Spy on Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp

Dating with your girlfriend is romantic and breathtaking. The last thing to think about is partner’s cheating. But people pretend to wear “self-deceit” glasses not to realize problems occurring. There are some obvious signs that your girlfriend strays from you.

In his book You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist, David Klow, a famous family therapist notes that if your girlfriend/spouse is distracted and starts changing suddenly and for no obvious reasons, then it seems to be a mark of infidelity.

She has changed the password to her phone, hides what is written in her WhatsApp messages, calls someone in WhatsApp and does not tell you with whom she communicates — these are signs of suspicious girlfriend’s behavior, which may mean she betrays you.

There is a way out: you can easily check what your partner is trying to hide with the help of spyware. Special solutions will allow you to find out her WhatsApp style communication, which files she shares, and much more.

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Tell the truth: Tracking your girlfriend’s WhatsApp

Monitoring WhatsApp will give you a marvelous opportunity to track your girlfriend’s WhatsApp activities remotely. Forget about the need to take her phone each time you would like to check anything! Overall, spying solutions require one-time installation (updates can be installed remotely).

WhatsApp tracking programs provide customers with the information about all chats, as well as multimedia and call logs. Besides, it gives users access to the sent voice messages via the social platform under consideration. In addition, you can monitor the WhatsApp status of the target person even if the option “seen to specific people” is chosen.

Naturally, spyware is something more than tracking WhatsApp only. A qualitative solution will be useful in your path of “getting to know a girlfriend better” and let you check how sincere and faithful your girlfriend is.

Editor’s Choice: Best spying programs up-to-date

To your attention, there are two monitoring solutions that continue to win the majority of the audience. These programs are guaranteed to be beneficial and helpful. What is precious about these solutions, they are gorgeous at tracking WhatsApp activities on the target device. At the same time, they are all-in-one solution and can make monitoring more advanced.


mSpy software Apart from tracking WhatsApp, mSpy is able to spy on Facebook, Snapchat, and other platforms for communication.

This leading spyware possesses powerful and advanced tools to track current GPS location of target user, so that you will know for sure if your girlfriends spends time with friends as she says or not.

A distinguishing mSpy feature is Keylogger. Thanks to it, you will get passwords, frequently typed words and phrases, etc. In pair with access to browser history, this functional ability is second to none.

The manufacturer offers all-day-long customer support and money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services you get.

Mentioned mSpy “skills” are far cry from the whole suite of the program’s features. Follow the link and get a deeper insight in the world of mSpy intelligence activities: www.mspy.com.


iKeyMonitor for free Unlike many other solutions on the market, iKeyMonitor distinguishes with its unbelievable compatibility. It is suitable not for cell phone tracking only. With its help, it is possible to spy on Mac and Windows platforms as well. Such functionality opens incredible opportunities for a customer.

iKeyMonitor distinguishes with its ability to record calls, so you will be aware of incoming and outgoing calls length and content. Geo-fencing is included in the suite of solution functions.

It is capable of tracking WhatsApp, as well as many other social platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. Great news!

Moreover, this spyware possesses an up-market alert and notification system. You can also limit time to use apps or phone in general with the help of Time Limits function.

The manufacturer offers advanced technical assistance and attractive refund conditions. To check the solution on your own — just visit their website: ikeymonitor.com.

Installation Guide: Fast, Easy, Reliable

Overall, installation of spyware takes up to ten minutes. It is simple and does not require to create some accounts while installing the solutions (this is done before, so you do not waste time on that when your girlfriend’s phone is in your hands).

General installation includes three steps:

  1. The first one is unblocking the device and opening a browser. To avoid any possible issues, you can forbid a phone’s system to check downloaded files when installing spyware (this ability is present in the settings).

  2. The second step is following installation app options and choosing the necessary parameters of the program’s performance. For instance, there is a possibility to choose the functioning in the background mode.

  3. The third step is to finish the installation process and delete the information in browser search. All other signs will be hidden by spyware automatically after the installation.


Can I trust free spyware for WhatsApp?

Paid solutions are preferable since they are more qualitative and reliable. Manufacturers take care not about their reputation only, but about the customers’ satisfaction as well.

Is Jailbreak and Rooting a must?

Overall, these actions can provide you with bigger operating and controlling WhatsApp powers. However, spyware for WhatsApp is able to work on unrooted and non-jailbroken devices. It is necessary to check this information on the website.

Is every tracking solution capable of monitoring WhatsApp?

The ability to track WhatsApp belongs to advanced tracking features. So, a lot of programs do not include it. When choosing a solution, please, don’t forget all functions offered.


All in all, any relationship is a work of two partners. The first step to check the trust is to communicate. But when nothing else helps, spyware will become your lifesaver. If your girlfriend prefers talking to you to chatting with someone via WhatsApp, tracking solutions will help you find the truth.

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    1. Hello Mani,

      Sure you can read messages. You should understand that spying on someone else’s phone is not legal. We suggest you to inform this person regarding spying.

    1. Hello Meraj,

      You can install any app, which runs in a stealth-mode. Monitoring software allow you to read all WhatsApp messages remotly and even if they were deleted.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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