How to See Incognito History?

If you’re a caring parent you’re probably interested in your kids’ online activity when you’re not at home. The best way to check if everything’s all right is to look through the history of the internet browser on your home computer.

However, there’s always a catch. Google Chrome has a very specific function – Incognito Mode. It allows people to surf the net without being noticed. Data browsed through the browser is never saved. It’s practically impossible to track anyone’s activity, isn’t it? Well… nope.

There are various methods to go about tracking on browser’s Incognito mode that you can check out below.

Be a clever parent and remember that there’s always a chance to track your kids’ inappropriate activity no matter how hard they’re trying to hide it.

How Does Incognito Mode Work?

Incognito browsing mode does not save information your standard browsing session would.

“Incognito mode” generally stands for Chrome’s private browsing, but almost all browsers nowadays have it, including Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari.

So, your browsing history, site data such as cookies, and permissions you gave to websites will not be saved. Also, any forms that you enter (such as username and password to log in to a website) will not be kept.

Keep in mind that downloads and bookmarks aren’t deleted. Even though something you downloaded in Incognito will not be found in the history of downloads, it’ll still remain on your device. Also, the bookmarks you create or edit will be kept.

Can Someone Track Private Browsing?

Private browsing makes it seem like it is impossible to track it because there are no traces left behind.

Yes – your browser might make it look like there was no activity from your side whatsoever. However, is it really invisible?

The answer is no. The activity just won’t be saved to your local history. But that is not to say that someone cannot track your incognito browsing because they can.

If you are on a network, whoever runs it will be able to track your browsing activity through servers. The same goes in case you are using a proxy. Your internet service provider is also able to see your info, as well as search engines that can use the data for advertisement. You’ll probably notice that search suggestions are still tailored to all of your sessions, even the Incognito ones. A portion of the data is also saved on your device and can be tracked.

Why Do You Need Incognito Tracking?

First and foremost: Who needs incognito tracking?

That’s simple. Spying on incognito browser mode is perfect for:

  • Caring parents (legal);
  • Wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends (illegal if not negotiated beforehand).

Spying on incognito browsing is mostly useful for parents willing to know about things your kids do while staying online when you can’t see it. They’re sure that incognito browsing can hide tracks of their activity looking for inappropriate things on the net.

Tracking your kids’ activity is absolutely legal. However, it’s illegal for those trying to track on boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses.

Methods to Track Incognito Mode

There are a couple of free methods to track Incognito or private mode:

Internet service provider. An internet service provider can see their users’ browsing history. It depends on laws and practices in various countries, but they usually won’t give out this information to you unless authorities are involved, and there is a major reason behind it (e.g., a missing person).

Through the Windows firewall. Checking the firewall will show the traffic for a device, including Incognito sessions. However, it first needs to be enabled. To enable Windows firewall logs in the first place, press the Windows key and R at the same time. This will open the Run box, where you should type “wf.msc” and press OK. This will open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Then right-click on it > Properties > Private Profile > Logging > Customize > turn on Log Dropped Packets. You need administrator permissions to do this.

When this feature is enabled, the log files can be found under Windows Firewall with Advanced Security > Monitoring > Details > Logging Settings > then click the file path right of the File name.

This will open the log in Notepad, and it can contain a couple of thousands of entries, so it’s not really easy to read. It contains timestamps, fields, date, actions of your connection, size, etc. The visited sites are represented as IP addresses, which you will need to convert into domain names.

In addition to being difficult to interpret for the ordinary user, these log files only work on Windows, and you need an uninterrupted connection to the device to be able to open it.

Wifi-Router history logs. For this method, you’ll have to go to your router settings page, which is most commonly accessed via entering the local IP address of your router.

Pro tip: Most of the routers use a generic IP address, 192.168. 1.1, which you should enter.

Next, you should log in with your router credentials and find Logs. You’ll be able to see visited IPs along with the LAN IP of the user. Visited IP addresses (Internet Protocol addresses) have their corresponding URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that will take you to the visited websites. You can convert IPs to URLs if you use them as a domain name..

However, note that some versions of routers will not have this feature and all and that it also may look different with different routers.

