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iKeyMonitor is a spy app, which allows to track the target device in undetectable way. It is a product of Amobile Spy which is one of the departments of Awosoft Technology Co., that was founded in 2005. With such spying app you can easily monitor your children’s cell phone and discover all the truth in order to protect them from potential dangers.

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What makes iKeyMonitor a front-runner spy application?

In simple words, iKeyMonitor has been considered to be one of the most reliable and productive monitoring applications so far. The list of its abilities can’t but impress, the ease of use and customization makes it super-accessible, and well-thought-out support and refund policy turn iKeyMonitor into a second-to-none spying program.

Standard Functionality

As any other spying application, iKeyMonitor includes features to track SMS and calls made on the target device. You can monitor the activities on numerous social media platforms and popular messengers, including WhatsApp and Line. Moreover, you have access to the pictures and photos, as well as videos saved on the target platform. The observation of the files sent on “external” resources is also included to the general functionality. All in all, iKeyMonitor has all common tracking and monitoring functions like:

  1. SMS and calls monitoring;
  2. Social platforms tracking (Facebook, Instagram, etc.);
  3. GPS tracking;
  4. Keylogger.

To get a deeper insight what benefits you will achieve when using the application to the full extent, check out the iKeyMonitor features here: ikeymonitor.com/features.

Unique Features

One of the advanced features of iKeyMonitor is the ability to track the surroundings. In this case, the target device records the surrounding sounds so that you can hear and understand what is going on around the target user. This feature functions excellently, when accompanied by GPS tracking: you will know for sure how a person under surveillance spends time.

The Schedule feature is a unique feature of the application. With its help, you can set limits for screen time, as well as set specific schedules for Surrounding Recording.

Moreover, you can control what games and applications a target user downloads. If there is something dangerous or unacceptable on the device, you can simply block such program. This feature is a lifesaver for parental control and allows protecting children from the negative impact of modern virus solutions, etc.

Discreet and Tamper-Proof Monitoring is a feature that confirms the safe use of iKeyMonitor. It allows you to check and maintain the authorized access to the application.

One more feature worth mentioning is an incredible notification and alert words system. To see exactly how powerful this function is, feel free to visit the website: ikeymonitor.com/alert-words.html.

iKeyMonitor Functions

iKeyMonitor Customer Support

iKeyMonitor Support has the following options: Ticket (e-mail) or Live-Chat support. To note, Live Chat support is accessible 24/7. This service increases the chances to resolve your case in the nearest time possible.

Besides, there is also a FAQ section, where you can find answers to your spying questions. Those people who have already bought this tracker can use User Guide. Moreover, the website has several language versions, so you can easily read the necessary information in any language you prefer. There is also Spy Software Forum to discuss anything with existing customers.

As the icing on the cake, iKeyMonitor possesses several tutorials on how to install and use their product. In this perspective, the learning curve is simplified as much as possible.

iKeyMonitor Pricing Policy

First of all, iKeyMonitor is a rare example of spying programs available for free and completely safe to use. Naturally, the paid plans offer customers much more tracking and monitoring opportunities. Before purchasing iKeyMonitor, you can try it for free within the first days of use and decide whether you need the extra functionality, as well as whether it is a perfect match for your needs.

iKeyMonitor has many subscription plans. You can purchase this application starting from $59.99 per month.

The manufacturer provides users with a discount system when they choose a 12 months subscription. To get more information about the solution’s pricing policy and features included in packages, do not hesitate to visit their website.

Platforms to use iKeyMonitor

Unlike many other spying applications, iKeyMonitor is multi-compatible. Overall, iKeyMonitor is compatible with any Jailbroken device. You can use this solution on iPhone and Android. Moreover, it is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms. To find out more details about the program’s compatibility, check out the link: ikeymonitor.com/compatibility.

Installation Guide: How to install iKeyMonitor

Overall, the installation of iKeyMonitor is a fast and easy process. In order to install this spying solution successfully, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to turn off Google Play Protection. This step is to be done to prevent the flagging of the application. After the iKeyMonitor installation, you can change the notifications in the settings section.

  2. Now it’s high time to download the monitoring program. For that, find iKeyMonitor official website in a browser, sign up for a free account, and log in to the Cloud Panel.

  3. Here we come to the installation itself. Now you are to open the downloaded installer, allow the installation, and open the application after the process is finished. Do not forget to allow the permissions that pop up.

  4. The installation is done. Now you have to configure the program to ensure it functions in a background mode and can’t be detected. For that, exclude iKeyMonitor from Battery optimization, as well as enable Notification and Usage Access. Please, remember to delete the web history and the downloaded installer.

  5. The final step is to login to the Cloud Panel. This is your so-called iKeyMonitor account, where you have access to all monitored and tracked data.

In general, the installation of iKeyMonitor takes up to ten minutes, but not more.

Refund Policy: How It Works

One of the reasons to choose iKeyMonitor is the refund policy. The manufacturer offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. That means your account will be refunded back, if the program does not function properly within the first month after purchase. However, if you have problems or issues with iKeyMonitor, please, do not hesitate to contact their support team: they are always there to help you. The refund policy is valid in the cases when manufacturer can’t solve the problem occured.



Are jailbreak/ rooting a must-have for a proper performance of iKeyMonitor?

Overall, iKeyMonitor is able to function on devices which are jailbroken and rooted and vice versa. The only difference lies in the list of available functions. For instance, to use advanced iKeyMonitor features on Android devices, the target device should be rooted. In order to get a clearer understanding of how iKeyMonitor performs in these modes, follow the link: keymonitor.com/compatibility.

Can I track keystrokes on iPhone/ Android with iKeyMonitor?

Yes, this functionality is included to the list of advanced abilities of iKeyMonoitor.


iKeyMonitor is a multifunctional solution for parental control, employees’ guidance, etc. You can use it to find out the stolen device and prevent many problems and damages caused by active use of the internet and platforms for communication (cyber-safety, protection from predators, and much more). iKeyMonitor offers a wide list of abilities which efficiency can’t but surprise and please. Thousands of users around the globe trust iKeyMonitor for a reason. Go for this spying application and protect your relatives and friends!

iKeyMonitor Spying App PlusesiKeyMonitor Spying App Minuses
  • many customer support functions
  • not high price
  • 3 days free trial
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • compatible only with IOS and Android
  • only basic functions

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  1. iKeyMonitor is a modern spy application that will allow you to monitor your children’s activities conducted on their smartphones, tablets. The Internet world has grown enormously throughout the years, and we need to make sure that our kids are protected from what lies hidden there.

    1. Hello Vicki,

      Please find more detailed info on incognito mode spying in the following post – How to See Incognito History?.
      iKeyMonitor doesn’t have such option, however it allows in general to track web browsing history on Safari/Chrome of the targeted Android/iOS device, including titles, URLs, date and time stamp when websites are visited.
      Please read more here.

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