How to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone?

Do you feel unconfident in your current relationship? It looks like small details make a whole picture confusing and poison life erasing happiness and leaving a blank sheet of numerous questions. So many people go through the same! That’s why the help of spy apps had got such popularity. They give all answers to the question of how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone.

So, we must admit: our partners cheat on us and there is no difficulty at all to detect that. It’s enough simply to make a quick analysis and check if the signs from the list below happened to you ever before.

catch a cheating spouse

These are some of the possible signs of a cheating spouse

  • the smartphone is always in your spouse’s hands: dinner, meeting, spare time. Its screen always blinks notifying about new incoming messages or phone calls,
  • your spouse hides the phone once you enter the room and does not answer the questions who texted or called,
  • he/she is out of access even if it’s working time,
  • he/she is late for a date without a significant reason,
  • sudden indifference in romance and intimacy without explanations.

The best ways to catch a cheater

Those methods of how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone are numerous which is fantastic as each can choose the best one. Let’s take a look at the most popular methods.

  • Hire a spy agent

    That is a fast way that provides you with lots of evidence including photos and videos catching the cheaters. As a result, he/she gives you answers to all the questions. The price for such kind of service might be rather high

  • Check her/his phone, when she/he doesn’t see

    This method may give some explanations but is not 100% confident since leaves some questions with no answer: is that woman/man who texts your wife/husband just a friend or your spouse has a love affair with him/her?

  • Spy apps

    These are inventions of the modern world. Such tools work fast covering many sources of information and giving the whole data within several minutes. We can install spy apps on the phone or computer of the spouse and thus spy on all chats, messengers, phone calls and even the location of the target device.

Spy Apps to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone

If you choose spy apps, be sure you are fully-armed and nothing may slip our attention. All tracking solutions have more or less the same features, their difference may lie in price, interface, and compatibility with OS of the gadget you are going to track.


mSpy is considered to be a top monitoring solution that is able to deliver a full existing spectrum of data on how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone: it allows us to read messengers (Whatsapp, Tinder, KIK, Snapchat, etc.) and catches a cheater in action.

Highster Mobile

The simple interface of the program and a broad choice of tools help to catch a cheating spouse relying on several sources of data: messengers (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp), income and outcome phone calls, text messages, videos and photos sent and received, GPS. Moreover, Highster demands only one-time payment after which grants access to the program and its updates unlimited.


This spy is perfect assistance designed for those who are not satisfied with spying in messengers or phone calls only. It records voice calls, monitors all the social networks and the websites your spouse visits. Even more, what makes it stand out in the line of all spy apps is its cheap price. Download for Android or iPhone.

What tracking feature do I get with a cell phone spy?


While each spy app has many sources of information helping to catch a cheater using a cell phone, there are frequently used ones within which you most likely find what you are looking for.

  • Snapchat tracking

    Spy app that gives access to Snapchat conversations track time and files sent. It does not matter how fast they disappear, you see everything.

  • Facebook chats spying

    You can see all the chats, the names of people he/she communicates with. Discover the date and time when the conversation took place. Moreover, get access to audio and video files exchanged in chats.

  • SMS monitoring even if deleted

    Your spouse may delete all the SMS and make such cleaning every single day so you would never have had an idea something is going on. But spy apps records all SMS even those which are deleted.

  • Phone location tracking

    After installing the spy app takes control of the phone location. Having access to the panel you can check any moment the exact place where your spouse was.

  • Call/conversation recording

    If the recorded time of the phone calls is not enough then listen to what your spouse was talking about. Every second, every emotion in the voice is saved in the storage by the app


It may sound so simple – download and install spyware that gets all the information to catch your spouse and ruin everything you were building together for years taking so many efforts. After all, any kind of apps is developed to ease our life and become useful at maximum. However, in the questions of relationships and feelings, there is no better judge than a person, or better to say, a couple. 

Before giving up and be tempted by the spy app be brave enough to handle a conversation with your spouse. You can detect a lie, feel it and hint your partner you are aware something is going wrong instead.

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