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Social networks have captured our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and of course Instagram are the most visited websites. People use social networks to communicate, share thoughts, pictures, videos and other information.

Perhaps the most frequently used social network to share pictures is Instagram. It has become not only the way to show yourself, but also effective marketing tool and in some cases even store! Those who know how to work with Instagram can use it for their work, and for personal needs. But sometimes understanding of working principles of this network is not enough to get all information that you need. And here where the necessity of tracking software appears.


Social media like Instagram are very popular among children and adolescents. As a parent, you should understand the importance of control over social media accounts because sometimes children become the victims of scammers or cyberbullies. Media articles flash up with shocking headlines describing the cases of online bullying that sometimes even end up with suicides. You can prevent this by merely tracking the activities of your children in social media. Also, you can track

How to monitor someone’s Instagram account?

Monitoring someone’s Instagram account is not more difficult than monitoring Facebook or reading Skype messages. All you need to do is to download software and install special application at the target device.

Each tracking application offers its own set of functions and options, and you can always find an offer that will satisfy your desires and demands. However, for Instagram tracking the software providers generally offer the following possibilities:

  • Access to photos and videos downloaded by target
  • History of adding and deleting photos
  • Contacts and their downloaded materials
  • History of liked and shared photos

The best tracking software to spy on Instagram

You can choose from the wide variety of spy apps but this doesn’t mean that an app of your choice is reliable. We choose several apps which are easy to download and use. Besides, you can use free versions of these apps to try how they work.


This is the top monitoring software that is available on Android phones. You can track every chat, links shared in Instagram messages or even a keystroke typed. Good news is that you can spy secretly once you download it to the target device, it starts tracking Instagram activities. 


  • monthly – $24.95
  • quarterly – $59.95 ($19.98 per month)
  • annual – $99.95 ($8.33 per month)

Unfortunately, alerts for Instagram activities are not available, but you can use basic monitoring features.


The app is suitable to monitor any Instagram activity: chats, messages, shared and liked photos or screenshots. iKeyMonitor is good to track the actions of cheating spouses or lazy employees browsing social media instead of working. You can keep any move under control and stay well-informed any time.


  • monthly – $49.99 (full version)

Basic monitoring functions are slightly more expensive than subscriptions for other monitoring apps. However, customer support is available either via email or a live chat. You may check the base of helping materials if you encountered any problems when using the app.


Keep check of what’s going on the Instagram account of your child by using Spyzie. You can track images shared via Instagam, conversations, and comments. It’s not easy to understand what is in your child’s head, but you can do it with Spyzie.


  • monthly – $29.99 (Basic Version (limited functionality – no tracking Instagram activities is available) for Android)
  • monthly – $39.99 (Pro Version for iOS and Android)
  • monthly – $49.99 (Ultimate Version for iOS and Android)

The advantage of Spyzie is that you don’t need to root or jailbreak your device to start monitoring. Among the disadvantages of this app is that the target device may lag from time to time. Also, customer support isn’t responsive.

To download Spyzie, follow these steps:

  1. Register an account at Spyzie website
  2. Connect with the target phone (tablet)
  3. Start monitoring with the help of dashboard


This is the spying app of the next generation. If you’re worried your child may run with the wrong crowd or suffers from bullying, just install this tamper-proof app to read sent and received messages (posts, videos) in Instagram. You can spy remotely without touching the target device.

You can choose from three types of subscriptions: standard, bonus, and gold.

Standard Version:

  • monthly – $20.99
  • quarterly – $45.99
  • half-yearly – $80.99
  • yearly – $120.99

Bonus Edition:

  • monthly – $24.99
  • quarterly – $60.99
  • half-yearly – $100.99
  • yearly – $140.99

Gold Edition:

  • monthly – $28.99
  • quarterly – $75.99
  • half-yearly – $120.99
  • yearly – $160.99

XPSPy is perfect for Android devices. It’s easy to download: you just need to create an account on the XPSPy website, install it on the target device, and start monitoring. If you experience any problems with downloading or installation of this app, visit Installation Guide on the XPSPy website.

Is it easy to use a monitoring app?

Using tracking apps is dead simple:

  • find the app you would like to download on the official website
  • install the app on the target device
  • set it up
  • login to the control panel and start tracking the target device

The major difficulty is to access the target device. Think how you will do it in advance because all spying apps should be installed on the target device.


You can choose from a wide range of spying apps to track Instagram activities. As their functions are similar, the subscription plans can be used as criteria for decision making. Make sure you can get access to the target device as monitoring apps should be installed on them before tracking.

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