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iKeyMonitor for free If you have ever thought that your spouse is cheating on you, you should definitely use all the methods to find out the truth. The matter is that is you have some doubts, there are many chances that they are not unsubstantiated. However, sometimes we may mistake, and buying full-licensed spying software we regret, as nothing is happening, and we notice it within several first days of spying. Fortunately, there is an option of using mobile tracker for free – with the demo version that many modern developers offer to their users.

For example, iKeymonitor free trial provides their users and potential customers to test to the software using its free trial version. It guarantees 3-day free trial for the devices running on iOS and life time demo version for Android.

Can You Obtain a Full License for Free?

If you don’t want to spend money on a spying app, for now, iKeyMonitor allows you to relish their full license service for 30 days. What you have to do is sign up now, and you will get a 3-day trial license with all features.

As soon as this license gets expired, it will become a Free basic license that has limited features. To get another 3-day full license for free, you can log in to iKeyMonitor cloud panel and renew it by promoting it on social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For 30-day full license, you can submit your unique story about iKeyMonitor on their blog.

How Does iKeyMonitor work?

Unlike most spying apps, iKeyMonitor is made differently. As soon as a user install this app into the targeted device, it gets transferred into a system app. That means there is no way this app can be removed. Even the software such as Malware scanners and antivirus are unable to locate the iKeyMonitor and affect its functionality.

To use this, you will need to install it on the targeted device. You will have to gain access to that device and jailbreak or root it. You can do it within a few minutes with the help of the basic tools. 

After that, you can install iKeyMonitor, and it is ready to work. Nowadays, most smartphones are already rooted or jailbroken, so you only need to install this app.

iKeyMonitor app works silently in the background of the targeted phone. It does not get noticed even when a user uses any app or close the app. Thus the user will never know that he/she is being spied on. 

The good thing about the iKeyMonitor is, it does work even when there is no cellular network.


iKeyMonitor for iOS

If you are looking for iPhone spy app free, iKeyMonitor can offer you literally everything you need. 3-day trial provides you with all the services that you can receive using full-licensed version. Besides, 3 days is enough to determine whether you need to buy this license or not. So if you are hesitating, just download this free spying app, and start to test it up.

How to Monitor iPhone Activity for Free?

Monitoring iPhone activity for free with iKeyMonitor is quite straightforward. Follow the below steps.

  1. Signing up

First, you need to Sign up for a free trial of iKeyMonitor iPhone monitoring app that shouldn’t take more than a minute.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Panel

Next, you have to log in to the Cloud Panel and follow the installation guide.

  1. Install iKeyMonitor

After that, add iCloud information. It will enable you to monitor targeted iPhone without jailbreaking or downloading the jailbroken edition.

  1. Start Monitoring

It is as simple as that. Now you’re all set to control all the activities of targeted iPhone for free.

Features in The Trial Version

Free iKeyMonitor won’t disappoint those who are looking for entry-level yet reliable spying software. If you want to relish all the basic features of a spying software without breaking your bank, you can go for iKeyMonitor free trial version. 

You can expect to get the following features with the free version:

  • Discreet and Tamper-Proof Monitoring;
  • The size of logs is limited to 50 entries;
  • SMS messages tracking;
  • Call History logging tracking;
  • Screenshots of every small activity in the targeted device;
  • Geo-fencing;
  • GPS tracking;
  • WhatsApp monitoring;
  • Facebook tracking;
  • Contacts on calendars;
  • Keystrokes in any application;
  • No-root keylogger.

iKeyMonitor for Android

Android is the other one popular OS that are used today. That is why iKeyMonitor offers really attractive set of functions that a person may receive starting to use free spying software. Like software for IOS, software for Android provides user with regular reports on all the activity that is performed at the target device. However, for demo version there are some limitations that make usage of demo version not such all-embracing as using of full version.

The first thing is that demo version is NOT non-detectible. It means that a person may easily find out that someone is over him. And the second one is the limitation on log entries – only 50, while the full version does not have any limits.