Use an extension. If you use Off The Record History, you’ll be able to check the browser history of visited websites in Incognito. It is only for desktop devices and Google Chrome, so it can be found in Chrome’s web store. After you install this extension, you should go to “Manage Extension” and turn on “Allow in Incognito.” Whenever you are browsing and click on the extension, you’ll be able to see a list of visited sites under the tab “Full history.” However, once you exit browsing, it will be gone.

Spy apps. These are apps for iOS and Android phones that can track browsing history, including Incognito. mSpy is particularly known because it allows monitoring of private browsing sessions, including the keystrokes and someone’s website bookmarks. All of the data will be available to you from your personal Spying Control Panel. Spy apps can also track messages, calls, and other activities.

mSpy allos to track Browser history in incognito mode

While these methods may work, depending on your device and permissions, some come with certain disadvantages. Firewall and router logs are not readily accessible, and your network service provider will give you the info you need unless there’s an emergency. The Off The Record History extension won’t be of much use once the private session is closed.

Spy apps might be considered as an alternative because they avoid those downsides by collecting data stealthily and having no restrictions of that kind.

Using mSpy to Track Incognito Browsing

The most popular browsers are no longer private with mSpy incognito mode browsing. The brand new mSpy version is able to monitor incognito mode of the most part of internet browsers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows, that mSpy update allows its users to track on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Edge history even in the incognito mode.


mSpy is able to follow the activities on the latest updates of most popular browsers!

Moreover, mSpy is capable of making screenshots of the target computer’s desktop in certain intervals. This way you’ll get the user’s activity in his or her desktop browser including keyboard keys, online apps and emails.

How does mSpy Incognito Spying Actually Work?

Incognito mode doesn’t save anything after you leave the browser. However, mSpy is able to monitor the incognito browser activity and save it into your personal mSpy account.

If you’re a registered mSpy user, you’ll get a possibility to use mSpy for spying on anyone’s internet activity in most used browsers. You won’t be able to track on someone’s incognito mode activity online, but you’ll be able to save everything done from the target device to check it later through your personal mSpy account.

Why Is It Useful?

Spying on incognito browsing is mostly useful for parents willing to know about things your kids do while staying online when you can’t see it. They’re sure that incognito browsing can hide tracks of their activity looking for inappropriate things on the net.

Tracking your kids’ activity is absolutely legal. However, it’s illegal for those trying to track on boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses.

Basic mSpy Features

mSpy is one of the oldest and most powerful tracking apps. It is able to track:

  • Incoming and outcoming messages and calls;
  • Internet browser history;
  • All of the instant chat messengers;
  • Media of all sort;
  • Tracking on applications and a possibility to delete those that you think to be inappropriate;
  • GPS.

browser history tracking

The list is huge: you’d better visit the official web resource for more info.

mSpy Improvements

One of the best mSpy improved features is its complete invisibility. Each and every year the specialists of mSpy do their best to make your online tracking invisible for the owner of the mobile device. This app can’t be noticed at all unless you make a hard reset of a target device. There’s no way to track mSpy activity on the device.

mSpy deals with one of the hardest tasks for tracking applications. It helps you to follow a person’s browser activity even if he or she uses an incognito mode. It’s definitely worth spending money on, cause it’s one of the perfect applications combining a set of basic functions plus a set of extra options unavailable for most of the spy apps.

Can mSpy be Hidden?

You have both options to show the icon or hide it. It depends on the reason for which you are using it. If you are using it for spying purposes, it’s better to hide the icon. You can choose a suitable option according to your needs, then click on ‘Continue’, and proceed with the next step.

How to Install mSpy to See Incognito History?

mSpy is one of the top Android incognito search tracing and mobile phone tracking applications available. It offers a lot of features that make it one of the best apps for parents who want to monitor their children. mSpy is compatible with smartphones, and tablets that run on Android 4+, iOS 7 – 8.4, 9.0, 9.1 with Jailbreak and iOS 7 – 11+ without Jailbreak.

mSpy determines when the target Android device accesses the incognito mode on the internet.

It supports Chrome Incognito as well as Firefox Private.

The process of installing mSpy is simple. Just need to comprehend some easy steps.

