How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You?

Cheating is considered an underlying factor in up to 50% of dissolved marriages today, and 90% of people who have an online affair make a habit out of it. With that being said, it makes sense that some people can be really attentive to the fidelity of their partners.

The feeling when you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you is probably one of the worst things in any relationship.

However, this may only be a feeling and there could be no real reason to suspect her. To dispel all doubts, it is necessary that you know everything for sure.

There are several signals that indicate that your girlfriend is cheating on you. It is important that you watch out for the smallest details that have appeared or have changed since you’ve got your doubts.

Below is a list of signs that are a red flag in any relationship.

A couple is looking at the smartphone of a cheating girlfriend

15 signs of a cheating girlfriend (psychology)

Although not all of these signalize that you are being cheated on and there is no guarantee that this is the issue, it is still necessary that you pay attention to the following details.

Remember that a combination of these signs is very troubling and you should act immediately if you notice them.

1) Significant improvement in appearance

If you notice that your partner suddenly changes to a healthy diet and starts exercising, this means that they want to look more attractive. The thing is, this could be either you or someone else. However, if your girlfriend tells you that she is going to meet some friends and starts doing better makeup, and wears seductive clothes, this is not good.

2)  Hiding her phone when you’re around

Once a person starts communicating with someone they like, they tend to check their mobile phones more often than usual. They try answering immediately to each message and often have long chats with their crush. When you are around, your girlfriend will hide her screen or do some nonsense so that you would not notice anything.

Moreover, if she has a computer, check the browser history. If it is empty, this is a sign that she is hiding something. Check it a few more times without asking her anything, and make a conclusion from what you see.

3) There are times when it is impossible to reach her

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, she usually will completely ignore your messages, phone calls, etc. It is likely that the person she is trying to date does not even know about your existence. The excuses are usually basic: sleeping, driving, being in a dead zone, not hearing your calls, working late.

4) Change in a sexual relationship

It might sound weird, but both more or less sex in your relationship could be a sign of infidelity. The former could be because your partner is trying to cover for what they cannot get from the person they like. The latter may be because your partner is being focused on their crush.

The appearance of new techniques is also something that has to be mentioned. While you might be having a good time, it may appear that your girlfriend has learned these outside the relationship.

5) Sudden hostility towards you and your relationship

If the blame for literally anything is suddenly put on you, this might be a way for your partner to cover their guilt. Cheaters often make themselves think that it is not their fault they do this, and it is all the fault of their partner for not being the person they liked, for not appreciating what they do for you, etc.

This creates some distancing and makes it easier for the cheater to leave you. So, a sudden feeling that everything you do is wrong is definitely a red flag.

6) Schedule change

When your partner starts working late or regularly visiting “business meetings”, this might mean that something is not right. The more time they spend in other places like work, gym, and others, the higher the chance that this is just an excuse so that they wouldn’t have to go anywhere with you.

7) Your partner’s friends act weird near you

In most cases, it appears that you are the last one to find out about your girlfriend’s new romance. Her friends will often know all the details first and this will make them feel uncomfortable when you are around

8) New expenses without any explanation

If your partner suddenly starts spending more money, this is also a sign that something is not right. Of course, it is not a bad sign on its own. But in a combination with other worrying signals, this is definitely something you have to pay attention to.

9) No emotional intimacy

Everyone who has been in a relationship for some time knows that feeling when you can trust a person and share your secrets. This is something that bonds people and helps them build long-term relationships.

If you notice that your partner becomes less emotionally vulnerable and, as you can say, does not seem to care anymore, this might mean that your bond has fallen apart.

10) Avoiding uncomfortable questions

When someone is cheating on their partner, they really wouldn’t want to discuss it with them. You could try to ask some questions related to the topic, but they would usually be changed to another topic as fast as possible. It is also possible that you will be blamed for thinking about it. This is often done to shift the blame, so do not let your senses fade after the conversation.

11) Infidelity in the past

People who have cheated on their partners in the past are more likely to repeat it than those who haven’t. One-time mistakes happen, and people can indeed change after these kinds of mistakes, but if your partner kept an affair during a past relationship, it’s definitely something to consider very carefully.

12) Getting irrationally jealous for no reason

Cheaters will try to diminish their own feelings of guilt by projecting their infidelity onto their partner. This can often come up as jealousy and accusations of cheating. Your girlfriend may start calling you out on how you approach your female friends or accuse you of checking out other women while together. In some cases, she may even demand to see your chats with female coworkers or friends and blame you for being ‘too flirty’ with them.

