Tracking on Browser’s Incognito Mode: Is That Possible?

mSpy allos to track Browser history in incognito modeIf you’re a caring parent you’re probably interested in your kids’ online activity when you’re not at home. The best way to check if everything’s all right is to look through the history of the internet browser on your home computer. However, there’s always a catch. Google Chrome has a very specific function – Incognito Mode. It allows to surf the net without being noticed. Data browsed through the browser is never saved. It’s practically impossible to track anyone’s activity, isn’t it? Well… nope.
Be a clever parent and remember, that there’s always a chance to track your kids’ inappropriate activity no matter how hard they’re trying to hide it.

mSpy: The Only One to Track Incognito Browsing

The most popular browsers are no longer private with mSpy incognito mode browsing. The brand new mSpy desktop version is able to monitor incognito mode of most part of internet browsers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows, that mSpy update allows its users to track on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Edge history even in the incognito mode.
Moreover, mSpy is capable of making screenshots of the target computer’s desktop in certain intervals. This way you’ll get the user’s activity in his or her desktop browser including keyboard keys, online apps and e-mails.
mSpy is able to follow the activities on the latest updates of most popular browsers!


How does mSpy Incognito Spying Actually Work?

Incognito mode doesn’t save anything after you leave the browser. However, mSpy is able to monitor the incognito browser activity and save it into your personal mSpy account.
If you’re a registered mSpy user, you’ll get a possibility to use mSpy for spying on anyone’s internet activity in most used browsers. You won’t be able to track on someone’s incognito mode activity online, but you’ll be able to save everything done from the target device to check it later through your personal mSpy account.

Why Is It Useful?

Spying on incognito browsing is mostly useful for parents willing to know about things your kids do while staying online when you can’t see it. They’re sure that incognito browsing can hide tracks of their activity looking for inappropriate things on the net.
Tracking your kids’ activity is absolutely legal. However, it’s illegal for those trying to track on boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses.

Who Needs mSpy Incognito Tracking?

Track incognito mode with mSpy

That’s simple. Spying on incognito browser mode is perfect for:

  • Caring parents (legal);
  • Business owners (partially legal);
  • Wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends (illegal if not negotiated beforehand).

Basic mSpy Features

mSpy is one of the oldest and most powerful tracking apps. It is able to track:

  • Incoming and outcoming messages and calls;
  • Internet browser history;
  • All of the instant chat messengers;
  • Media of all sort;
  • Tracking on applications and a possibility to delete those that you think to be inappropriate;
  • GPS;

The list is huge; you’d better visit the official web resource for more info.


mSpy Improvements

One of the best mSpy improved features is its complete invisibility. Each and every year the specialists of mSpy do their best to make your online tracking invisible for the owner of the mobile device. This app can’t be noticed at all unless you make a hard reset of a target device. There’s no way to track mSpy activity on the device.
mSpy deals with one of the hardest tasks for tracking applications. It helps you to follow a person’s browser activity even if he or she uses an incognito mode. It’s definitely worth spending money on, cause it’s one of the perfect applications combining a set of basic functions plus a set of extra options unavailable for most of the spy apps.

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14 Responses
  1. I have a few questions:
    Can this service track incognito activity in iphn 6 in private browsing and chrome incognito mode? Also can it get all activities done on the target’s phone? i.e. texts, phone calls even when target deletes it? How much is it and is there a satisfaction guarantee?

  2. What if I can’t root my Android LGE LM-X210 (G) phone? It’s not 100% paid for so it won’t let me.. what package would you suggest I get with the most capabilities for an Unrooted phone?

    • Hello Staci,

      Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t root your personal phone, you should root the phone you want to monitor.

    • Hi there,

      You can check all activities only when the tracker is installed on the device. Thus no past history (which happened before tracker installation) can be monitored.

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