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hoverwatch-free-trial If you are looking for a cell phone tracking app for an Android smartphone, you are welcome to try HoverWatch software for free.

This is a perfect solution to monitor activities on the target Android, MAC, or Windows devices. The installation is really simple, and you can test the tool with a 3-days trial version to find if there is a necessity in purchasing it.

What functions do I get with HoverWatch trial option?

HoverWatch provides you with all spying functions for free, it does not have any special packages with different monitoring possibilities like mSpy for example, where you have to choose among basic or premium versions.

However, you have only 3 days to test the app and when the trial runs out, you should buy a subscription, which actually doesn’t cost that much, only $19.95 per 1 month for 1 user. (in case of buying the product for 1 year, you pay only $8.33 per month).


So with the HoverWatch trial, you can spy on all popular phone’s activities: record calls, read text messages, check IM chats history (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.), view GPS locations, use keylogger function and many other possibilities, which you can check on the official website.

HoverWatch compatibility with OS

You can use HoverWatch app on Android phones, MAC, or Windows PCs. However, there is some difference in spying possibilities for different devices.

HoverWatch Android features

For Android phones there many monitoring features available and there are fewer tracking functions for PCs.

HoverWatch features PCs

Please make sure to look through the features, before purchasing an app in order not to waste money, if the provider does not have the required spying feature.

Why should I try Hoverwatch for free?

If there is a chance to test something for free before buying it, you should definitely do that. And if you would like to spy on Android phone, than HoverWatch free trial version should be #1 on your list.

This spyware allows tracking all popular activities of the target device; it has easy installation and really pleasant subscription plans. As soon as your free trial runs out, the app stops working and sending you the monitoring information, and you must not pay anything unless you would like to buy the app and proceed using it.

Installation and Support

HoverWatch software has very easy as well as clear installation steps, which you get directly to your e-mail. By following the installation guide or video you will quickly set up the tracker and start your spying activity (you see all activities of the target device in your online tracking account which you can access from your PC or phone).

Please mind, that you install the software ON the target device, you want to monitor, thus you need several minutes to do that (physical access is required to the target device). What is more, rooting of the Android device is also required if you want to use all spying possibilities of HoverWatch tool.

Support options

HoverWatch doesn’t have 24/7 support and is not available via phone. You can contact them only by email. However, there are many video guides and other materials in FAQ section on installation as well as other details, which may be interesting to you.

Visit Site Try for free

To sign up for free, you need to visit Hoverwatch website and follow these steps:

  • get an online account (you can use your email and create a password) and press the “sign up” button
  • add new device you would like to monitor (Android, Mac, Windows) and click the button “OK”
  • download and install the app from your account

Don’t forget to get familiar with the terms of use. Using Hoverwatch for illegal purposes is prohibited and may lead to administrative legal proceedings.

Payment and Billing

A monthly subscription equals 1 month or 30 days. The billing cycle starts from the date you subscribed for Hoverwatch. Once you’re subscribed, your balance is updated in several hours. All payments are processed and then added to the system. Therefore, you should wait for a while until your balance is updated once you put money on your account. Sometimes clients use different email accounts to pay and to use Hoverwatch. You can add another email using a special link, so the payment is accepted. Use the website of the company to make these changes.

Can Hoverwatch Be Detected?

You can remain undetected while monitoring target devices. It means that the owners of the connected devices can’t detect whether their calls and messages are monitored. Hoverwatch allows for remote monitoring of your children’s phones, but it’s impossible to identify whether this app is installed on the target devices.

Free HoverWatch Alternatives

The market of smartphone spy apps offers a wide variety of options. You can try some of them for free and decide whether these apps can satisfy your requirements. Here we listed several free alternatives to Hoverwatch.


This app can be used for call monitoring on any smartphone. It’s simple to use, and you can track any activity remotely. iKeyMonitor can be also used to monitor cell phones. Except for tracking incoming and outcoming calls, you can monitor SMS and social media messaging. By tracking locations, you will always know where your children are. Overall, users can track more than twenty activities of target devices. iKeyMonitor is available to download from any browser. The app supports many international languages. The easy installation process makes iKeyMonitor one of the most popular spy apps.



Another parental control application to learn more about the online activities of your children. You can easily track incoming and outgoing calls remotely, SMS, and activities on social media. TheTruthSpy stays invisible on the devices that are monitored. Therefore, you can take care of your kids while they don’t feel restrained or controlled by adults. Parents get any details of online communication of their children. The app is easy to download and use for free. The app is available both for Android and iOS.


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