How to Spy on Instagram?

With the help of modern technologies such as the Instagram spying app, it is quite convenient to get an insight into someone’s private account on Instagram.

Although, internet is full of unreliable and fake tracking applications which is why one should always rely on paid spying solutions. People often opt for these tracking solutions to keep an eye on their rebellious teenage kid or a spouse that might be unfaithful.

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Is spying on someone’s Instagram account really possible?

Monitoring someone’s online presence without alarming them is a complicated task. One might come across a number of ways to spy someone’s Instagram account such as using the ‘forgot password’ method or opting for an Instagram spying solution. These apps help capture the user name and password from the target device to gain full access into someone’s account.

There are a number of reliable spying apps that will be discussed later in the article.

What is Instagram spying app and how does it work?

Instagram spy app enables the user to access Instagram messages of a target profile along with comments on the posts and other content.

Spying app helps the user to keep updated about every activity on the target account i.e. links, documents, images, and videos.

Firstly, the monitoring solution is to be downloaded and installed in the device that is in question. While installation, permission to access Instagram app must be granted. After that, the user will have full access to the target device’s Instagram account.

The data will be available at a user-friendly dashboard along with time, date and the name of the sender. The task is carried out in a stealth mode so the person being monitored will not be notified about any of this.

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Purpose of using Instagram spy apps

Instagram spy apps can provide great help in alleviating potential risks of being exploited on internet, specifically Instagram. Damage can be avoided by foreseeing unpleasant circumstances with the help of Instagram spying apps.

Benefits for parents

Kids nowadays are exposed to all kinds of misadventures over the internet i.e. cyberbullying and interaction with sexual predators. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms among teenagers and has all the capability to put them in a more vulnerable position with all the pictures and personal information that they share.

Parents find Instagram monitoring to be their best option to keep an eye on their child’s browsing habits and social media activities.

Benefits for Individuals

People often feel the need to keep themselves up to speed when it comes to their suspiciously acting spouse. Platforms like Instagram have changed the dynamics of cheating and being unfaithful. The ease by which people interact with someone over Instagram and share direct messages is worrisome for most partners.

So to keep an eye on a partner and stay updated about their whereabouts, Instagram spy apps are looked up to for the rescue. With their help, one can easily catch their partner cheating on Instagram.

With just one installation, one can get full access to their partner’s Instagram account and see what they’re up to.

Best Instagram spy apps

Internet is filled with Instagram spying apps but one cannot trust them all. Following is the list of leading Instagram spying apps with great features that can help make an informed monitoring decision.

mSpy ♥♥♥♥♥

mSpy software

Along with other useful features, mSpy tracking app enables user to read all sent and received messages and view links in Instagram DM. Although, mSpy runs on both Android and iOS mobile devices and has many spying features. However, Instagram tracking feature is available for rooted Android devices in premium package only.

FlexiSPY ♥♥♥♥


This tracking solution offers full access to Instagram direct messages with its Premium and Extreme packages on both Android and iOS devices.

Highster Mobile ♥♥♥


Highster spy app offers full access into someone’s Instagram profile i.e. direct messages and pictures uploaded on the account. The feature is available on both iOS and Android in the premium package.

What can I monitor on Instagram with a spy app?

Instagram spy apps offer a great number of features that enable the user to gain access into someone’s private account. With the help of these tracking solutions one can easily:

  • Read Instagram chats.
  • Spy on Instagram private photos.
  • Check Instagram direct messages.
  • Get into someon’s Instagram without password.
  • Spy on someone’s Instagram without them knowing or any kind of notification.
  • Read all deleted messages.
  • View all information along with the time and name of the sender.

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Devices compatible with Instagram spying software

Instagram spy apps work equally well on iPhone and Android devices. Number of features for both operating systems is similar; however, installation process might be a bit different.

How to monitor someone’s Instagram on iPhone?

  1. In order to spy on someone’s Instagram account if the target device is an iPhone, make sure that it is jailbroken.
  2. Disable the antivirus to stop it from scanning the spying program files. The spyware works by capturing each and every keystroke typed on Instagram and captures screenshots as well.
  3. Password and username can easily be captured to spy on the profile.

How to track someone’s Instagram on Android?

  1. Instagram spy tool works well on Android devices and the procedure is similar to that of an iOS. However, the rooting is required.
  2. Once the spyware is installed, the user starts to receive every keystroke from the target device on the dashboard including username and password.
  3. That can be used to hack the account to log into someone’s private account.

Pros and cons of having Instagram spy app

  • It provides full access to someone’s Instagram profile including direct messages, links, as well as photos that are posted on the account.
  • Instagram spy app doesn’t require any two-way authentication or a survey.
  • It starts monitoring and capturing information right after the installation.
  • Instagram monitoring is an exclusive feature and is only available in premium packages.
  • Spying on someone’s private social media account is an invasion of privacy and has legal consequences.

Instagram spy apps – reliable or not?

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites among individuals. People are at constant risk of being exposed to harmful circumstances. In order to protect loved ones from any misfortune, opting for Instagram spying apps can be a suitable resort.

Alongside positive reviews on web and increasing popularity of monitoring solutions among individuals from different fields of life, it is safe to say that Instagram spying apps are very much reliable.

Knowing about every move that their kids or partner make on internet in their daily life brings them a piece of mind. Compatible with Android and iPhone both, Instagram spy software provide full access to a private account with just one installation.

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