SMS Spy Without Access to the Target Phone

According to recent research conducted by CTIA, more than 6 billion SMS messages are sent each day in the US. By monitoring the messages on the phones of your family members, you can make sure there are no cases of infidelity and that your children are not harassed.

Is reading SMS from other phones possible?

In a regular situation, you would not be able to read anyone’s SMS without their agreement. Of course, this is unless you are a police officer who works with a suspect. Jokes aside, there actually is a way to see people’s messages at certain conditions.

There are special applications that can track the activity of the target device. In most cases, their installation processes require physical access to the phone. Only iPhones have got the feature of remote installation, but it is not always available.

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Is it possible to secretly spy on SMS?

No matter what device you use, it is possible to secretly spy on SMS. Most spyware applications have features that hide their icons from the menu and do not appear in the active processes section. Therefore, you can secretly track the activity of your child or partner to make sure they are safe.

The only issue may appear during the installation process.

  • For Android phones, it is required that you have physical access to them.
  • The same goes for iPhones unless you know the user’s iCloud credentials.

It usually takes around 20 minutes to install the application, but it is crucial that you don’t get caught during this activity.

How to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

Like it was previously mentioned, all you need to do is make sure spyware is installed on the target device.

This way, all the required information will appear on the personal dashboard. You can see it from any device as long as you log in to your account.

The usage of spyware has many benefits.

  1. First of all, it works in “stealth” mode and is nearly impossible to detect. This means that your child or partner will act as usual and will have nothing to hide.
  2. In addition, you only need to get the target device once. After the app is installed, there is no need to touch the phone.
  3. Finally, the information is saved online and can be accessed from any of your devices as long as you remember your login and password.

What other features does an SMS spy have?

Although there are special apps that only track SMS, they are not efficient enough. Modern software comes with a group of features that vary from app to app:

  • Track conversations from WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and other messengers.
  • Read deleted conversations and group chats.
  • View photos and videos that are stored on the device.
  • See all the contacts that are saved in the phone.
  • Discover frequently used keystrokes or receive notifications about the usage of specific words and phrases.

There are still many other features that can be included in the list, but these are the basics of any spy app.

However, if only an SMS tracker is used, you cannot be sure whether everything is okay or something is wrong.

Spyware provides complex features that let you monitor all the phone activities. This is the only way to make sure your family is safe when there are any suspicions.

What are the best SMS spy apps?

Even though there are many programs that track SMS, it is important that you use high-quality software. We have prepared a list of the best applications in the industry.

Please note that each application runs on both Android and iOS devices.


Without Jailbreak, the app is compatible with all the iOS versions. However, Jailbreak is only supported for iOS 7-9.1.

With Android devices, all the versions that are higher than 4.0 are supported. Rooting is only required if you want to gain access to instant messaging chats.

This application is capable of tracking both SMS and MMS for any of the listed operating systems. It is also possible to receive notifications for specific keywords in these messages and monitor phone calls. The price starts at $16.66 per month.


Jailbreak is required for iOS devices. The app is compatible with iOS 6.0-13.xx.

For Android devices, only advanced features require root. The service is compatible with Android 4-10.

FlexiSPY has a unique feature that involves the usage of SMS commands. It is possible to remotely control the software even without access to the personal dashboard. The price starts at $29.95 per month. There is a free 24-hour trial too. 

How to install an SMS spy app?

All the listed applications are installed by a similar scheme. It is built of three simple steps:

  1. Buy the app from the official website.
  2. Install the application and set it according to your needs.
  3. Check the information on your personal dashboard.

Detailed information is sent to your email once the app is bought. 

If you do not want to bother with the installation process on your own, you can use mAssistance for mSpy or the service provided by FlexiSPY. The specialists will do everything for you: root or jailbreak the device, download the software, and set it according to your requirements.


Can I install an SMS spy on Android without access to the target phone?

No, remote installation is only possible with iOS devices. All Android phones require physical access in order to set the application.

Are there free SMS spy apps?

No, there are no free trustworthy SMS spy apps. However, some spyware like FlexiSPY provide free trials for a limited amount of time. This should be enough for you to test the application and see whether it is worth its price.

How can I secretly spy on my husband’s\wife’s SMS?

To secretly track your partner’s SMS, it is required that you install spyware on their mobile phone in “stealth” mode. This means that you should hide the application icon when tuning the software. It will also be hidden from the processes section.

Which is the best hidden SMS spy?

Choosing one specific service among all the available options is very difficult. However, these three programs are considered to be the best: mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Highster Mobile. Other applications are also good, but the listed above are superior.

Final thoughts

The installation of an SMS spy is not enough to ensure the safety of your family. A complex application like mSpy will help you to keep all online activities under control on the target device. It provides many features and gives enough information for a complete estimation of the situation.

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  1. I control my granddad’s sms in order to protect him from fraud. One day my good old grandpa got an sms “from me” saying that I needed money asking for credit card details. These messages mostly look alarming for the elderly and they do whatever they can to help their grandchildren in trouble. Unfortunately, they are not used to indecent people earning money while playing on someone’s emotions. I’ve already managed to track a couple of these unknown telephone numbers before my grandpa did misleading things. I use mSpy, it seems to me thst it’s one of the most stable spy apps.

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