Before Installing mSpy on Android to track Incognito

Installing this app on Android is a simple process. However, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Your device must be Android 4+ operational.
  • It must be connected to the web.
  • You have physical ownership of the target device to install mSpy.

Note: You need to buy a premium subscription for mSpy to track the incognito browser on Android. Subscriptions are available for one month, three months, or 12 months.

How to Track Incognito browsing History on Android?

If your children are Android users, then you might be interested to know which websites they are browsing the most and what are their recent online activities. Here you need a third-party tool like mSpy. This app has all the features you require to access the private browsing history as well as recover incognito tabs of your device from any location.

Step 1: Visit the main mSpy’s website

The first step is to buy the subscription from mSpy’s main website.

Step 2: Installation and set up

Once you buy a subscription, you’ll see a confirmation email in your inbox. Click on it and download mSpy. Now you can install this app on your child’s phone.

Step 3: Start tracking.

Last but not least, log into the Control panel of mSpy and start monitoring all activities of your children, including apps, texts, GPS location and recover incognito history on Android phone, etc.

Monitoring Browser on iPhone

The installation process on the iPhone is quite different from installing on an Android-based device. If you are monitoring iPad/iPhone, you don’t need to install any apps on the phone, mSpy will connect you to the iCloud account directly. Although iCloud has limited features, it is compatible with all iOS versions. Make sure you have the iCloud ID and password to enable iCloud backup on the target device.

Is it Possible to Track Incognito in Google Chrome?

Yes, it is possible. If you have complete access to a specific device, you can install an incognito tracking app like mSpy App. It is compatible with every Android, iOS device or even with computers. It tracks and records all activities of Incognito browser taking place on a target phone.

Conclusion: Track Browser’s Private Sessions

Using the applications mentioned above, you’ll be able to access all the browsing, download, and web page history records in incognito mode. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to view call logs and messages on the targeted device. All you need to do is download these applications and tap into the user’s data.

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  1. This way I managed to know what my dear wife was willing to get as a birthday present. She’s been visiting one and the same shop constantly having a look at one and the same pair of shoes. They were quite pricey, but imagine how happy she was to get the desired pumps!

  2. Such software helps me to control my kid’s activity on the net. No matter what she’s looking for and no matter whether it’s accidental or not, I’m always sure there’s nothing to worry about – my child won’t get involved into indecent and unwanted activities.
    I can see the images that she viewed, I can block certain sites and I’m always aware of my kid’s worries, because I can check her search queries. I never read her personal messages and actually ignore instant messengers, that’s too personal I suppose.
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  3. I have a few questions:
    Can this service track incognito activity in iphn 6 in private browsing and chrome incognito mode? Also can it get all activities done on the target’s phone? i.e. texts, phone calls even when target deletes it? How much is it and is there a satisfaction guarantee?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello there,

      Yes, mSpy software could help you to track all browser’s history as well as incognito searching.
      With its help you may also view all other phone activities: all messages, deleted chats, call logs, instant messages, locations and many other cool tracking features.

  4. What if I can’t root my Android LGE LM-X210 (G) phone? It’s not 100% paid for so it won’t let me.. what package would you suggest I get with the most capabilities for an Unrooted phone?

    1. Hello Staci,

      Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t root your personal phone, you should root the phone you want to monitor.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hey Tracy,

      Yes, mSpy software tracks activities in incognito mode on phones (iPhone or Android).

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi there,

      You can check all activities only when the tracker is installed on the device. Thus no past history (which happened before tracker installation) can be monitored.

  5. My 14 year old Son lives with me but he is on his Fathers phone plan. Can I still download mspy premium onto his phone even though I am not the legal owner of his phone? Also, once the download is completed onto the target phone, can I access the info from my own separate device to view the activity on the target phone or do I have to have the target phone to access information?

    1. Hey Val,

      Yes, you can install mSpy to track your child’s activities. Yes, as soon as you install a spyware on your son’s target phone, you can login to your online account on any device you personaly use.

  6. Can I track Incognito mode in Chrome on a Huawei android?

    And can I track private browsing on ipad 9.3.5 using Safari?

  7. Hi! Can mspy track an IPhone 7 google search and safari? At the same time! And also, track when they try to search on privet mode? Also! Deleting the history of both web?

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