13) Lack of eye contact

Mutual eye contact becomes an unconscious habit of partners who are very close. It indicates a comfortable and open approach between people. Likewise, it diminishes when people grow apart, or don’t want to establish a close and intimate connection during a conversation. It is especially important to look out for this sign during important and difficult conversations, as it may indicate that your partner isn’t willing to let you in on her inner life.

14) Turning off notifications for specific apps

A cheating partner might turn off notifications for a social media app they normally use during the day. When confronted, they might say that the constant notifications are annoying or something along those lines. While that may very well be the case, it might also mean they don’t want to risk you seeing a message pop-up from someone.

14) Lacking any passion when you’re together

It’s rather obvious to see this as a red flag, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes people will lose enthusiasm, drive, and passion during long and stressful periods due to problems at work, not getting enough sleep, etc. These issues can be communicated and resolved. The problem arises when there isn’t a specific reason for a loss of passion during a kiss.

Note that the appearance of any of these signs does not guarantee that your partner is cheating on you. Do not start quarreling before you know that for sure. A single sign is not enough to blame them. If there is a combination of these, then it really is a red flag.

What are some methods that cheating spouses use to hide their affairs? 

Cheating partners often:

  • Have multiple private or hidden social media accounts – this is popular with Instagram and Snapchat users.
  • Rename someone in their phonebook – so it’s less suspicious when they’re talking to their old ‘friend’ or ‘relative’.
  • Use a second phone – to help keep their secret life separate from everyday life.

5 methods to check if a girlfriend is cheating on you

There are several methods to find out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are just mistaken. Some of them are not very reliable, others guarantee that you will find out the truth.

Try talking to her

The fastest and easiest method is trying to talk to your partner. Although there is no guarantee that she will tell you the truth, it is worth trying. Tell her that you really care about the relationship and feel worried about what’s going on.

Ask about the things that worry you, like, for example, her staying at work late too often. Such questions will upset her, whether she is cheating or not.

Then, let her explain her side of the story. Make sure she says everything you ask about. Do not interrupt her, encourage her to continue her story. Watch her body language carefully for signs of cheating. This could be avoiding eye contact, blushing, etc. After that, figure out what to do next: what is better for your relationship?

Girls are at the gym

Visit her workplace, gym, etc.

Although this already might be stalking, it is a possible option to find out why your girlfriend stays late at work or in the gym. If you visit her workplace near the end of her work time, make sure you drop in with something she’d like: coffee, cookies, etc. You will show her that you care this way and will also be able to see the real reason she stays there over time. Maybe, several visits will help you reestablish your relations and everything will change for the better.

Put a GPS tracker to her car

GPS trackers are often an inexpensive and efficient way of monitoring your girlfriend’s whereabouts. They provide real-time feedback on the vehicle’s location, speed, and other important information.

Activate free tracking solutions on her phone

Phones come with pre-installed apps – such as the Find my iPhone app for the iOS – that allow tracking in case they get lost or stolen. However, solutions like this require you to turn on location and tracking on her phone, and she can easily turn them off.

Use spy applications to view her conversations

The most reliable method to find out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you is by installing spyware on her phone.

Generally speaking, these programs let you track the location of the device, view conversations in all possible messengers, make secret photos without her knowing, and more. This solution is something that will help you clarify all doubts no matter whether she is cheating or not.

The best spying software to catch your girlfriend cheating

There are many applications that have similar tools and abilities. However, some of them are very expensive, others are only available on one OS. We have selected the three most optimal choices to make it easier for you.

Spy Bubble App to track cheaters

With a very fast, simple installation process and coverage of all iOS and Android devices, SpyBubble offers plenty of monitoring options. GPS tracking, incoming and outgoing call restrictions, constant screenshot reporting, and access to deleted data are all included in this app.

Compatibility: Android OS 4+, all iPhones and iPads; no jailbreak or rooting required

Prices start from: $29.99 (basic plan)

Free trial option: NO

Customer support: Ticket support

General features: All popular spying functions

Super spying features: Track deleted files, texts, calls; spying on audio and video streams; block the apps and the target device; secret apps detection; camera snapshot. 


uMobix App to catch a cheating girlfriend

uMobix is another very powerful spyware that is available for both Android and iOS. It is very thorough with the information it provides, giving you not only your girlfriend’s location and browser history, information about calls, messages, and files she sends and receives, but also the messages she deletes. It also allows tracking of real-time audio and video streaming of your partner’s device, as well as taking photos without them knowing, in case you need evidence for confronting the cheater.

