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53295-mobistealth-boxMobistealth is another spyware on the market today, which allows you both Phone and Computer monitoring. This tracking software protects your kids and business 24/7. With the help of this spyware you can read all the text messages as well as emails on the cell phone, track current locations of the target device, view call details, and many other possibilities. What is more, with Mobistealth PC Monitoring Software all computer activities can be easily checked and spied on. This spying app is available only in English.


Mobistealth provides a list of features for parents and employers to monitor activities on the cell phones and computers. These features are:

  • Monitoring sent and received SMS
  • Spying on calendar activities and contacts
  • Tracking of Chat Messengers
  • Location tracking and many others…


Mobistealth has Blog and FAQ sections with the detailed description of the spyware’s installation and answers to all the questions which can arise. Moreover, you are welcome to write an email to the Ticket support. Also, the support team is available via the phone only from Monday to Friday (9 am – 9 pm EST), and only for those who have Pro subscription plan (with Live Chat the same situation).


There are three subscription plans available by Mobistealth: Basic (only 5 main features), Lite (has more features than Basic plus Live Chat Support), and Pro (all features, support via the phone).

You can buy Basic package ONLY for 2 weeks for 19.99$

Lite package costs 49.99$ and the minimum subscription time is 3 month.

Pro Package has the same subscription time as Lite, but costs 79.99$


Mobistealth cell phone tracking and spying software supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, and Windows Mobile phones (more detailed information about the phone models, you can find on the main website of the spyware).

Mobistealth is presenting a new, long-expecting option for everyone who has been spying on the iOS devices – the non-jailbreak solution for the Apple devices. The time to change you spying has come, and Mobistealth will make it even more effective. If you have been monitoring your kids, spouse, friend, or relatives, perhaps you had been a little bit frustrated with the fact that you had had to use jailbreak to get the information you need, and in this way to expose device to the irruption from other devices. But today you can forget about that and use spying software keeping the target device protected.

How to get non-jailbreak access to information

mobistealth-non-jailbreak The only thing that you need to get this type of access is to install Mobistealth software into the device and use device ID info or password. You will be able to track all the applications remotely enjoy non-detectability of the software. Non-jailbreak solution makes spying absolutely safe and protected both for the owner of the device and a person who uses Mobistealth application.

Provided services

Mobistealth spying software gives users of iOS non-jailbreak version to track SMS and other messages that target device receives. The most important thing is that Mobistealth allows user to read WhatsApp messages – the most frequently used messengers by the Apple device users. History of calls and web browsing is also now in your allowance, as well as contacts of the target device and even some of the multimedia files kept there. Mobistealth supports the idea of secure monitoring and makes everything possible to satisfy customers, keeping them aware of all the changes that are going on in the modern world of spying. Just try new option of the application now, and see how easy it is to control your life.

Refund Policy

Mobistealth offers one month pre-installation money back guarantee in case you either can not install the app on the target device or you can not get access to the target phone.

You can get a 15 days post Installation money back guarantee in case there are issues with the app.

Spyware PlusesSpyware Minuses
  • Available for all popular platforms
  • Has computer monitoring software
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Only in English
  • No special features
  • Not comfortable subscription plans

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Comments (5):
  1. Nice parental control software. I was surprised how many features they offer. I heard about screenshots and call tracking before, but messengers and location tracking is something new. You can even monitor internet browsing. So, if my son visits entertaining web sites too often, I remind him of his classes and baseball training. The only disadvantage is that you can track only one device under one license. It’s not convenient because my kid uses IPad, a laptop and mobile phone at the same time. Maybe they have updated this, but when I bought Mobistealth only one license per device was possible.

  2. I’ve never used a cell phone monitoring software before, so I thought about its buying for a long time. I opted for the Mobistealth, the cost of the application is pretty attractive for the family budget. Moreover, Mobistealth user’s account provides many spying functions simultaneously. There is an opportunity to see not only text messages, but every call log and even video from the phone’s camera. Now I can keep my kids under control, because I can track their phones 24/7.
    However, there is a small disadvantage: I do not have always an Internet connection and can not log into my tracking account. It would be cool, if I get SMS notifications about the activities on the monitored phone.

  3. Never used it on a mobile device, but I use it on PCs in my office and my employees are aware of that. It makes me feel secure about EVERYTHING happening with personal info I share with my colleagues. My intellectual property is safe. Thanx.

  4. I’ve never tried spying software like this, but I’m quite interested in location tracking. A wonderful feature taking into account I have a teen son who never tells me where he is. Has anyone contacted their customer support? I’m curious whether this function is available in the subway or places with poor internet connection. Is the signal received over any distance?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Molly,

      In order to get GPS locations from the target device, it has to have at least some internet connections, so that the tracking software could see the place and send it to your monitoring account.


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