What is SMS tracker and how it works?

Communication technology is developing in leaps and bounds in this fast-paced world.  These days we cannot imagine our lives without many useful technological features solidly entrenched themselves high and low.

One of the most popular digital tools we use for communication with outside world is a text messaging. Texting is not only just means of entertainment, but is undoubtedly a practical way to solve lots of our everyday questions.

 But with its positive effects, texting might, at the same time, carry a risk to be approached by intruders who can endanger the safety of our kids, spouses or elderly parents. 

There are many other inoffensive reasons that make us go to lengths for having SMS tracking application and make sure that our loved ones are not exposed to insecurity and danger.

In light of these circumstances, the need to find out a little more about spying apps comes home to many of us.

What is SMS tracker?

SMS tracker is a special kind of software which can hunt down incoming and outgoing text messages. It is usually provided in combination with other spying features (like hacking phone calls or location and browser history of your target phone), but today we will be focusing on message tracking.

SMS tracker collects all the data regarding your target’s messages and transfers it into your personal account. You are able to check all the messaging remotely any time without being noticed (if the app is installed without your child or elderly parent consent).

Since we already know that it is legal to use such apps for protection purposes, we can safely install them on our mobiles (or other devices) – to guard our families from harm.

Hidden SMS tracker apps

There are many SMS tracking applications compatible with current platforms and gadgets. It is a matter of few minutes to get acquainted in this quick review with the most popular SMS tracking apps, install one of them and enjoy its benefits.

 It is worth to mention the following well-known apps that can help you to effectively read all text messages and constantly deliver you the most recent information from the target monitored device:

mSpy SMS tracker app

mSpy SMS Tracker allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming messages sent via the oldy-moldy SMS medium as well as through new popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, SnapChat, Viber or Facebook Messenger (called as MMS). With this tracker you even will be able to check messages that were already deleted from the target mobile.

What is more, having installed mSpy SMS tracker, you are given a free hand to other hacking opportunities (e. g. checking call logs, emails, multimedia files and MMS and remote blocking of apps).

mSpy app interface of SMS tracking feature

One of most interesting elements of mSpy SMS hacking app is so called Utilization Reporting, which enables you to see a graphical image of messaging activity throughout a day. This feature becomes especially helpful in business environment, if the employer wants to make sure that the company mobiles are used as intended, but not for personal advantage.

It was already mentioned above about high compatibility of mSpy SMS tracker with all popular platforms.

However, if you need more advanced spying features besides reading of text messages, installation of mSpy SMS tracker for iPhone can only be done after jailbracking of the device, and in case of Android – upon its rooting. Nevertheless, an exceptional support team is always happy to help you through the process.

Try mSpy now

Hoverwatch – free SMS tracker for Android

Hoverwatch Tracker – is one more popular and reliable app with similar features and a free trial period. As already mentioned, it works with Android, Mac and Windows, and enables you to check all the messages sent or received by your target regardless the way they were sent, weather SMS or MMS.

hoverwatch-free-trialTalking about hacking messages sent through social media platforms, it is worth to mention that with this tracker you can not only view and save the content of all the chats, but do the same with all the attachments such as video and music tracks, pictures, etc.

With this function you will not miss important information which might be not inside the message content (which can be quite innocent or even empty), but outside of it.

Once you have installed Hoverwatch SMS Tracker, you become automatically empowered with large set of additional tracking functions and features. For example, you can easily track target location, browser activity and have all call data including an access to phone book of your child or parent. At all events, an optimal combination of all these functions is more than sufficient to have complete information about target activity.

In addition, with free hidden SMS tracker like Hoverwatch application you can track as much as five devices at the same time – in case you have more than one child or a number of employees with business cell phones.


You do not need to have any special skills for installing either mSpy or Hoverwatch text message spies. The whole process for any of them is quite straightforward and does not take much time. All you have to do is:

  • create a free online account with a secure password,
  • follow the guide to download and install an app on yours and your target’s phone,
  • view all the data remotely from your device.

In case you choose an app with premium features, you should confirm fee for the picked package and follow instructions sent to your email address for setting up your account. All next steps are the same and as simple as ABC. But if you feel uncertain, you can use a tutorial, which will guide you through all the installation steps.

Does a free SMS tracker without installing on target phone exist?

In order to track text messages on the target device, you need around 10-15 minutes’ access to it to install a cell phone spyware. After the spyware is installed, it starts working in a hidden mode, so that the owner of the device doesn’t know anything about it. You may login to your online monitoring account and check all SMS messages on the target device.

There is a chance to install such software remotely WITHOUT access to the target device, only if it is iPhone. Please read more about remote installation here.

In terms of free SMS trackers, there are no absolutely free SMS tracking apps, but there are some of them, which provide you with free trial options to test their software.

Solution to your problems

To make the long story short, it is obvious that SMS tracking applications can serve the good turn to responsible parents and employers. In this quick review we drew most of your attention to mSpy and Hoverwatch spy software since they are rated as the most efficient and trusted apps with various unique hacking features that make us less worry about our children and employees.

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