If you are now on this page, then you are probably searching for “SMS tracker”, “SMS spyware” or “free SMS spy”. Nowadays you may find thousands of various SMS spying apps in the Internet. Their advertisements say that these SMS tracking apps are 100% free and absolutely legal. But is it really so? Can you be sure that this text message spy is not a sort of a virus or what is even worse – an app which now has an access to all the information on the target device.

What is SMS tracker?

text-spySMS mobile spy is a special app with the help of which you can easily monitor all the text messages on the target phone. Such SMS tracker app gives you access not only to SMS messages but also to all instant messaging applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc. Such spyware gives you possibility to read all received and sent messages remotely in your online account. Moreover, even if SMS or any other text message was deleted you can easily recover it with your cell phone SMS spy.

Is there any free SMS tracker?

Probably, you will also have a question if there is SMS spy for free. And the answer will be:”Yes, sure, but we doubt that it works”. Even a person who does not have a clue in programming will perfectly understand that SMS spying is not a piece of cake. It is a hard process which requires work of people and certain resources. What is more SMS spy for iPhone or Android will require additional actions like rooting or jailbreak. Thus an ordinary person will not be able to do it by his/her own. Hence, free SMS tracker is not always a good alternative. Moreover, modern spying apps are not expensive at all and one can afford it (at least once) to find out the truth.

SMS Tracker for iPhone/Android

One more problem which you can face while installing a free SMS spy is compatibility of this tracker with the phone that you want to monitor. If you buy SMS spy from the legal company it does not matter whether you need iPhone SMS tracker or android SMS spy. These text message spywares run on all popular platforms. Of course, it is better to check compatible phones on the website of the spyware before purchasing it.

What should you know in order to buy SMS spyware?

Before purchasing SMS tracking software you should:

  1. Check if the company is for a long time on the market
  2. Check if it has Moneyback guarantee (Refund policy)
  3. Check Demo version of the SMS tracker
  4. Check if this SMS spy has customer support

On our website in the section Phone Tracker Reviews you will find the best cell phone spywares which have SMS tracking function. You are welcome to choose your best spy.

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  1. I control my granddad’s sms in order to protect him from fraud. One day my good old grandpa got an sms “from me” saying that I needed money asking for credit card details. These messages mostly look alarming for the elderly and they do whatever they can to help their grandchildren in trouble. Unfortunately, they are not used to indecent people earning money while playing on someone’s emotions. I’ve already managed to track a couple of these unknown telephone numbers before my grandpa did misleading things. I use mSpy, it seems to me thst it’s one of the most stable spy apps.

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