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viber logoViber is a popular free platform for communication, providing users with the opportunity to chat, send voice messages and other media files, as well as make calls.

This app is beloved for its high quality of connection and sound clarity, the ability to make calls around the world at no cost, battery-saving performance, as well as convenient and intuitive interface and the ability to encrypt correspondence.

It is not a surprise people decide to track Viber’s activities since they can provide you with numerous facts about the person, his or her habits, style of communication and humor, and much more.

Which information can I get when spying on Viber?

If the spyware is chosen properly, you can find out interesting data about a person under surveillance. For instance, you can get to know what files he or she sends via Viber, how often he or she makes calls on Viber and spends time there in general. Besides, spying applications allow getting to know the time specifications of the calls, list of contacts, and much more.

All-in-one spying solutions: other functions

Naturally, no matter how advanced Viber Tracker is, it may turn out to be not enough to satisfy the most demanding customers. Apart from this functional opportunity, reliable monitoring solutions offer a lot of features to get interested in:

  • SMS and calls tracker;
  • To-do list, calendar, and notes tracker;
  • The ability to monitor messengers, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Access to files on the target phone;
  • Access to deleted files on the phone, as well as deleted calls
  • Browser Search History;
  • Keylogger;
  • Ability to spy on multiple devices;
  • High compatibility (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows);
  • Screenshot feature.

read viber chats

Second-to-none: which spying solution to choose


When it comes to choosing a device to work efficiently in the background mode, Hoverwatch is one of the solutions to remember. It impresses with the list of advanced features, including Keylogger, GeoFencing, Sim Card replacement detections, etc. Intrigued? Check it out on


This spying solution is popular among thousands of customers all around the globe. What makes this application so beloved? Thanks to its varies and advanced functional opportunities, you are able to check on various devices with the help of mSpy. Easy installation, quick access to the monitored information, multi-language support, twenty-five spying functions, — all of these make mSpy a real lifesaver. Follow the link to check it out:

Installation guide: how to install spying solution

Even though each application can have its own installation peculiarities, the overall scheme of installation is pretty much the same for a lot of applications. The difference usually lies in the platform’s version and kind (iOS or Android, for instance), as well as the fact whether the device is jailbroken and rooted.

In general, the installation process includes these stages:

  • Open a browser on the target device. Visit the official page of application to install, log in, and download the program.
  • Follow the installation guide of the program, choose necessary options (for instance, whether you need it to perform in the background mode or not).
  • Finish the installation and start using spyware.


Is free solutions as qualitative as paid spyware?

The answer is obvious. Please, note that we highly recommend choosing paid monitoring applications since they are more reliable and solid than their free substitutes.

If I dislike the solution, what should I do?

A lot of manufacturers offer a refund policy for their customers, including 30-Day money back guarantee, if they failed to help you solve the issue with the program. This information is to be checked with the manufacturer. Besides, it is available on the official page usually.


Access to Viber activities on the target device will provide you with outstanding opportunities to discover the person under consideration, understand him or her much better than ever before. Moreover, it is a perfect way to protect your beloved ones from predators, frauds, and internet threats of the XXI century.

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      Hello dear reader,

      You can monitor your wife’s chats with the help of cell phone spy. You need to choose the best app for you to monitor your wife’s activities. In order to spy on Viber on iPhon, the Apple phone should be jailbroken.
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