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mSpy doesn’t offer free trial option any longer. You can only take an advantage of purchasing a software with 15% discount.

Among all the spying software providers, mSpy is known as the one which always provides up-to-date services, the most effective functions, and the possibility to track any device without the necessity to have direct access. Although this spying software provider has proved that all the services which it offers to the clients are of the highest quality and no one has even the lightest doubts about that, mSpy still provides all the new clients with the 7-day free trial version.

Options available for the trial spying app

Using mSpy for free you will quickly understand all the advantages of using this exact provider – access to all the information kept on the device, possibility to track the activity at the target device remotely, and no-jailbreak solution of the access to the IM chats, website history, calendars, etc.

To receive the free mobile track app you need to fill the gaps at the claiming trial version form and select a plan, benefits of which you would like to try out with this software. During 7 days you may receive the reports on the activity at the target device, and in case you are not satisfied with services, and just understand that you do not need them, you may cancel the subscription. If you do not cancel the subscription, the stated cost of the plan will be charged.

Within 10 days after purchasing a license, you may claim a refund. But we do not recommend that you use this option, as the refund is available only in the cases, which lie under the refund policy.

What you will get with mSpy free trial

Trying free monitoring app, you get a chance to understand whether you need to use this type of software and what plan to choose, especially when you have some specific needs.

For example, the basic plan of free mSpy, and even full of charge basic version, does not provide users with the possibility to track IM chats or use keylogger.

However, with the premium subscription, you will be more flexible in your tracking possibilities and the price is not that large if you count which advantages you will get with this subscription plan.

mSpy free trail app

Why mSpy software is the best tracking option

There are many tracking software available that have all popular features for spying. However, the mSpy app is considered to be the leading tracking solution that constantly produces new cool functions.

It gives you opportunities to track all possible activities of the target device, keep it under control or even block applications on it. Such a variety of opportunities makes this tool a must-have if you are a caring parent, partner, or employer.

What is more, mSpy has a lot of subscription plans, which have not only different prices but provide you with different monitoring features, giving you a chance to choose the most suitable variant for your personal needs.

If you are afraid, that you are not tech-savvy enough to use this software – you shouldn’t, while mSpy has a wonderful support team, which is ready to help you anytime 24/7. Moreover, there is a marvelous option to use m-Assistance support to help you install a software on the target device.

In any case, you won’t lose much if you install the mSpy free trial app, a real truth is definitely worth that.

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mSpy Free Trial Alternatives

It is really wise to test any software before purchasing it. With the free trial option, you may understand if the app might be suitable for your needs, as well as if you like its interface and performance.

Unfortunately, mSpy has canceled the option to try it out for free. However, there are many other good mSpy alternatives, which give you free days to test the software.

  1. uMobix gives 7-Day trial for only $3.00 (the app runs on both Android and iPhone, it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak, has 24/7 customer  support, and the price after the trial starts from $29.99/month)
  2. Hoverwatch allows you to try the app for free for 3 days (it works only on Android phones, it requires rooting, has only an email support option and its price starts from $29.46/month)
  3. FlexiSPY has 24 hours free trial option (the app has 24/7 customer support, runs on both Android and iPhone, requires rooting and jailbreak, the price after the trial start from $29.95/month)
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Comments (19):
  1. I’ve tried a demo version of mSpy and would say it’s good enough. I’m not an expert at spying apps and cannot say which one is better, but mSpy has some nice options for business and monitoring employees. I’ve found out that one of my subordinates uses Facebook too often during working hours) Well, spying apps are similar to BPM systems) You see at once whether your colleague is efficient and trustworthy.

  2. That’s great mSpy provides a demo version and no-jailbreak solution.
    The only problem is installing a spying apps when the target mobile has a password.

  3. Mandy Starkey-Carson

    Do I get a GPS tracking option if I use a free trial version? And what if I decide to purchase mSpy and then I realize that I don’t need it or it doesn’t correspond to the description? Will I get my money back?

    1. Hello Mandy,

      Yes, you receive a GPS tracking function when you use trial version. You can not get refund if “you realize that you don’t need it”, all the situations when you can get refund is mentioned in mSpy Terms of Use. You can also contact their support team for that issue.

  4. Mspy and mspy lite are the same with ur company? Its been a week since i purchased and download the app here in my cp and with the target device, its very stressfull not to start. The whole day i tried many times to link code but still resource unavailable. I am so disappointed.

    1. Hello Liezl,

      We don’t sell the software, we only review them and can recommend the best variant among the great number of apps. mSpy has different subscriptions: basic and premium. The basic version has a limited number of features. We recommen you to get intouch with mSpy support to clarify why the app doesn’t work for you.

  5. I think my girlfriend is cheating and want to install hooverwatch, so do I have to have the phone to download software and does it also have a free trial and do I pay up front and what is the refund policy if I do?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Moe,

      HoverWatch is a great choice! Yes, you must have access to the target device for sevral minutes to install a software. HoverWatch provides you with a trial version and it has the refund policy (only in case the software doesn’t work).

      Let us know if you have more questions.

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Frank,

      mSpy doesn’t have a recording feature. With this cell phone spy you can only see call logs – detailed information on every call on the target device.

    1. No. None of the spywares allows you to track the phone only by its number. If you want to track a target device, you should install a software on it.

      1. So what is reviewed about easy spy that we can send OTA link and doesn’t need access to the target device is true or not?

      2. Hey Sam,

        mSpy can be installed remotely if you choose mSpy Without Jailbreak with fewer monitoring features using iCloud credentials of the target device. Make sure it backs up on a regular basis (every 24 hours). Still, the access may become necessary if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device.

  6. Beverly Barker

    I sent some incriminating emails to an ex that I think he would use against me. I know the password to his email, but when I go to open it, it says it’s not his phone and is it okay to use. I’m afraid he’ll get a notification that someone is on his email. I just want to find my emails, delete them, get off the email and forget this relationship ever existed. Can this help me?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hey Beverly,

      No, mSpy can’t help you in the following case.
      You can only check the emails as well as those, which were deleted, but you can’t delete them by your own.

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