Besides, even if you have activated iKeyMonitor software, you still may receive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied how the software works.

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Key Features of Free iKeyMonitor

At this time, you probably know that iKeyMonitor is a powerful mobile spying app. Still, you’re not aware of which features of iKeyMonitor deserve your attention. 

So let’s get to know about them one by one.

Keystroke Monitor

It is one of the important features of the app. iKeyMonitor itself measures and keeps a record of all the keystrokes a target user makes on his device. The app gives you a complete data file containing messages, keywords, and everything else that is recorded.

GPS Positioning

ikeymonitor mobile GPS positioning is another essential feature that you get with iKeyMonitor free version. The feature helps you detect the exact location of the targeted device. The app uses the GPS module to identify exactly where the target is. 

If you want to find out where your kids are right now or which places they visited today, iKeyMonitor is the app you need.

Call Monitoring

iKeyMonitor lets you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted device. Moreover, you can also see the contact numbers, profile pictures, names of the users who called or were called.

Message Monitoring

Like call monitoring, the app also enables you to track all the messages that come and go from a targeted device. This refers to messages of SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. In short, you can read all the possible messages of the targeted device in the application’s dashboard. 

One excellent addition to this app is now you can also monitor the messages of Tinder and other dating apps. So if your child or spouse plans on dating, you will be the first to know about it. Even if the target user installs a new chatting app, the iKeyMonitor will immediately detect it and include it in the control panel. 


iKeyMonitor app itself takes screenshots at a specific time or when you want it to do this. You can capture as many screenshots as you want. The good thing is that this feature does not slow down the targeted device. Therefore, you can take a screenshot even while a user is using his phone without letting him/her know.

Media Files Access

Everyone keeps pictures, videos, and other media files stored on their phones. With iKeyMonitor app, you get access to those data. You can copy them directly to your computer. If you encounter the files that you find might be dangerous for your loved ones, you may delete them as well. 

One significant benefit of this feature is, you can keep your kids and spouse away from prohibited content.

Is Using Free iKeyMonitor App Legal?

Many of you might be wondering is using iKeyMonitor app legal? Yes, it is legal. This application is designed to help parents protect their kids from cyberbullying and other online threats. 

Since you will use the app on the smartphone of your kids or spouse, it won’t be a legal issue. iKeyMonitor app is legitimate to use in different states and countries.

Still, if you’re worried about its legitimacy, it is advisable to check with your local authorities. If you’re sure that app is safe and there is no legal issue you can start with Free iKeyMonitor and ultimately buy a complete version.

Moreover, since the app works silently on the target device, you can use it safely without letting anyone know about it. And when nobody knows that iKeyMonitor is present, there shouldn’t be any legality issues.


Customer Service and support

Free iKeyMonitor does not disappoint in this section as well. The app comes with a support page which has options for live chat and raising tickets. They also have FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) section, where you can find answers to all your queries. Apart from this, they also provide various information about the company, such as telephone number and address. 

Pros and Cons of using iKeyMonitor

Before you make your final decision, it is crucial to know some pros and cons quickly.


  • You get a free trial version that lets you analyze its capabilities without paying a single penny
  • It runs on stealth mode, so the target users will never know about it
  • You get all recorded data from a remote location
  • It enables you to block any content on the targeted device
  • Since it supports keylogging feature, it can store all the passwords inputted on the target device.
  • iKeyMonitor provides a 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • The app supports a lot for free stuff


Considering they don’t charge anything for their primary services, iKeyMonitor does not seem to have any significant drawback. However, some users might have a complaint with jailbreaking. To leverage all the benefits of this app, users may have to jailbreak or root the targeted device.  

Final Words

Considering everything together, it would be right to say that iKeyMonitor is a decent app compared to other application available in the market. Moreover, it does not cost you an arm and a leg. Their iKeyMonitor Free plan gives you a lot of features which are payable with other spying applications. 

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