How to Find out if Your Boyfriend Is on Tinder?

Tinder’s popularity grows almost at lightning speed. The application helps to find the one with a swipe of a photo.

Being created for lonely people at first, it is still widely-used by engaged or married ones. Why does it happen? Is it difficult to learn if your boyfriend is on Tinder?

A girlfriend is wondering if your boyfriend is on Tinder

Test: 3 Marks that Your Boyfriend or Husband is Using a Dating App


Your boyfriend is constantly chatting or swiping photos on the phone and trying to hide it when watching you nearby.


He creates a password or blocks his phone so you can’t use it, for example, look through pics or text messages.


He has become indifferent and remote, preferring mobile amusement to your common shared activities.


Check the statements with:

  • yes – if you observe the following quite often,
  • no – if there is none of that.

If having two or three positive marks, try to examine his possible Tinder activity.

Tinder: 5 Key Reasons for Popularity among Coupled

As time passes relationships may become some kind of routine. In this case people are searching for any event (person, conditions) able to provide an adrenalin rush or an emotional outburst.

It reminds a crisis that may be quite easily overcome together. To be prepared look through the facts given below and try to avoid such-like matters.

Your partner may go to Tinder because of:

  • emotional distance,
  • lack of ultimate experience,
  • your looking ill-tended,
  • being a heartbreaker,
  • revenging your flirtation in the past.

Methods of Finding out if Your Boyfriend is on Tinder

The best way out is to have a talk with your boyfriend or husband. If your relations are quite harmonized and free of quarrels, it will be easy to learn the truth and solve the problem.

In relations on the verge of cracking it will be helpful to use another variant firstly.

  1. Get his mobile phone and look through the installed apps. You may fail to take this step if there is a password or your boyfriend/ spouse is carrying the device around the whole day and hiding it at night.

  2. Create a fake account. It may be done by yourself or a friend. There being a great number of candidates, it is almost impossible to find a definite person even knowing personal data and location.

  3. Try a Tinder monitoring tool. It is a spyware, easy to install and use. You have to do only three simple steps to know if your boyfriend is using a dating app – buy a soft, set it and watch a partner’s correspondence or other suspicious activities. The spyware is working in a way, imperceptible for your half.

mSpy function - Tinder monitoring

Tinder monitoring applications examples

When choosing an app, it is recommended to read specialists’ reviews and users’ feedbacks. Reliable monitoring tools provide complete and accurate information and 24/7 support on their official websites.


It gives Tinder access in their Premium subscription plan. It goes well with both iOS (7-8.4 and 9.0-9.1 for jailbreak and any version for no-jailbreak usage) and Android (compatible with versions 4+) devices.

Physical access to the target device is necessary for Androids and jailbroken iOS.


It allows Tinder observation in the Premium and Extreme plans. Working with Android (4.0.3-10) and iOS (6.0-13.x) is available.

The target device must be physical accessed for spyware installation.

3 Important Steps when Learning that Your Boyfriend is really on Tinder

If the monitoring has given positive results, have a breath. There is no sense in making temper tantrums.

  1. Gather possible evidence.
  2. Try to analyze your relations (communication, shared activities, inner atmosphere).
  3. Be calm and have a talk with your partner or husband.

Only an affirmative approach may help in solving a problem and saving your nerves.

If your boyfriend is using Tinder for mixing with other girls, it’s time for reevaluating the relationships.

If he has a non-active profile, there’s no problem at all.

mSpy app interface - Tinder tracking

Wondering how to Find out if Someone is on Tinder

Is it possible to find a definite person on Tinder?

A definite person can be found only if being in your match list.

What information do I need for the Tinder search?

The search needs age, gender preferences and location.

How to learn if my boyfriend has deleted his Tinder profile or not?

There can’t be 100% guarantee learning without a monitoring tool. In fact, your boyfriend’s or spouse’s profile will not be shown in Tinder search in two cases:

  • if he turns the Discovery off (the account is not deleted though it can’t get new matches);

  • if he deletes the account through the app or official website (when deleting only an application from the phone he saves the profile data).

A Final Word about Tinder Spying Methods

So, what is the best way of learning if your boyfriend is using Tinder? The one which is the quickest and the most effective for you.

Every girlfriend decides on her own in what way, she is going to track her parter, but using a cell phone spy can help her a lot in revealing the truth.

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