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If you have ever thought that your spouse is cheating on you, you should definitely use all the methods to find out the truth. The matter is that is you have some doubts, there are many chances that they are not unsubstantiated. However, sometimes we may mistake, and buying full-licensed spying software we regret, as nothing is happening, and we notice it within several first days of spying. Fortunately, there is an option of using mobile tracker for free – with the demo version that many modern developers offer to their users.

For example, iKeymonitor free trial provides their users and potential customers to test to the software using its free trial version. It guarantees 3-day free trial for the devices running on iOS and life time demo version for Android.

IKeyMonitor for iOS

If you are looking for iPhone spy app free, iKeyMonitor can offer you literally everything you need. 3-day trial provides you with all the services that you can receive using full-licensed version. Besides, 3 days is enough to determine whether you need to buy this license or not. So if you are hesitating, just download this free spying app, and start to test it up.

IKeyMonitor for Android

iKeymonitor free trialAndroid is the other one popular OS that are used today. That is why iKeyMonitor offers really attractive set of functions that a person may receive starting to use free spying software. Like software for IOS, software for Android provides user with regular reports on all the activity that is performed at the target device. However, for demo version there are some limitations that make usage of demo version not such all-embracing as using of full version.

The first thing is that demo version is NOT non-detectible. It means that a person may easily find out that someone is over him. And the second one is the limitation on log entries – only 50, while the full version does not have any limits.

Besides, even if you have activated iKeyMonitor software, you still may receive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied how the software works.

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