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All parents are anxious about their teenage kids. And all the parents always want to know what their kids are doing right now, with whom they communicate and whether they lie about how they spend time or tell the truth. And of course, all the parents want to know the methods on how to spy on their kids. Care4teen has been created specially for parents, and all its options fulfill all the requirements that parents establish for the tracking software.

Services and options of free spying software

care4teen Care4teen is not only the best software for mobile phone spying, but also a perfect option for the parents who want to track computer activity as well. All the features that are provided by the complex of spying options you can try using free trial version.

Free access to basic features can be activated for 7 days. Within this period you will understand all the principles of working, and will find out whether you need to keep tracking your kid or not. Besides, when you buy the license for using Care4teen, you may receive refund if the services which you receive do not match your expectations. The refund policy is available for 30 days after the license has been activated.

Care4teen free trial for you

Among the options which free spying app Care4teen provides, parents generally choose the possibility to track GPS location, block websites and application and monitor browsing activity.

Using free spying software you will check how real protection from the Internet damage is working and how it influences the behavior of your kid. Moreover, within 7 days of free access to all the features of Care4teen software you will understand how exactly your child behaves when you are not around, and what measures should be performed in order to keep your children safe at the internet.

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