How to Tell if Your Husband Texts Another Woman?

Husband texts another woman

Phones have become an integral part of our life, but they’re also the number one reason for infidelity.

If you find yourself wondering, “who is my husband texting?” all the time, it’s time to investigate the matter.

Check if you should worry about that and if your partner is really texting another woman.

4 Signs That Partner Texting Another Woman

Are you driving yourself crazy thinking of your husband texting another woman a lot? Here are some signs you should look out for if you suspect your husband is emotionally cheating by texting.

1.    Your partner is hiding their mobile phone

Secrecy, especially when it comes to the mobile phone, is the number one red flag that can point to emotional cheating by texting. If you notice your husband is hiding their phone, when you enter the room, there’s definitely something to hide. Or if they don’t open their phone around you.

You have to keep track that this is happening for a long time because your husband could be acting sneaky to plan a surprise for you, for example.

2.    Your partner is anxious without their phone

If you’re holding your partner’s phone and there is a message tone, do they get antsy and anxious? Do they grab the phone from you to prevent you from reading their texts? If you go through his phone and see your husband texting another woman a lot, it’s a matter of concern.

3.    Your partner can’t stop talking about another woman

If your husband made a new friend, their excitement is natural. But what if the friendly banter with this new friend develops into a texting affair? If you find that this woman in question has become the hot topic of conversation, it’s probably because your husband can’t stop thinking about her.

If you feel like your partner is obsessed with someone, they crave an emotional connection. A texting affair is probably satisfying his emotional needs.

4.    Your partner has changed their work schedule

One of the most prominent signs of cheating is if your partner has changed their work schedule. Are they working late nights on Fridays? Hanging out extensively with a so-called friend? No matter what the excuse, the emotional cheating by texting can develop into a full-blown physical affair in no time.

Is texting another woman considered to be cheating on a spouse?

Texting other women is entirely okay for your husband. Likewise, texting female colleagues, neighbors, or old friends is entirely normal.

However, what is not okay is if your husband is getting obsessed with this new woman. If you find your husband, a married man, texting another woman with romantic or sexual intentions, that’s a texting affair.

It’s a massive flag that this new woman happens to be a new flame of your partner. In such a scenario, your partner and this person have a history that can skyrocket the texting affair into a physical one.

A usual friendly banter is very different from an emotional affair, and you can quickly identify which is which.

Texting affair

Texting affair: why it appears?

Most extramarital affairs don’t begin with having sexual intercourse with somebody. They start with an emotional connection which a texting affair can easily form. What appears to be friendly banter can soon escalate into sexting and talking about feelings that your partner won’t share with you.

It is the definition of emotional cheating. For example, if your husband is texting another woman a lot, and they seem to be having a deep emotional connection, that is emotional cheating by texting.

What to do when your husband is texting another woman?

1.    Gather evidence of texting affair

If you suspect your partner of emotional cheating by texting, the first step is to gather evidence. The reason is that if your partner realizes you’re suspicious, he could cover his tracks. After you have gathered enough evidence, confront him about the texting affair.

2.    Do you trust your partner?

If your husband texting another woman a lot is completely justified, you have to decide if you trust him. It’s up to you if you accept his explanation for texting other women. His lies make you jealous or paranoid, that’s not your fault.

3.    Can you forgive him?

If you find that the texts to other women were completely normal, what will you do? You will often plan out the worst-case scenario in which he is emotionally cheating by texting. Will you forgive a little flirting, or you find that they share a deeper connection, and that’s a deal-breaker? Figure out what you can forgive him for and what you will not stand for.

4.    Considering couples therapy

If you decide to forgive your partner and give your relationship a chance, couples therapy is an excellent place to start. From helping you deal with the emotional cheating by texting to making your spouse realize his mistake, couples therapy will help you find your way back to each other.

5.    Is ending the relationship an option?

If cheating in marriage is a deal-breaker for you, then emotional cheating by texting is something you should not stand for. If you feel like you cannot get yourself to trust your spouse again, then it’s time to bid farewell to your relationship. Once the trust is lost, it’s hard to earn it back, especially in cases of emotional cheating.

How can I find who my husband is texting and what about?

If you’re feeling paranoid and jealous of your husband’s faithfulness, trust your gut and investigate. With the help of spy apps, you can easily find out if your spouse is having a texting affair.

Put your hunch to rest by catching your spouse red-handed. There are many free and paid methods of detecting a cheating partner; choose which one is perfect for your situation.

Texting Affair Is as Real as a Physical Affair

While texting may seem harmless and superficial, it’s just a few steps away from a sexual affair. It’s better to nip the cheating suspicions in the bud when you notice your husband texting another woman a lot.

Put your paranoia and jealously to rest and find out if your spouse is emotionally cheating on you through a texting affair.

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