Compatibility: Android OS 4+, all iPhones and iPads; no jailbreak or rooting required

Prices start from: $49.99

Free trial option: 7-Day trial for only $3.00

Customer support: Ticket support

General features: All popular spying functions

Super spying features: Spying on all popular dating apps (Tinder, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram); deleted information tracking; disable messages; restrict calls.

CHECK uMobix

mSpy app to catch a cheating girlfriend

mSpy software is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It doesn’t require any jailbreaking which makes it much easier to install. mSpy can give you a detailed insight into your partner’s whereabouts, their social media and SMS chats, as well as a look into the photos they send and receive. This can help you confirm or deny your suspicions of cheating.

Compatibility: iOS 7 – 9.1, Android 4+, no jailbreak required, rooting might be required

Prices start from: $48.99

Free trial option: NO

Customer support: Phone, chat, and ticket support

General features: All popular spying functions

Super spying features: Screen recorder, 24/7 Support, uninstall alert, application blocking


Hoverwatch Parental Control Software

Hoverwatch application is only available for Android phones. It is also possible to use it with computers that work with Windows or Mac OS. You can record calls, take screenshots, save contacts, track calls and messages. Hoverwatch can be used without rooting your phone.

Compatibility: Android, MAC, Windows

Prices start from: $28.83

Free trial option: 3 days free

Customer support: Ticket support

General features: All popular spying functions

Super spying features: Call recording, camera tracker, screenshots capturing

CHECK Hoverwatch

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating online?

A phone with mSpy app on it

Online infidelity is getting more and more popular. The positive side of it is that it is much easier to notice. Here is a short FAQ on how to catch anyone cheating online.

Girlfriend is cheating through text messages

Almost 64% of surveyed women admit to using their phones for cheating.

If you have access to her mobile phone, the easiest way to view the messages is by opening the apps she uses. Everything might be deleted, so installing spyware is more reliable. It saves even deleted information and that is why it really helps in such situations.

Girlfriend is cheating via Snapchat

There is an interesting emoji system in Snapchat. People who often text each other receive special emojis near their nicknames. For example, if you send snaps every day for at least a couple of days, this number will be shown in the profile. Look after her account and see whether there is something to worry about or not. If there is something to worry about, install spyware on her phone to view the snaps she sends. Otherwise, you will not be able to see them.

This popular social media phenomenon has been known to encourage flirting and cause many problems in people’s relationships.

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook?

First of all, look at how often she is online on Facebook. Although this is not a key factor to find out about her infidelity, it is something to pay attention to. You cannot view messages without installing spy applications, but you can view what reactions she puts to other people’s posts if their profiles are open.

Facebook recently introduced the ’vanish mode’, making secret conversations much easier to maintain.

How to catch your girlfriend cheating on her iPhone?

If your girlfriend uses her iPhone almost everywhere, you can use this as a chance to catch her cheating (if she really is!). Here are some of the methods:

Use services like Find my iPhone and other similar applications

Find My iPhone is an application that is used to locate iOS devices’ locations. To use the service, open the website, and start the application there. After that, it will show you the location of the device on a map. You can call your girlfriend to ask her where she is and see whether she is lying or not.

Use a cell phone spy for jailbroken/non-jailbroken devices

mSpy is an application that is available for iPhones with and without jailbreak. It has many useful features like monitoring text messages, media, calls, saving deleted information, and more.

A couple in the park

What are some legitimate ways of collecting evidence to prove that your partner is cheating?

Without diving into illegal practices, you can consider something simple.

 For example, showing up unannounced somewhere and seeing how they react, or borrowing their phone with their consent.

Spyware isn’t legal, but it’s very difficult to discover, and it works silently in the background. So, spyware can help when these simple things fail, as it can give you undeniable evidence of infidelity if there really is something going on.

My girlfriend is cheating on me, what should I do?

If you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you, look at the signs that we have described at the beginning of this article.

After that, try to talk to her or install spyware on her phone. This will help you clarify all doubts.

When you find out that she really is cheating on you, think of what’s best for your relationship. Do you really love this person? Maybe, it is better to let her go.

But if you really love her, you must let her feel it and prevent any infidelity. Spend more time with her, let her know that you care, and do everything that a person in love would do.

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