Can I track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

In the digital era electronic devices are playing an integral role in the daily grind.

However, with all the benefits they bring, they may also get their owners into troubles. Nowadays social activity is not only about real life.

Online communications are integral as well, and that is why it becomes harder to check partner’s loyalty at present.

The article is to to provide several practical solutions for those willing to track partner’s device without him knowing it.

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Reasons for tracking my boyfriend’s phone

There are several premises behind somebody’s willingness to track partner’s phone:

  • The very first reason is of course possible doubts concerning partner’s loyalty and faithfulness. Via tracking someone’s device, you receive all the data from their phones. Thus,  it is highly possible to find out if the partner is cheating on you.

  • The other reason, however, also exists. In some cases, there are overprotective partners, who may want to have a constant access to one’s device’s geolocation to make sure they are safe.

How to track partner’s location without him knowing?

Spying on the partner’s current location may be realized in several ways, depending on the level of accessibility to the targeted device.

There are basic ways that do not require installing special software and more profound ways, that do.

If the target device you are going to monitor runs on iOS

iOS software provides a basic app called «Find my phone» that is already pre-installed in every Apple smartphone. Using this service is only possible when the partner’s Apple ID and password are known.

To find them out is enough to look at partner’s Settings – Apple ID – Password & Security or simply ask directly because sometimes, due to the private settings, it is not possible to see them.

Then from another device the location will be accessible any time and the partner will not know that his Apple ID being used for these purposes.

If the target device you are going to monitor runs on Android

To spy on the other device from Android, there is a special online website called Location History, that provides the history of locations of the device.

Again, entering partner’s data on the following website is required and then it is possible to see the route of the partner during certain time, based on the GPS and WiFi data, acquired from their device by special location services around the world.

Moreover, if we are talking about Android, there is an app called HoverWatch that enables to spy on somebody’s device.

It is users-friendly software, that can be easily installed on the phone as a usual app and can provide remote GPS tracking of the targeted phone. It still requires the access to the partner’s phone to install it, but the app will run secretly in the background, so the partner would not notice it.

Additionally, it has other spying functions that can be used for the same purposes.

How to track partner’s browser history

We all know it is possible to see the visited pages on the device, however, doing it remotely requires several preparations.

It is possible to log into the router under Internet options and put the settings to OpenDNS that allows you to look at it and put some restrictions on the Internet usage.

How to track texts and files in messengers

In the majority of cases people need to spy on other partner’s social activities that may contain proof of having relationships with others, such as chats and calls in social media or messengers.

Of course there is a possibility to track these actions distantly without the partner knowing about it. This is what these special software are for.

It is reasonable to mention, that mSpy is a basic spying software, that may be used for usual day to day purposes, when FlexiSpy is a more profound and complicated one, where the user needs to understand precisely what and why they are doing.

Spy Apps to Track my Boyfriend’s Phone

Cell phone tracking tools are proved to be a good option when you need to monitor someone’s mobile device. Especially, when you want to track your boyfriend’s phone and without him knowing about that.

Below you’ll find some of the spying solutions, which were chosen according to the great variety of tracking possibilities, 24/7 customer support to assist you any time and compatibility with two of the most popular OS of the phones.


mSpy software The app mSpy allows you to have a full remote access to all partner’s phone activity in such apps, as Messages, Facebook, Instagram, Calls and so on.

It also provides you with the in and out going media files and complete timing of partner’s activities online.

What you need to do is to buy the access to the app and install it on your device.

Then if it is Android, you need to install the app on the partner’s device, if iPhone, then you do not need access to the targeted device, however, you still need to know the Cloud credentials of the partner’s device. No special preparations needed as the app is legal and can be easily installed by everybody.

Then the app will provide you with all data needed, there are also possibilities of managing your settings and filtering the incoming information, in case, for example, you need to track only one app. And this all includes being confidential, so the partner will not find out that somebody is tracking their phone.

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flexispy-icon FlexiSpy is another software that assists people in spying on others devices and it is mostly for advanced users as it provides more serious options, such as, for example, taking picture from targeted phone remotely, therefore this software must be used very carefully.

It is legal, so no roots or jailbreaks is are needed, yet it should not be used for the restricted purposes, such as commercial spying or using it to steal important confidential data or others intellectual property.

The software provides a fully confidential access to the partner’s online activity, including incoming and out coming calls, messages and chats in the social media. With the additional feature called Extreme it is possible to get the recordings of the calls.

To install it and use on Apple device you need to know partner’s ID and password, but no direct access to their phone is needed. As for Android, you will need the physical access to the targeted device to install the background app there.

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There is nothing impossible

With the modern technologies the range of our opportunities gets wider every day, people have the acmes to a huge variety of different apps and softwares. Therefore, more fears and insecurities appear when people have to deal with.

It is possible to spy on the target device and not get caught, yet it must be a well calculated decision and under no circumstances must it be used against the law, in any commercial purposes.

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