needed iCloud credentials.

How to spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing?

Suppose you can’t check your spouse’s device every day secretly and don’t want to look through all iCloud services to get the data you need. In that case, you may activate a cell phone tracking software that we mentioned above to see all the important info from the target device in your online monitoring account. With the help of spyware, you see all monitored data in one place and organize it, so it doesn’t take much time to check them during the day.

Snooping through your spouse iPhone isn’t a problem

It is normal for you to have worries and doubts about your spouse’s faithfulness, especially if you’ve observed changed behaviors or increased interest and secrecy around their phones.

To soothe your doubts and have your partner’s activity checked, you have the option to use their iCloud credentials and gain sync access to their content. Though it is totally possible to spy on your significant other through their iCloud, an iPhone Spy App, such as those mentioned before, will grant you instant remote access to messages, social media platforms, sent and received photos, videos, internet use, call history and more. It will save you a lot of work and planning, and you can get all the monitored data in your online account in an organized way. Some of these apps even offer free trials, so you can check the quality and efficiency of the spyware before paying a longer subscription. The spyware will be completely invisible on their iPhone.

If you need to know something that’s on your wife’s/ husband’s iCloud, you’ll definitely find out using the above methods.

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