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According to the recent researches, Viber takes one of the leading places among the IM chats. There more than 200 millions of users around the world, and the popularity of Viber continues to raise. Perhaps each smartphone owner has Viber app installed. The popularity of Viber determines the necessity to develop monitoring software that would operate successfully on different devices. Fortunately, the developers have found the effective ways to get access to the Viber data, and now everyone can download special spying software that supports this app.

What for do I need spying on Viber?

Viber Spy Software If the person you want to look after uses Viber, you should install special software that allows to receive all the information about the activity performed with this app. What for, you will ask. The first reason we would like to mention is the necessity to control the behavior of your employees. Some of them use Viber to transmit insider information about your company or just to spend working time communicating with their friends. The second reason is that Viber is the most popular app that teenagers use. If you have a teenage kid, you need to make sure that no one abuses him virtually. And the third reason is the possibility to monitor spouses and partners. If you have some hesitations, Viber spy software will always help you red rid of them without the necessity to discuss your doubts.

Possibilities of spying software for Viber

Spying software for Viber is usually developed in such a way to give a user access to all the files, messages, and contacts that are kept within the Viber account of the target. Besides, the applications of this type usually are designed to intercept all the information at the target device which may be not related to the Viber itself. Installing the tracking software decide whether you want to receive each piece of information available on target device or just a piece of it. Different software providers offer different plans for users who want to get all the information, users who want to receive some basic reports only, users who want to track the target only for a couple of months, and users who want to track target for a longer time.

How to install and use the software

In order to install Viber monitoring software you need to have a direct access to the target device. Generally, the process of installing applications of this type takes only a couple of minutes. However, you still need to get access to the device. When the software is installed into the phone or tablet, you need to set up the options. If you do not want to change the settings, you may use software with the options installed by default. Each software will send you regular reports on the Viber activity of your target. You will get access to this information via your personal account. Login and password to this account you get as soon as you buy license for using Viber tracking software.

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