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spyera-phone-bigSpyera is a tracking software for the cell phones and tablets. You simply install this spying app on a target device and can check all the activities in your web account. Moreover, this monitoring software works in a stealth mode, so you can be sure that monitored person will not see it.


This cell phone monitoring software has almost the same tracking functions as the rest of the apps. You can also listen to calls and surroundings with Spyera. The installation of this spying tool takes around 2-3 minutes. Furthermore, you can change the target device (or even device platforms) if needed for free.


Spyera support team is available only via email. You can also try to find the answer to your questions in the help section of the website.


Spyera cell phone tracker suggests the following subscriptions:

PC Monitoring – 3 Months $49
Spy App for Tablets – 3 Months $149
Spy App for phones – 3 Months $189
Tablet, PC, Phone – 1 Year $489

Spyera tracking software is more expensive if to compare with above mentioned apps. Furthermore, not all customers want to install the spying app for three month period.


Spyera – tracking software is compatible with Blackberry, Android, and IOS devices as well as with some Nokia Symbian phones. The only thing is that IOS device must be jailbroken.
Furthermore, Spyera allows spying on computer activities.

Refund Policy

Within 10 days of purchase, you can refund your money.

Cell phone spy Pluses Cell phone spy Minuses
  • Compatible with all popular platforms
  • Computer version
  • Listening and recording of calls and surroundings
  • Only e-mail support
  • Available in English only
  • For IOS Devices Jailbreak required

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    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Sarah,

      You can check this information right in our Spyera review. Their customer has a possibility to refund money within 10 days of the purchase. For more detailed information please visit their website or contact their customer support.


      1. I tried to get my money back the same day and I have still not been refunded. It has been 5 emails and 4 weeks. They won’t refund me. I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.

  1. For the past several months I was looking for spy software for iOS. Finally I found it, Spyera. What’s so unusual about it? Life call listening and SMS about the beginning of the call. It actually works. The only thing I didn’t figure out, is how to make it invisible while listening. My iPhone blinks. Does anyone know how to disable it? Everything else works great. Highly recommended.

  2. Hello! I have never had the program like this. It’s cool thing, I think. Now I know everything about my child. I worried that he doing something bad, but now I know everything he has done. Thank you so much for this app! This app has a location tracking, so I can see where is my child any time and I can listen every his conversation!

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